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  1. Not true. In Italy it's 1 of 1 required if you've had the virus to be fully vaccinated. ETA- not sure if same applies to 12 year olds tbh, to answer the previous post..
  2. The boss here is always reposting "inspirational" stuff on LinkedIn. In line with that mode of thinking, just yesterday she pinned a quote above the clock in machine. It's a full paragraph and is ridiculous tosh about showing gratitude. Does anyone feel inspired when they read that kind of thing?
  3. Amazing what people put in porn search engines. Whatever lifts your kilt, I suppose.
  4. In Como, not a million miles away pal.
  5. Tbh I haven't dug for enough to find out. Probably just being twisted. Fantastic country but hellish bureaucracy-wise. We have had to get extra documents pretty quickly to stay here. Further to the alcohol thing, I can take 4 litres of spirits (IIRC) from here to UK but can only bring 1 litre the other way
  6. Was basing what I said on a conversation I had with a lassie from California we met in the summer there. She was talking about the Kentucky whisky trail and mentioned about Blanton's being the big thing atm and so was really hard to find. Got bottle of it and Deanston 18 sitting at SWA. They're not shipping to Italy just now post BREXIT so hoping to get them when over at Christmas and smuggle them in. Don't fancy trying to answer the question set by @welshbairn
  7. People who type "hey ho" in their posts. e.g. "Ref gave us nothing all game but hey ho". No way they say that verbally and if they do I don't want to converse with them via any means.
  8. Aye, I watch the American whiskeys and Blanton's is the biggest gimmick of them all. Classic supply and demand has made it extremely hard to find even in the USA and when you can it's extortionate. Selling online in Italy for 160-190 euros.
  9. Blanton's is seriously overpriced so can only imagine...unless you tell us.
  10. Chuckle is in a god awful new thing on C5 written by and "starring" Sally Lindsay. He looked fine. He was in The Real Marigold Hotel a wee while ago. Little known fact that he one of his legs is kind of inflated. Had it since he was kicked playing football as a boy. Was well weird looking when he pulled his trooser leg up.
  11. Years ago there was a Yahoo pool forum which had stories of regular players/posters meeting each other based on a few conversations in there. Always ended in an embarrassing pic being distributed sometime later when they fell out. Halcyon Days.
  12. Know what you were ,meaning pal but given the rental is two weeks away and unless the same car was booked at exactly the same time then it is being brought from a central depot, most likely Milan. Therefore don't think it's asking the world, especially given the fact that it's only a note on a screen at the moment.
  13. I deleted "Jimmy" as I was sure some smart arse would pick up on that not being an Italian name. Damned if you do......
  14. Apples & oranges. Not asking for a report of any kind, just a modification.
  15. Genuinely think it is. Ok, I don't work in the business but for the paperwork it's a minor change on a docket, much like a time change. For the practicality side, if the car is based in Milan it's the same drive to either branch. It would take someone 15 minutes to fix. Sure it's more to do with it being under priced and them being unwilling to bend even slightly because someone snagged it. ETA- 1st World problem
  16. Not at all no. I merely want them to accommodate a long term, two hires per year customer who has an account with them to make a minor adjustment by scoring out the word Bergamo and replacing it with Malpensa, then take a different road when driving it there. You're not a problem solver, I take it?
  17. Car hire firms are so difficult to deal with. Our family are all coming to visit us here for a big birthday. There will be 8 of us in total so need to rent a 9 seater for a few days. Quotes in city branches were through the roof (900 sheets for four days) but found on Europcar a 9 seater from either Malpensa or Bergamo airport for 370. When I did the search the same car was available from either airport at the same time and price. Long story but at the time Bergamo was the better option so went with there for pick up and drop off. Sods Law meant that within two days things changed for us and meant that it is now better to pick up and drop off at Malpensa. When I tried to modify the booking there were no 9 seaters available there and, in fact searching from scratch there were no 9 seaters available from either branch. Seems to me like after I booked someone has realised the option shouldn't have been there or was too cheap and they have taken it down. My booking is still ok though as I have paid it in advance. I have called and emailed only to be told that there are none available from Malpensa and when I asked, they have said they can't transport it from Bergamo to Malpensa for me (1 hour drive). My impression is that this car will be brought in specially for my hire but the idiots only go by the same search engine I used and say it's not available. All it would take is someone lifting the phone and saying "Luigi, see that big f off motor you are due to take to Bergamo Airport, just take it to Malpensa instead", but they are too lazy/awkward/inept to do anything except push a few buttons. Big companies!!!
  18. Thanks. I realised I was late to the party but wanted to see if it was worth doing. Tbh I've got more American whiskeys just now so I'll have a bash with those. An empty Highland Park 12 bottle is waiting to take on the job. I shall report!
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