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  1. Please trust me when I assure you that there is no stalling taking place. The matter is being dealt with under due process in relation to the Constitution and Rules agreed by the clubs at last year's AGM. That takes time. No amount of pressure on an Internet forum will speed up the process, this has to be done by the rule book. I will be saying no more about this. Fair enough. Will look forward to hearing the outcome on Tuesday morning FWIW I think stalling in this case is actually the best policy.
  2. Agree with this. Stalling to see if it's necessary.
  3. There's an unpainted shape of it on the back of the Talbot trophy cabinet.
  4. Knew what you were getting at and fully agree. I was linking it to the topical obsession with watching the OF.
  5. Word salad there pal. This kind of debate isn't for the likes of you when you've got flags to fold and put away until July.
  6. Got ye. Honestly, the state of Scottish football man. Clamouring to watch a club who had one Scottish saltire on show among a sea of Union Jacks on Wednesday.
  7. Also, does this mean that the Tranent v St. Cuthbert Wanderers play off match clashes with this cup final?
  8. Will just need to rely on updates then Must be a priority in the future for the organisers of this cup. Contradicting myself from earlier in the season here but this is a bigger competition than the Scottish Junior Cup now so should have the BBC Alba slot at the very least.
  9. Really intriguing match up this one which is very difficult to call. Talbot have done fantastically well to come back this season and reach two cup finals and hopefully Tucker can work his magic again to get a result. Undoubtedly Talbot will take a huge support up to Falkirk. Hope the weather is good and everyone enjoys another cup final day. Jealous. It's not on the telly is it? Is it being live streamed at all?
  10. Nice picture of the wean, seriously. Can we expect you to send a similar one of him in a Scotland top watching the game with you next month?
  11. Nothing will be said about a replay until after the 23rd. If Glenafton win, the replay will be moot anyway. Yes, Benburb would then be in 7th bottom but that would only matter if Darvel didn't win but they will.
  12. Not sure whether you are trying gallantly to defend your team or rippin' the p***. Either way your car story is...
  13. Having an opinion is different from starting a thread naming a man who’s working hard and calling for him to leave. Bad form, bro.
  14. 100% agree and it makes a mockery of the term “senior”. Just saying that I don’t think Glenafton are totally innocent here. Picture it. “Right boys, if we all turn up and half a dozen of them come down, we can all watch the game in the club once the ref calls it”. Not outwith the realms of possibility.
  15. Do Rangers tops come with a free, obligatory skin-fade haircut?
  16. Horrible situation. Glencairn play 38 games and end up relegated because a group of players want to watch the telly. Don’t think it’s just Blantyre to blame. Suspect they’ve cooked it up between them as it was essentially a dead rubber for Blantyre and, according to Kennie, Glenafton didn’t request a change meaning a change couldn’t be actioned. Whole thing stinks.
  17. You guys are certainly doing your bit to keep them relevant.
  18. Suppose you could ask UEFA but not sure they'd be happy.
  19. This thread was off the first page there! See you!!
  20. Most of the hotel casinos have a sports betting table which has loads of games on. Sure if you ask at one beforehand they will be able to source it.
  21. I do trust you on it. In the last post there is no blame being apportioned but simply the notion that a decision should have been taken by whoever was in charge of it. Know what you're referring to and I agree. Last time on this because it's boring everyone now. The only clubs who could possibly have found a 20 team league acceptable were those who were involved in either a PPG promotion or relegation spot. Someone (anyone who was in charge) should have decided either way. Over & out!
  22. There was a way to do it. A difficult decision should have been made. Either have promotion/relegation based on PPG or keep the status quo. No one had the balls to do either so the 20 team league was born. @FairWeatherFan will come back about opinions but that's what a committee put themselves forward for, making the difficult decisions as representatives. If they had done so then a maximum of three clubs would have felt aggrieved. Instead another 17 had to put up with it.
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