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  1. Immaterial what would have made me happy. A 20 club league was idiocy. That's all.
  2. True but there were still people in charge of the WoSFL project at that point before the current encumbents. It's old news but responsibility for a horrible decision is still a thing.
  3. Being in a leadership/ management position requires dignity. Squawking an arsey response on Twitter or this forum doesn't display that.
  4. Kennie needs to develop a thicker skin and just get on with doing a good job rather than jumping on social media every time something happens.
  5. That's a bloody shame that. Club obviously wanted to have a go at it as well. I've obviously missed the reason for the change happening. Was it just done to even the numbers up regardless of geography?
  6. It's a fair point. If a club have decided themselves professional in order to be allowed to play then they must follow the guidelines for professional clubs. There's no dubiety there.
  7. Darvel will be fine. Not a good look to jump on here lolling everytime they draw. Hopefully that won't become a thing.
  8. Love this. These clubs are trying to keep fans involved or at least taking them in to consideration. Well done to them and hopefully more will come onboard with this idea.
  9. Quick question for you fellas. Why is it that Italy, who got out on the UK quarantine list last week, give compulsory tests on entry to UK visitors but when they return home they have to be isolate for 14 days? The result of the tests are emailed within a day meaning negative results don't need to isolate beyond that. Oh and it's free. Why can't the UK do the same?
  10. No you're right enough. Hang the figures, at least we can see how our team gets on. It'll kill 5 minutes on a Saturday.
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