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  1. Great work by the BC and all associated with the club.
  2. Coincidentally my boy got the same one. Too smoky for me. Very knowledgeable in there.
  3. It was 3.30pm so it was quietish. Hand sanitiser and contact details taken at the door and we were told toilets were one at a time.The staff showed us to a table and we stayed there and paid there. All good!
  4. Ridiculous that it was ever full time. A very fortunate man.
  5. Darvel thread on a public football forum. I have also posted on Lanark FC for example but they're ok with it. Don't get your flimsy point really. If it was only Darvel fans who posted on this it would be like a scene from The Dream Team.
  6. Ask if you can go back...please!! Cheers for the honesty pal. All the best!
  7. Thanks very much for this. Don't know what has gone on but do know DL as an ex work colleague. He worked very hard to facilitate Darvel's progression and it was obvious that he has dedicated a large part of his life to the club. I have been critical of him at times and we have had clashes here and privately but whatever has happened I know Darvel will miss his vigour and enthusiasm. Also, imagine mentioning Talbot in an offical club statement like that. To think Talbot fans have been accused of being obsessed with them. Bizarre.
  8. Thank you but the link wouldn't work. Cheers for trying though.
  9. Further to my bourbon comment, I was in Glasgow for a few days this week and ended up in American NY Grill in Princes Square due to a lack of places accepting walk-in's. Unexpectedly, they have a decent range of bourbons in there. The lads were knowledgable about them and enjoyed making me a few old fashioneds with various mixes of bourbons and ryes. Also went to The Pot Still and the good people there recommended a Balblair Highland Single Malt 10 YO Gordon & Macphail which was fabulous.
  10. Can someone post or pm me the statement please? Tried to see it on Twitter but I don't have an account and too small to read. Thanks
  11. Is that what happened to you guys? Do you feel you attract better players since the move?
  12. Keys! I was only saying. If you want cream, have cream. Give up with the lot of ye! 😉
  13. You’re right pal. Authenticity is very important in Italy but that shouldn’t affect what people enjoy.
  14. To my knowledge it doesn’t. I have never seen it anywhere.
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