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  1. Then paraphrase. To directly copy and paste simply to allow the regulars of this thread to tut, snigger and shake their cyber heads leaves me cold.
  2. Kidding yourself on there pal. Let's be honest, it was Hobson's choice.
  3. Don't give them the idea! They would love that.
  4. is it really ok to copy and paste from a club facebook page or forum on to here? If the individuals involved wanted to comment on here they would. Bad form imho.
  5. I've worked it out. It's called personality disorder.
  6. Haha.I didn't even get time to add the edit and you had red dotted. Wow
  7. Yet when anyone attempts the same you either make a big kid-on announcement that you've blocked them or start greetin' about being picked on. Oh dear! ETA- and there's always your personal catharsis, the red dot. One incoming here, no doubt.
  8. Did you do the pasta from scratch?
  9. Did you drop that one? Also it's a bit of a stretch to call it a pasty, don't you think. Still, bravo all the same.
  10. Aye fair play. I may have been hasty....even if your bread looks pasty.
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