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  1. Oh dear. I remember when Frankie Goes to Hollywood was banned from Top of the Pops. Now this?
  2. No. Haven't seen it apart from the end but on Gogglebox tonight. I'm astounded that TV would get that graphic.
  3. Think they took over the old Currie's recipes, most famous of which being Red Kola.
  4. Really hating the fact that the Tory govt are appearing like heroes in this vaccine "success".
  5. To buck the beer trend, it was a boulevardier with Bulliet Bourbon as the base for me this evening.
  6. I saw an old woman in our local supermarket fruit and veg bit, lower her mask to lick her finger so she could open the plastic bag. Wonder why the numbers are going up?!
  7. I've got three;- 1. Matt Hancock 2. Current Health Secretary 3. That robbing get that shafted the country over PPE
  8. Face masks worn below the nose. I can't decide if those who do it are stupid or making a point.
  9. Aye you're right. The lad is understandably very frustrated with how things are. It's too easy to trample all over the boys opinion when viewed from the outside.
  10. Whether you agree with him or not, the lad loves his club and it seems he puts in a shift regularly on their behalf. He's entitled to his opinion.
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