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  1. Betting Odds Saturday 17th November

    Benburb, Shettleston and The Ants for me T. Get a suitable Simpsons clip ready for your disappointment come 5pm please.
  2. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I haven't seen much abuse. In fact his sketches are still being talked about to this day!
  3. Craig Napier

    You an Alexander O’Neal fan?
  4. Craig Napier

    Agreed but by putting it out there, they in turn are open to criticism.
  5. Craig Napier

    You, and every other poster on here is a supporter of one club who has had experience of this lad’s refereeing, good or bad. An organisation who look after the game as a whole have deemed that he should be advanced. If it’s the wrong decision it will soon be noticed by more than a couple of hundred fellas at a Junior match. To start, and add to a thread to try and discredit him is, as I say, woeful. If he makes it good on him. You’ll need to find someone else to rage at on a Saturday.
  6. Craig Napier

    Everyone’s an expert. A thread dedicated to slagging off a ref individually and then ridiculing the fact that he’s advancing. Woeful.
  7. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Well done to all the teams making it into the last 32 draw, There is a comparatively hollow look about it but it still has loads of intrigue.
  8. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    If you ever get on Graham Norton, don’t bother telling that one, will you no?
  9. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    What are you going on about fella? You do realise this is only a daft forum for people to shoot the breeze? You're way too intense about it. Calm doon and wait for the draw like normal folk.
  10. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    It’s all working out well for you pal. You look immense!
  11. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    That's better JB The Barry Norman of P&B now eh?
  12. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    If you do it will save Bruce Banner-Strain smashing Mitres at innocent bystanders.
  13. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    You have loads of time so check back through my posts and see where I have said I know anything about the current team or set up, pal. I regularly caveat my posts to the contrary. Now if you’re done wringing your hands and tutting at me, let the good folks get on with commenting on the Junior Cup.
  14. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    A 10000 mile round trip rules that out. Thanks for your blessing on posting what I want though.
  15. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    You try to be nice and that’s what you get eh? Imagine you of all people trying to call someone out for tainting the name of the club. You’ve posted more sheesh than Hertha and Kenny together and are clearly as bright as a blackout. As for apologising for me, who are you, Kofi Annan? Get off your high horse ya puddin’. I’ll post what I want, when I want. It’s my name that’s on it, not any of your 17 id’s.