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  1. You're correct. My punctuation was awful. Thank goodness you're there.
  2. b*****d to catch in RDR2. Were there horses in Star Wars?
  3. Just read on another thread there that Liverpool will have played the maximum possible number of games this season, 38 league, 13 CL, 6 FA Cup and 6 League cup making 63 matches in total. Talbot will play their 57th in the Junior Cup final. Ridiculous to put working men through that. Roll on next season with a 16 team league.
  4. Looking at that, Scotland win when the WoSFL play. Keep doing what you're doing please.
  5. Not hypothetical at all. The Junior Cup final was moved for this very reason.
  6. This is obviously a topic which is provoking lots of opinion but imo it's a badly named thread. @Glenconner any chance of changing the name?
  7. Absolutely tremendous. Know Blackie Gold started this a bit tongue in cheek but he’s right. This result puts the WoSFL on the map. Proud of the Talbot!
  8. Assuming it stays like this, that’s a tremendous result!
  9. You should have gone to it then you could tell us your thoughts for the next fortnight.
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