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  1. Fair enough. You’re right about the flow of information being better, as it should be and for that, we/I should be thankful. I should probably be more informed about the situation regarding fans but others are probably as thick as me. If you’re saying you’re providing info then I stand by the fact that your response to the question was deliberately obtuse, which is baffling to know the motivation behind it. Your follow up was much more helpful. Thanks. Keys?
  2. I wasn’t expecting you to answer me this morning pal. I was referring to your cryptic response to the OP. Everyone knows you’re on the committee so being obtuse for the sake of it isn’t helpful.
  3. Thanks for the explanation pal. Take it you’re not on the WoSFL committee as you have given a straightforward answer.
  4. Which is why I said 8 out of 10. Even though I think it will be more than that.
  5. Willing to bet my right nut that the WoSFL champs will be the promoted club at least 8 times in the next ten years. Having said that, it's a fair point that one promotion spot provides a log jam.
  6. Why are you posting tweets containing news which has already been posted here?
  7. Notionally perhaps. The weather makes it moot.
  8. You must have worn a groove between your couch and the toilet.
  9. I gave up. What's Margarita? Or rather, what you on about?
  10. Definitely. The chicken on a pizza earlier post is a right head shaker.
  11. But, but, but the chairman was a good guy in helping the WoSFL get set up. Looks like that's gone south. What are the SFA saying about this, anyway?
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