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  1. Other people sneezing. Not just because of Covid but because it sounds horrible. It's very unreasonable of course as it's involuntary but it really annoys me.
  2. Their coffee is terrible. Pure gimmick the whole place.
  3. No, they're not. I thought the same as you but just wondered if I was being grumpy about it. Don't suppose they know I won't use ginger ale. Think I'll try for a refund or at least a voucher for the full amount.
  4. It's the wee bottles, 18cl. They cost 17.50 euros from this place. Not available in the shops here (Italy). ETA- 24 x 18cl.
  5. Update to the above. Today she came to tell me that a Year 8 girl was miserable with the cold (no temperature issues) and that "that's one of the first symptoms of this new variant". Then later rattled on that hospitalisations inc ICU admissions are rising in the U.K. It's like she's willing it to happen. I hate Covid.
  6. Wanted a straw poll of the P&B massive about a wee thing. I placed an order with an online drinks company (one which I use fairly regularly) which included a case of Schweppes Spicy Ginger Beer. The order arrived with a case of Schweppes Ginger Ale instead. Emailed them to let them know the problem and they have offered that I keep the Ginger Ale and they give me a tenner discount voucher for the next order. I don't use Ginger Ale for anything so wondered if you big lads thought their offer was fair or if I should push for my original order....which I do really want.
  7. Look at you pair still rattling on about Talbot. Where have you seen they're worried. I only used them as an example in the initial post. The club haven't said anything about it as far as I have seen; it's just me banging my gums.
  8. It absolutely was an issue in the past but this is supposed to be a brave new world of senior football where 50/60 games inc three per week and cup finals with burnt out players have gone. They will be as of next season so it's not unreasonable to ask why this couldn't have been mitigated for this season.
  9. But, but, but they're senior now and the Junior committee were awful-
  10. I'll say it clearly. In a season where there are 38 league games (only this one) the sensible option would have been to take some pressure off those clubs. The words "Talbot" and "SJFA" don't appear in the above sentence.
  11. This is not about the SJC even though I knew that would turn out to be the stick to beat those clubs who have entered it with. It's about expecting working men to play more games than professional footballers. Even going out of every cup in the first round that's more than 40 competitive matches this season. The rare air that FWF mentions is not so rare, as the top clubs can testify to. Again, it would just have taken a one season dispensation. Let's be honest, it's really the fault of the midden that was caused at the big move. A 20 team league is wack!
  12. So the constitution trumps common sense? I refer you back to the fact that the top clubs could be asked to play 55-60 matches this season. That is a horrible load to put on players and fans. Yes Kennie is doing a good job with what he has been given, no-one can dispute that fact. The point is that it the constitution can be and should have been changed for this season.
  13. Maybe the second least important. Staging a Scottish Junior Cup when there are no junior clubs south of the Highlands and some of the bigger West teams aren't entering is an embarrassment and a complete waste of time. Where is the embarrassment?
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