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  1. I'm not so sure tbh. Outside chance that Darvel might win that tie.
  2. Calm doon, I only asked! And you do care. It's all about the Talbot!
  3. Which was Darvel's? Hot or cold?
  4. It's like a written version of this.
  5. A few good candidates at the weekend. What do you think? Fauldhouse beating Basil Brush Utd? Neilston taking out Lochee? Talbot hitting six against the Buffs, or Peasies plowing past Rutherglen? Plenty of others to choose from too.
  6. What a gesture. Two worthy local causes too. Well done to both clubs but especially Rossvale for displaying such initiative.
  7. Haha. A good old fashioned Saturday night post! Cheers 🍺🥨
  8. Pleased to see you lads get the win today. Well done.
  9. Brilliant! Congratulations to everyone at Neilston!
  10. It's a shame actually. I've listened to three of them now and all have been littered with Darvel references. I get it that Mr. Redmond is part of the set up there but that last episode was extremely sycophantic. I laughed when someone said Darvel are the most talked about Junior club.....aye, by you guys! It perpetuates the kidology that their fans try on here. Hopefully they've got it out of their system now though. ETA Don't want to appear too negative. I say it's a shame because the ingredients of the show are great and the lads are promoting the game very well. Also like that it's on Spotify. Very handy.
  11. Really hoping Talbot can derail the Buffs train tomorrow. Actually, is their ground next to a railway? Maybe someone should start a...... Mon the Talbot!
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