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  1. Thanks for the information on last season. As for the GM, you need to get rid of the romantic notion that Darvel are a community club. It sounds trite and churlish to say it but it's a vanity project with a view of getting as high in Scottish football as possible. The ground just happens to be in the village of Darvel. I know you have a newfound admiration for the manager but he loves the attention he gets through this. Him and Gall are running a business here with the chance to get interviewed regularly and getting their face in the paper or on the telly. I watched Gall when I was at the Beechwood game a few weeks ago. He sat in the stand mouthing off with a wee band of guys who trailed about with him. The money that's been thrown at the project is an investment in their own image, simple as that. You're right that it should be done for the love of the club and every other team in that league and the leagues below in the WoSFL have that situation. Your club are an anomaly. Although it was very, very funny when you lost the play-off, it would genuinely have been better if you had got through and away oot the road. No offence, like!
  2. Right J, I'm going to try to take advantage of your honesty here. You're right that it's too much money to sink into winning this league, so it makes you wonder, what was the thinking behind those key players going on the stag at the play-offs? For us looking in it seemed utter bananas to invest that amount of money then blow the chance to go up that they seemingly craved? The idea has been flung at the the Talbot that they don't want to go up. Personally, i don't believe that but the same could be hinted about Darvel in that case...or was it, as I suspect just stupidity?
  3. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 1 v 1 Cumnock Juniors Pollok 2 v 3 Auchinleck Talbot Neilston 2 v 1 Gartcairn Glasgow United 1 v 3 Wishaw Vale of Clyde 2 v 2 Larkhall Thistle Rossvale Academy 3 v 2 Easterhouse FA Who picked these?! They're too hard.
  4. Shevchenko, Klitschko, Zelensky your boys took a hell of a beating. A HELL of a beating!
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