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  1. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    Had a great day out, the Hurlford folks were very welcoming as per usual. Good cup tie with Ford having lions share of possession but always felt there was always another goal in Wishaw. Just wasn't to be and as previously mentioned the lads should hold their heads high. Good luck to Hurlford in final. Sunburned tae feck, summer football anyone?
  2. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    Good luck to the Wishy boys today, great day for a game and reaching a final. And a big thanks to Clyde scaffies for the free buses.
  3. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    Agree with the McGuire shout Tommy, different class when he comes on. Play him up on his own, plenty strength and talent to play in others on the move. A wee rub of the green and who knows?
  4. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    For me the only difference in the game was the goal. Ford never looked two divisions above Wishy. Funny moment was when Ford hard man fan wanted to fight with Wishaw keeper, the lassie behind the goal told him to, " f**k off Frankenstein" he sensibly took her advice and promptly about turned.
  5. Historic child abuse in football

    That's it mate. Break your heart.
  6. Scottish Cup Semi Draw

    You're printing money bud.
  7. Scottish Cup 1/4's and 6yh round tie.

    That spell of defending from Wishaw whilst still at 1-0, when just about every Rabs player had a shot at goal will stick in my mind for a while. Worthy winners and very well done. Good to witness a bit of history.
  8. Historic child abuse in football

    There's a crew on Facebook called Child Protectors Scotland. They out Paedos on film and then report them to Police, who then arrest the offenders. Friday night they outed a monster from Coatbridge who was arrested at the time. There was the usual calls in the comments for, hang, burn, castrate, nail him up, all of which I agree with. Then this guy came on, saying he was ritually abused in the Dundee area. Seemingly all up the East coast of Scotland ritual abuse of children including Satanic ritual abuse is rife. A truly disturbing read which left me totally uneasy and wishing never to have read such stuff. He didn't agree with what CPS did, he thought they were egoists. Make your own minds up on that. Suffer little children, heart-breaking. The amount of monsters out there is off the fucking scale. I know its not football related for which I apologise, but until Friday I was unaware what a massive problem it is in our own back yard.
  9. Cambuslang Rangers manager Shot

    You reap what you sew, same for every c**t.
  10. Cambuslang Rangers manager Shot

    Hi Tommy, I doubt if it'll be on mate, the ground in Camby is rock hard. Another clear night and not a chance. Hope you're well.
  11. Cambuslang Rangers manager Shot

    Cheeky cant.
  12. Wishaw Juniors F.C. - Manager

    This morning and by mutual consent acc to Shitter.
  13. maryhill gaffer for sack

    They're getting new players in most weeks, so the manager is working hard to turn things around. I always enjoyed my visits to lochburn, Claff was always a big favourite for me. Go through a brick wall to get a goal.
  14. Any skids fans on here?

    Cheers pal. Will I need to collect it?? You can collect it if you wish mate or I could parcel it up and send it. I'll need to hustle up some bubble wrap and cardboard to protect it though. Don't want to damage it after all this time, it still has protective plastic on it so It'll look great on your wall. I'm sure Bruce would verify its authenticity.
  15. Any skids fans on here?

    Ok mate, its yours if you wish.