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  1. Arabdownunder


    Don't think there would be any need to sneak extra bottles on board. The half bottle is whats included in the price. If you want more you'll be able to buy it.
  2. Swing and a miss with this one. GCS 15 is fully awake, alert and responsive.
  3. Only did it so you wouldn't buy the lass a Dundee shirt.
  4. https://www.jd-sports.com.au/product/pink-adidas-scotland-wwc-2019-away-shirt-junior-pre-order/1277531_jdsportsau/
  5. "Child attempts to fight off kidnapper, fellow passengers do nothing" type post.
  6. A player saying "Hi" to you as they get off the bus at Hampden doesn't make them your mate.
  7. Woman sitting next to me at work has used the phrase "...for all intensive purposes.." twice in the last ten minutes
  8. Not sure how many Scots would get into the football team. Pretty sure there would be no Scottish players in the football team
  9. Also some good pubs and an excellent golf course
  10. Image is too small to read the song title so I'm assuming either "Orgasm Addict" or "Something's Gone Wrong Again"
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