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  1. I thought games couldn't be called of until the Saturday,Yet Gretna seem to call there's off on a Friday afternoon
  2. Is the game against Dalbeattie being Live streamed
  3. All the best for the rest of the season,U dont want to visit again as Rose will get promoted
  4. It was a OG headed in by player/manager Ritchie Maxwell
  5. Seem to be playing better without there so called best players Brotherston and Degnan,
  6. What a shambles at star,Players looking like they dont care and a Manager who is out his depth.Time for a change or star will be going down,Todays performance was embarrassing.
  7. So cant score goals and now Ben away to Abbey Vale on loan
  8. 3 games in,3 lost and no goals,Do star need a new striker as creating plenty of chances.
  9. Or maybe a spell checker would help 🤣
  10. Looking at Todays game,Yes 2 or 3 first team missing,but defence was shocking and the young lads that came on are not good enough,Degnan and Tremble seemed to pair up well
  11. Saints will end up doing a Wigtown
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