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  1. Stranraer have just signed mark Stewart and lee Hamilton who were both with you guys last year. See Stewart only played 6 games and Hamilton 16 . What’s your opinion on these 2 guys as that’s 3 now from Stirling Albion we have signed.
  2. Fantastic signing in Kyle turner . Has been an absolute star for us for last few years. I really hope he does well at Dunfermline as he deserves it. That will also be another 5 fans at your home and away games as his dad mum and sisters go to every game. Not the biggest of guys but gets stuck in and is a great team player. Good luck to the boy I hope he’s as big a star for the pars as he was for us .
  3. Really hoped Victoria would sign on at Stranraer again as thought he was a good player. Only goes one direction which is forward as he’s a very attack minded player and just attacks every time he gets the ball which is good to watch as a fan.I really liked him at Stranraer and think he will do well at Raith. Unfortunately you guys won’t be getting Jamie Hamill though as he’s signed on with us again this season yaaay [emoji20]
  4. He’s a qualified referee. He usually referees the PFA exit trial games as well as other games.
  5. He definitely fits the bill then as he’s an excellent young player. So whoever your club are if true they’re very lucky to have him. Hope it’s not true though and he signs up again for one more season at Stranraer.
  6. Been offered another deal at Stranraer but is yet to sign. Was talking to a Raith supporting mate yesterday who said he would like to see him back at starks park. I hope he signs again at Stranraer as he’s a good player to have in your squad as he’s versatile and always gives 100% plus he pops up with a few goals as well.
  7. Always liked rumsby when he was at Stranraer as he has no fear and is as tough as old boots.
  8. I also preferred him at centre half where he was super cool on the ball and didn’t just hoof it aimlessly up the park like some other centre backs did for most of the season. Good signs so far as that’s 3 good players re-signed but surprised hammil hasn’t signed on again as thought he would of been first to sign terms again.
  9. Heard Jamie hammil is on the way to you guys on a 3 year deal. Hope it’s true.
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. Have been disappointed with a lot of the football this season as it has been total hoof ball from the defence which has been totally missing out the midfield . But yesterday’s football was good to watch with good passing from back to front. Plus the ball was kept on the deck which was nice to see. Was impressed with Mc Manus at CB as he was very calm on the ball and didn’t just blooter it up the pitch . Thought the whole team played well yesterday . Hammill had a bit of a mistake for their second but he came on to a better game in the second half. Will be gutted if Farrell changes the centre backs for the last few games.
  11. You think you get poor away supports. Sometimes at Stranraer home games we get about 5 away fans. Must say I was impressed with the pies yesterday at Starks park thought both the steak pies and normal scotch pies were cracking.
  12. I was in the away end yesterday and couldn’t understand why some Raith fans were clapping at things like a 5 yard pass. Some fans were clapping everything even if it was a pass under no pressure.
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