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  1. I wouldn't play it online. It's a shame they didn't have more missions in the game than what it's got.
  2. Seen on the Sons of Struth that Someone inside Ibrox has requested 300 security and the search of all shareholders before entering the AGM. The fucks that about?
  3. The **** on twitter seem worried about King coming back to Ibrox, why would this be?
  4. 2-1 is a good result, they probably took their foot off the gas after being 2 up after 37 minutes. They need to adopt a ruthless style and score more goals though.
  5. Currently 2-0 to Scotland with Armstrong and May scoring.
  6. baronsilasgreenback ‏@niallwhyte5m @celticfc will the club listen to the fans-dave king must not be allowed in scottish football,enough is enough Celtic fans are cracked.
  7. It isn't a certainty though, the corporate investors would have to back a new share issue which would obviously dilute their current shares.
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