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  1. Thought rovers were unlucky hitting the post with a cracking strike at the end, Cowdenbeath showed why they are the leagues lowest scorers, at times had decent balls in and good passing but nothing when it was in the rovers box Good result for both teams
  2. Lost 1 in our last 5 against Queens Park and including a win over Cowdenbeath, Like someone above has commented, a point would be great if brechin lose
  3. Kevin Harper came in October/November and it wasn't until the end of February it really clicked, Up until then Harper actually had a worse record than Brogan, Berwick were poor the full season and how poor they were was highlighted when rovers got going, For what it's worth the only reason no lowland league or highland league sides contested the crowning of champions were they worried for the future of the play offs which is scaremongering from the top teams Shire confirmed in an official statement the only reason they voted for kelty ad champions was they feared for the play off future, Teams wanting promotion after playing less than half their games is a joke when you have league teams rushing to play as many games as they can,
  4. I always hated Cox and have shouted abuse for the last 10 years at him Hes exactly what our squad needs
  5. It's the 2019 F2 grid, Hubert was part of it I'm sure Latifi is in the F2 Gris if you do a single race
  6. Completed the other day really enjoyed it
  7. Albion Rovers v East Stirlingshire over the last 20 years must be some of the worst games and lowest attended in scottish football, Bill was always there and always recognisable, After you got over his gruff apperance and colorful language he was an absolute gentleman, who I had a few laughs with in pubs, Will be missed by many at the rovers
  8. East Stirling firs Park used to be run by a local Indian takeaway was magic,half time pakora
  9. Last time I got a pie there it was cold, and pink in the middle, when I asked about it they said it was meant to be that way, Our pies are good, they come from Christies a local bakery, they won worlds best scotch pie a few years ago Best away ground, Edinburgh City have top quality stuff, Elgin used to have home made sausage rolls which were magic at the pie stall in the away end
  10. Moore is decent going forward Burke is good at getting in the road of strikers, not the best with the ball at his feet
  11. The Albion Rovers games were moved as police Scotland wouldn't allow the matches to take place at Cliftonhill,
  12. Yeh there been very decent Ecrepont can't defend really but going forward creates chances and looks dangerous
  13. I have a few times if its due to start raining during the race I will start in them and go long as I can before changing wets/inters The comp always goes for quickest strategy so has to stop an extra time
  14. Downloaded after seeing people talking about it, good fun
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