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  1. Dumbarton have got off lightly v rovers 3 times this season Reilly will be in premiership/championship next year, my best bet would be Dundee or Kilmarnock Not only is Bevan only 18, I'm pretty sure he only turned 18 at the start of January, his physical size for a boy of that age is impressive alone Also just to note, this is Rovers first win in Dumbarton since 2001, the first time Rovers visited the rock, Currently in Budapest with work and have now missed my third game this season while away on different work jollies, 1-0 win v Stranrear, 4-0 win v Stranraer, and now 5-1 win v Dumbarton. I may not come back home
  2. I see Bonnyrigg have refused to agree to change the matchday v Albion Rovers to avoid a clash with the Scotland v Cyprus game. Scotland v Cyprus will kick off at 14.00 at Hampden with Rovers v Rose kicking off at 3 meaning it's guaranteed to be a much smaller crowd than normal for one of the biggest games of the season
  3. A wet day was had by all Rovers free kick for the goal was a cracker recommend everyone search on twitter for it
  4. Yes, been involved in 20 goals in 21 league games, scoring 13 assisting 7 Prone to throwing a tantrum but a good young player, Dundee have been watching him for a while along with kilmarnock and Queens park, he has been training with Killie regularly over the last couple months Gordon Strachan was at the game at the weekend watching him, I believe he might have been told if he is sold in January he will be back on loan till the end of the season
  5. From Bonnyrigg's highlight package its clear as day the Rovers chopped off goal should have stood, its the bonnyrigg player who passes it to the rovers man I also distinctly remember rovers having more than 5 chances I've not been impressed by bonnyrigg this season Can't understand the cowdenbeath fans slagging off new dundas Park though, Central Park is one of the few measurably worse than Cliftonhill, only thing it's central to is the a*** end of the country  
  6. He was let go after falling out with the manager, he went on holiday without telling anyone he was going, he said he informed the manager when he signed and Harper forgot Also struggled to get an old injury out his head, seems to be over it now
  7. Albion Rovers have signed Joe Bevan from Camelon Just waiting to be announced
  8. Turns out he will be playing senior football in January, Signed for Albion Rovers
  9. Will Bevan be any good at league level, Young but hopfully knows where the net is Think the move has been lined up for a while Now
  10. Is Joe Bevan decent enough for league football, Expected to sign for Albion Rovers today
  11. Rumours are he has been training with a Premiership team I guess they would be first in line
  12. Out of interest where is balde on loan from, hes the best player I've seen in the league this season Reilly is currently training with a premier league team
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