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  1. The second goal was a cracker in a match that was dominated by rovers for the last 65 mins Elgin don't look clever when missing Hester, when is his court date.
  2. Well I don't think they will mind me saying but a score line that totally flattered cove. After they got the first Megginson and McAlister ran over everyone Wee max took his goal really well as a consolation Long way to go to watch your team conceed 4 in the last 10 minutes
  3. I never played them until last year The uncharted collection was a ps+ game, as was the 4th I had the pleasure of playing all 4 back to back over the course of 5/6 weeks during lockdown for the first time, really enjoyed them, not played the 5th one but may give it a shot
  4. 6 out the next 7 are away, with the home game v elgin the only home game between now and 13th November, As was pointed out on the rovers messageboard they are in every corner of the country too Forfar away Stranraer away Cove away Elgin home Brora away Stenhousemuir away Edinburgh away
  5. This is embarrassing tbh, as a club who have always been viewed as welcoming I hope whoever is responsible and the group they are with is hammered
  6. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would but found it too easy
  7. Yeh results like St Mirren youngsters getting destroyed and humiliated v a very average Albion Rovers side done them, their confidence and their development a whole load of good lol Especially the wee striker who got booked for taking a dive I hope the clubs take note that it's not a good idea
  8. The goals from today's rovers game, the first needs to be seen to be believed
  9. A walk in the park for rovers against a young St mirren team, I believe there were 5 changes to the saints starting line up v kelty Rovers with a few changes too Highlight was the first goal, felt bad for the St mirren defender, a 35 yard own goal bounced over the keepers head, 2 mins into the game it seemed to set the tone, St mirren produced nothing of note v a senior side who were full of confidence. It was a very steep learning g curve Rovers won 6-0 but it honestly could have been 10/12
  10. Finally rovers have their away kit sorted
  11. Hi guys was given this link some of you might like it, All the credit is username sfha http://sfha.org.uk/club-directory.htm
  12. Wow thanks will mess about with it see what I can find
  13. Airdriehill at one point were senior, but I don't know if they dropped to junior level, I also recently seen the other 2 teams mentioned, can't remember where and I don't know if they were amateur/junior, it was from way way back
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