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  1. He played v us at cliftonhill in a poor st mirren performance hopefully playswell with us
  2. Hes came onto a game recently, was injured at start of his spell
  3. Albion Rovers have managed to have accies player jack breens loan extended till end of the season
  4. We are hoping to keep up the good form of late only 1 loss in our last 6, could be tight, tink we will edge it
  5. Only edinburgh and cove have picked up more points in the last 6 games
  6. Yeh we are only 9 points off the total we had last season with half the year to go but the table is so tight couple results puts you up or down
  7. After me saying this he scored a cracker of a free kick unsavable
  8. Been ok, decent player, not one to really light up the pitch but solid
  9. Yes Clyde player was out on loan and recalled played v us (setting up a goal in a 1-0 win for clyde) and queens park (in a 1-1 draw) before january window opened Both games results were overturned with rovers and qp being awarded 3-0 wins Emergency loans are for 30 days maximum and only for goalkeepers I'm sure
  10. Only 6 points separating the bottom 6 clubs Very tight
  11. Well that was pretty easy rovers players pressed qp all over the park and queens didnt like it panicking every time a rovers man went near them Qp were better in 2nd half in the sence that they didnt let rovers control the game, but with defenders throwing themselves in front of shots they didnt have many chances Queens fan thinking you can be offside in your own half is a tad embarrassing Chalk up a win for the good guys
  12. Although not pretty the park isn't usually one that water logs easily it's usually the frost that gets to it
  13. Bar is open in the ground on saturday There will be one turnstile open from 13.30. Entry to the lounge will be via the door in the main stand adjacent to the pitch. The bar will be open from 13.30 until 14.50 and then from 16.50 until 17.45 (last orders 1715). Prices will be as follows: Bottled Beers 660ml £4 Albion Rovers Centenary Ale & 500ml Bottles £2.50 Other bottles Lagers & Ciders £2.00 Wines by 125ml glass £2.00 Selected Spirits 25ml (incl mixer) £2.50 Read more: http://arfc.proboards.com/thread/1643/bar-queens-park#ixzz679HJ2Yur
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