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  1. Yeh like scally was offered a contract with us, my understanding was he wasn't keen on moving to another league 2 side but as was pointed out to me bysomone much wiser than myself if somone is willing to throw extra money his way his head could be turned, I will not doubt stirling have offered a big increase on wages, He was a solid perfomer would have liked to have kept him
  2. This pair are now first choice partnership at mega spending Darvel
  3. He was a massive guy, strong as an ox Had the heart of a mouse didnt have a brain on the pitch Struggled to make simple passes at times I'm sure his loan was cancelled early and he went back to aberdeen with a "knee injury"
  4. Fairly decent, rovers wanted to keep him but won't be away with any bad blood
  5. Hes a rat He was offered a contract, then wouldn't answer the phone to the manager or club secretary, he was sent e-mails and text messages over the course of a week, all with no reply The club took it as he didnt want to rejoin, so issued statement saying he was released. He then made out on twitter that nobody had been in contact with him to tell him he was released He was still recovering from his broken leg when he joined, done preseason with rovers and was told he would be signed when he was fit which wasnt until september/October Surprised hes went to Edinburgh as hes not as good as what you already have, are yous losing anyone
  6. Dundee been in administration Livingston administration twice Aberdeen lost £5million
  7. He played for airdrie v us in a challenge cup game, while airdrie were a division above last min airdrie 1-0 up, he came to clear the ball, he ended up kicking it straight up about 60 feet in the air, John "The Beast" Gemmell, done an overhead kick over the keepers head into the net, We won on pens
  8. We played them one remembrance weekend, monklands derby, big match, big atmosphere They had a massive union jack with last not forget and the big poppy on it Half hour into the game they were all doing nazi salutes round it, they didnt understand what they were doing wrong The vast majority of them are horrible, none of this it's only a small percentage nonsence
  9. Is there a full list of teams who have applied to wosfl
  10. Rovers are 6 points from 6 v stenny this season, and have been the warriors biggest bogey club for the last 15 years, hopfully continues and hope brechin lose (sorry lads) But last season showed us your never out of it
  11. In early 2000's rovers had a reputation for being good at home and at one point went a season and half I'm sure without losing at home That was a long time ago If it's on I fancy brechin
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