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  1. Excluding the Juniors, myself and my family on my Dads side are all Rangers fans. On my Mums side though, my Grandad and Uncle used to be season ticket holders at Brockville and they often took me and my brother to games when we were youngsters. So i've always had a soft spot for Falkirk and still do as a resident of the town.
  2. What was wrong with Korn that you sacked it?
  3. If true Chelsea should bite their hand off.
  4. Just read the synopsis of A Serbian Film on Wikipedia. Think I'll give it a miss.
  5. Fucking hell. Salo is the most stomach churning movie I think I've ever partially seen. Literally couldn't stomach it for the entire duration. Think that and The Human Centipede are the only movies that've literally sickened me.
  6. Get a company wide annual bonus in July and have a pay progression system which increases your salary by X or Y depending on results and performance. Get nearly 6 weeks annual leave a year and we are able to accrue time once we've done the 37hrs per week which we are contracted. Building up time is fairly easy to do most months given the job and amount of travelling I do. The perk of this is that you get that time back as leave or if we're too busy, it goes through as overtime. The other perk of accruing time is that most years, at the end of the financial year we can sell up to a weeks annual leave and carry over any remaining days. It sounds good on paper...
  7. Seemed like In The Night Garden was on constantly in my house a few years ago. The bairn used to go mental in her bouncy chair when Makka Pakka came on. That theme tune never leaves you either. ETA: I think the folk that made it took a shitload of drugs.
  8. Has to be 'An evening with Machine Head' at the Academy in Glasgow. Machine Head, no support band and just shy of 3 hours of quality metal. Think the only other gig I've been to this year was Chas & Dave [emoji1]
  9. For a starter I'd like something homely like a bowl of lentil soup. Main course I'd ask for a rib-eye steak, medium, and no nasty contaminating sauce. For desert, a cheeseboard consisting of brie, camembert, stilton and smoked cheddar. After my meal I'd like a cold pint of Innes & Gunn's lager to wash it down, and a large joint packed with OG Kush weed.
  10. Valdes was some signing though to be fair to Karanka. Think he's a class goalkeeper. Can't remember who it was against though, (possibly Southampton?) but he made a save in a game two or three weeks back that was world class.
  11. I know nothing about the email other than what I've read on here. I also suggested at the time it all kicked off that if it the email even exists, then said employer should report and have said email traced back to the source given the malicious behaviour towards their employee. I'm also led to believe tracing an email to its I.P isn't particularly difficult if you're tech savvy.
  12. Not disputing that but given the hype when he signed and the weekly wage they gave him, you'd have thought he was up there with Buffon etc as one of the best keepers in the world.
  13. I agree with the comments re Alonso being world class. Unfortunately I don't think Liverpool had the squad to get the best out of him as other than Gerrard and Torres, can't really think of any player in that era at Liverpool that particularly stood out. I mind their being a lot of hype about Reina being a great keeper. Personally thought he was a decent shot stopper but other than that, he was pretty pish. Loved a wild flap at a cross.
  14. I'd normally like to have responded to you in more detail as I generally find you alright to converse with and a decent poster, but at this point, posting it on the forum isn't going to be worth the thread spamming insults and fiction from my haters. Cheers.
  15. Ah... The German channels on the old Sky boxes! Not just good for football! A god-send to a teenage 8milebu! [emoji1] I'd love to go to more Bundesliga/German games. Been to see both 1860 Munich and Borrusia Dortmund, both absolutely fantastic experiences despite the actual games we seen not being that great.
  16. That looks f**king fantastic. I feel lunch might be a little disappointing now I've seen that.
  17. Did you manage to get to one of the games in London you mentioned last week HM?
  18. How did you end up becoming a Gladbach fan Duff Man? Is there a story behind it or did you just pick a German team to start following?
  19. You do realise in the time it took you to write that you could've been posting elsewhere about football? [emoji85]
  20. Scholes/Lampard/Viera/Keane/Gerrard I actually think that at their peak, Viera and Keane were ahead of Lampard and up there with Scholes, but just for his sheer outrageous consistency and goal return over many seasons, Lampard is second after Scholes for me.
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