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  1. Only folk it annoyed was them having (we are the) Peoples in red white and blue on their away shirt.
  2. Would go as far as to say that Nicky is the best player at Bo’ness, especially when fit and playing in the number 10 position.
  3. Fucking hell Where at any point did I mention those photos/articles posted here??
  4. Embarrassing for the hundreds of Sellik fans on social media etc pulling the “That’s an auld foatie fae years ago! Check the auld tops they’re wearing!” defence, like everyone exclusively wears the current shirt. Hilarious to see the “Auld tops! Foatie’s fae years ago!” claim slapped down by the 71 plate new model vehicle parked nearby which was released a month into this season.
  5. Maybe the secret is, it’s not water. Agreed, good ref. Rondon embodies the utter shitshow that is Everton’s recruitment.
  6. Home town, maybe suits his work commitments, better money, friends there? In all honesty I think Bo’ness are lucky to have hung on to Andy Murphy for as long as we have. One of the best goalkeepers around in the lower leagues and you can probably look a couple of levels above in saying that. Some of the Andy’s saves have as good as won or kept us in many a game over the last few years. If he goes he owes us absolutely nothing and can leave with his head held high. Would take Adamson in a flash if he’s available. Good goalie and has never let us down when we’ve had him. Can’t see it happening though. Think he’ll be on better money and Annan will want to keep him. Apparently so. With a good sponsor on board and still being young, Andy maybe sees Armadale as a better opportunity in the long term if rumours are true and that’s where he is headed. Or maybe his Dad has talked him into the move because he absolutely loves the stovies they serve at the Volly. Maybe delusion, thinking about bye-gone days and not enough forward thinking is what holds us back and puts potential sponsors off? Wasn’t all that long ago it looked like some would have us staying in the deid-end Joonyurz before the actions of other clubs forced us to see sense at the last minute.
  7. We seem to have got our act together in recent weeks.
  8. I actually like that, best one I've seen on this thread this season so far. Bah (mint) humbug.
  9. New Borussia Dortmund home - Like it but I don’t 🫤 New Juventus home - Definitely do not like
  10. No helicopters at this level. Picturing Andrew Renwick with the trophy in the box on the back of a pizza delivery scooter ready to zip to whenever results are in
  11. Nakamura is up there. Just behind Nakata and Son for me.
  12. If only we’d started how we’ve finished… Oh well. Roll on next season. In other news…. We now have an Under 20s side. Excellent news, a step in the right direction and hopefully bodes well for the future.
  13. Summed up pretty well by Luis Diaz costing a third of what City paid for Grealish.
  14. Sadly indeed. There’ll be a minority of the staunchest of Rangers and Celtic fans who are happy with the annual two horse race, but the vast majority of both sets of fans would bite your hand off for a more competitive, entertaining league. Something I’ve never quite been able to fathom (and particularly in the 80s and 90s when there wasn’t a massive gulf between Scotland and England’s top divisions) is why there’s never been any notably serious wealthy interest in the likes of Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs.
  15. Precisely whats being rumoured to be the case. UEFA saying blue and black clash. Can’t wear blue home. Away kit is black. Can’t wear away kit. Third kit is lilac and black. Can’t wear third kit. Frankfurt play in black and allegedly refusing to budge since they’re the “home side” and fair enough really. You’d think Rangers could have proposed and UEFA would agree to let them wear this seasons white 150 years kit though. ^^^ Regular at Dundee Utd.
  16. Probably due to being a better achievement. Whether Rangers win or lose in Seville, given some of the sides defeated en route coupled with Stevie G’s mid-season departure completely disrupting and unsettling the squad; just getting to the Europa final is bigger than winning the Scottish Premier League (unfortunately).
  17. I’m sure this would be absolutely fascinating if I had any idea who or what you’re havering about. And thank you.
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