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  1. Hard to disagree with that but would possibly be saying Nicky Locke if he wasn’t so injury prone.
  2. Did somebody say, “Just Eat”? This needs binned pronto. Awful nickname.
  3. No Jones today? What’s the script there? Disappointing if Stevenson has been transfer listed. Be an asset to any team in our league so wouldn’t want that to come back and bite us on the arse. I have been very critical of him in the past about finding a position and making it his. Playing wide left of a front three I feel he’d finally done that this season to good effect.
  4. If you support your team then you have an opinion on players, tactics etc. Otherwise you’re just talking a load of Pollocks.
  5. Max should’ve taken Zander off for Stevenson in second half and went 4-3-3 with Stevenson and Walker wide with big Dan through the middle. Dan as the centre forward would’ve gave Balatoni a job to do and a tougher game because the Strollers centre half strolled it against Zander. It would’ve also gave a different dimension to our play and someone for Stevenson, Walker and Hamilton to play off and aim at in the box as we were far too narrow first half and reliant on Hawkeye and McCauley for any width. There was very little between the sides last night though which is encouraging given CSS are up in 4th, but it’s also frustrating as we could have been up in 3rd or 4th if it wasn’t for that wee four game lapse of poor results. The main frustration is that last night was yet another game I think we could have won if there’d been a smarter change of tactics and better substitutions.
  6. A more central role for Jones yesterday but he was excellent in the middle. Onto something else - Not enough has been said about Hamilton’s through ball for our third goal. Absolutely outstanding pass. It’s sheer stupidity really, no two ways about it. The Shire defender would’ve been far better off taking his chances on his goalkeeper making a save, or even maybe going a goal down but keeping 11 men on the pitch and more chance of getting back into the game.
  7. Ref shat it regards him. Doherty got away with so many fouls and should’ve been booked far earlier and would’ve probably been sent off eventually under any other ref. Agreed. Boy’s a class player. MON practically invented hammer throwing, horrible backwards wee c**t. Was on the receiving end of a brief shouty rage from a similar cum-sock stood in front of me, albeit minus his Septic shirt. He didn’t take kindly to me shouting “f**k sake McGregor ya fucking shitebag!” at the Ireland goal. “What the fucks he meant to do there likes??!” was the raging reply. Maybe half a dozen folk around us shouted back “Challenge for the fucking ball!” (or words to that effect) before I had a chance to say it myself so I just pulled a Greggy. Other than “Flower of Scotland”, “Cheer Up Gareth Southgate”, and “England Get Battered”, I can’t say I heard too much anti-English singing last night, although when I’m at a match I do tend to zone out of what’s going on around me and just watch the game so I’m not saying there wasn’t any.
  8. Best area to park car tonight? Bearing in mind I’ll likely be carrying the 5 year old nephew so ideally not too far?
  9. I'll go as high as 5. Absolutely average looking lassie. Gouge out your eyes with a pen and remove your testicles with a spoon. You deserve neither of them.
  10. Likewise. It’s pathetic. All those that signed the petition wanting them off the telly need to get a life. Let there be no more of that pish from you boyo.
  11. Ah I didn’t realise Patterson had been injured, was on a call out so listening in where I could.
  12. I think that tonight was the formation and line-up I’d like Scotland to play every match and it was telling in the performance having a couple of guys (namely McTominay and Tierney) in their strongest position and not somewhat shoehorned into the side to some extent. Think I’d leave Patterson at RB on Saturday. If I was bringing Hickey in to start I’d be tempted to do it at Tierney’s expense based purely on Tierney being made of glass. Never forget our dearly departed football mastermind… This is correct, it was a back 4 for the most part with McTominay occasionally dropping into defence but rarely required thankfully.
  13. That was a long wided way of saying that it all just depends on their firm being proper nawty.
  14. No? Reads to me like you’re bitching about hings typed on an anonymous message board.
  15. Can’t get a stranger shade of orange than “clearly gold”. Croatia’s latest efforts below. Home is alright but much prefer their away shirt.
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