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  1. Their early stuff was and is still brilliant. Bono is an utter william though.
  2. Haha, it is indeed a great word and very appropriate for said idiot. @honestman54 seemed a little upset by it though. Maybe he didn’t think it was apt.
  3. 8MileBU

    The Walking Dead

    I like the big murderous b*****d that wears skin side of him. The stupid pish like asking that guy if he could hear what Alpha’s head was saying, talking to her wee round decapitated coupon and acting like she was an actual God etc is stupid. And aye, I know there’s been more than enough examples of ‘stupid’ over the course of the show. Just go get on with chopping c***s up ken?
  4. ^^^ This so much. FaceTime is such a poor consolation though. We’ve Facetime’d and dropped stuff off to both sets of my wee girl’s grandparents and they all look utterly tortured by having to keep us outside and unable to get their cuddles from my wee lass, my niece and nephews. It’s horrible to see.
  5. 8MileBU

    The Walking Dead

    On the whole it has been a good season. Beta is so shit though. Don’t know why but Alpha worked as a fucked up psycho character. Beta is just a big giant weirdo and his character is just stupid.
  6. Never seen/heard of the daughter but shall give her a miss anyway.
  7. Janey Godley Janey Godley Janey Godley Janey Godley Janey Godley
  8. Fucking vermin. Worse than COVID.
  9. The same but swap ‘Scatting’ for ‘Blumpy’.
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