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  1. This is correct. Amazing gig. Utter c***s for not coming back since.
  2. Albeit I’d say my hayfever has been getting worse to some extent the past 2 or 3 summers, seems some of you either have it way worse or need more drastic remedies than me. With that said, my experience is relatively beige. Years ago I tried Clarityn which stopped me getting a runny nose and sneezing but my eyes still got irritated and puffy so I changed to Piritin which stopped my eyes getting irritated and puffy but I still got a runny nose and sneezy. So what relieves the worst of both symptoms for me? Asda’s own-brand hayfever pills! Dunno why, they just do.
  3. Away is a cracker. Not so keen on the home despite it basically being the same template. Dunno if it’s just the photo and might look nicer in the flesh but that home shirt looks like it’s from an Adidas teamwear range Aberdeen have bought as opposed to having a deal with Adidas. Nice! Good grief! That home shirt is awful. Good grief again!
  4. This Tuesday coming? Kick off time?
  5. Except 1000x better and less cunty. Having looked at the line-up there are maybe 4, 5 acts at a push that are decent (just decent) and the rest I’ve either never heard of they are a lot of utter shite.
  6. Yep, hopefully builds a squad that stays together and fit all season.
  7. If departed roasters count then @SDG2 tops the top 5.
  8. Me as well just out of respect for the nick of the him at 58 year old. Condition of the guy is incredible. Also, Moxley on Dynamite when Jericho’s music hit “Aaaaw f**k saaake!!”
  9. All sponsors are daft and shirts are better without IMO
  10. Fawkurk. Very smart but would’ve been smarter with white shorts. (They’ve gone with navy).
  11. Aye, the Juniors stuff can GTF. Why won’t they just stay dead?
  12. Agreed on both. The home shirt is just Castore’s latest lazy regurgitation of a previous manufacturers design, namely the red Umbro third shirt from the 09/10 season. The away shirt however has yet to be confirmed. There’s still a bit of debate whether it’s a legit leak or a hooky mock-up from the Turkish market stalls. Could potentially look alright if they made that left sleeve red so it’s a proper half-and-half, but otherwise it’s awful.
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