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  1. Gemmell would be a sensible choice for any game. One of the best at “keep the ball” football not just breaking up play. Plus with his experience he just makes others around him play better. Here’s hoping it’s just a wee rest. To not be in the squad or at the match at all concerns me as I know he rarely misses matches through work and still attends when injured.
  2. This will take some explaining and I’ll take no pleasure writing it as I hate criticising any of our players on an open forum. No issue with Ryan but I know I’m not alone in that I just don’t see what some folk on here see in him. Do not get me wrong though - I know there’s a good player in there. I just always feel that for every good game he’s had, there’s 3 or 4 games where he’s been average at best or dare I say it; poor. Again, I know he’s got ability but I think there’s always been other players far more consistent and deserving of a place. I don’t know whether it’s his own inconsistency, being used in so many different positions or both, but for me he often fails to impress. I personally think he needs to play as a winger or an attacking midfielder if we are to get the best of him. However, for a couple of seasons now I’ve seen folk raving about him regularly on here but often find myself thinking, “If he’s that bloody good, why’s he in and out the team so much and never made a position his own?”
  3. Was the cameraman there to film the game today? Hopefully see some goals and highlights. Disagree re Ryan Stevenson.
  4. That mobs Colts might’ve all been promoted to being their first team in about an hour from now! 😂🤞 Has Gemmell picked up a knock? Another game I didn’t see his name on the team sheet.
  5. Did Aberdeen have blue/navy away kits in the 80’s/90’s?? Getting an image of one in the Eoin Jess era, navy and gold I’m thinking…? 🤔
  6. Someone tweeted them last night suggesting one of the goals against Midtjylland for goal of the day - Looks like they took it onboard 😂
  7. Seems like they’ve been after him for about 10 years. Maybe it has been that long. Fabian Delph eh? Mind him? Had a good season about 5 year ago.
  8. Nope. I will defend artificial pitches as a case of “needs must” for pretty much every team that’s installed them, but at Bo’ness I 100% preferred to watch football on a grass pitch and wish they’d kept it. Might’ve kept the parasites away too.
  9. The lad attending the game didn’t sound familiar with the area and might’ve wanted somewhere closer to squeeze in that extra pre-match pint. Totally 😂 Enjoy.
  10. Take your word for it. News to me.
  11. Hopefully that win boosts confidence and shows signs of a mostly new BU side settling and hitting a bit of form. Couldn’t make last nights game but much preferred the starting lineup to the one that was picked on Saturday, although I’d still have Gemmell in my side. Assuming work commitments were why he wasn’t in the squad last night?
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