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  1. Yer Coyne’s and yer McLennan’s get the bulk of the praise for the Rose’s successful spell but for me Adam Nelson was your top man back then. The glue that kept it all together. Class player. Also an expert at a ‘good foul’ and knowing when to take one for the team.
  2. Nice pic mate! ETA: Just seen a video on Twitter showing Milan of all places getting a decent snowfall.
  3. £1.99 paid (again) for a bottle of sweet orange goodness at the shop near me.
  4. Is that the story The Conjuring movies are about?
  5. Yes I believe so. Decent player but whether through work or injuries, he didn’t nail down a place and find consistency.
  6. Ballot box tampered with in Paisley. Polis in attendance.
  7. This thread started 3 years, 3 months ago [emoji1]
  8. I phoned the navy once and pulled a moonie at them from the top of a lighthouse.
  9. So do I, but he was in and out the team too much.
  10. Rangers weren’t ruthless enough. When you’re that dominant you need to take all those chances and bury c***s, then you can afford to switch off and lose a daft goal in the last couple of minutes.
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