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  1. Am I remembering correctly or imagining that there were threats made by travellers?
  2. Scott “did fuckall” Wright tonight. Don’t think the “packed defences” really applies here as he managed to find space a few times but his decisions and final balls were terrible.
  3. Good grief! You’ll end up like Busta, always looking over your shoulder. It was @Busta Nut on Twitter. IIRC the missing girl was from or had some connections with the travelling community. Can’t remember for certain but think our Motherwell supporting chum might’ve been threatened with violence and death.
  4. You should have, it was doing the rounds on WhatsApp at back of 10 this morning. Hopefully Rangers put the game to bed early so King and McCann can get some minutes as well.
  5. Funny you should say that. I think it was suggested and hoped Athletic would serve as a stepping stone to the first team for younger players albeit in the Juniors as opposed to an under 20 league but then they made a (predictable) u-turn and broke the link.
  6. Crowdfunding and EFP campaign to pay for the lawyers imminent. No surprise the shitebag turned off the reply function.
  7. Ruari Maclennan Another player there’s no shame in losing your midfield spot to. Arguably one-of, if not the best centre midfielder in the east juniors when we signed him, albeit things didn’t work out. Far less pace and much less suited to filling in at full back than Ross Philp though.
  8. That’s a lot of rubbish. Kelty made an offer that was too good to turn down. I also believe Ross is from, lives and works over that way. Ross is a versatile player with a good attitude and playing full back at Bo’ness was a case of needs-must more often than not due to others being injured. When he was our player of the year I think he played about half a dozen positions that season too. He has also filled in at full back “to accommodate” new signings at Kelty as well. Some of his midfield competition during his time at Bo’ness included Scott Pitman, Robert Sloan, Ian Nimmo and sometimes Paul Murphy. No shame in losing a midfield spot to any of them back then.
  9. Haha, my missus watches those worstcunts, I know exactly who you mean!
  10. Owen Moffat. Think he’s only played a couple of games for the first team.
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