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  1. I actually prefer Fear overall. TWD was on about season 5(?) by the time I decided I was gonna start watching it, just as Fear was first being released. So as a late starter to the whole TWD world, I read online that timeline-wise Fear came first at the onset of the zombie apocalypse so I decided to watch it first then batter through OG TWD between series of Fear.
  2. BU would’ve held their own and been at the top end of the table if there hadn’t been needless tinkering during that 4-5 game run that knocked us down to mid-table.
  3. I’d disagree with this and accept any bid that comes in (better getting something than nothing) if there was any form of sufficient backup for Colak as Roofe seems to be completely out of the picture. Should’ve sold Morelos (and Kent) at peak value three years ago.
  4. BU have goal scorers, it’s been the needless tinkering with the starting 11 and the formation that’s hindered it.
  5. Wow, that’s been a fast 4 years. Seems like only 4 months ago you began posting about the situation.
  6. Fanny. You no got a pub name to be greetin’ about?
  7. He won’t be short of offers if clubs can meet his wage demands and they’re confident their facilities will meet his standards. I reckon Southgate will have had a heads-up from the FA that this is looming and will have been advised not to select him.
  8. Jade Cargill is so shit. That run in, the punches, the kicks GTF.
  9. Watched the first one then the second one after reading all the hype about idiot yanks passing out, throwing up or getting that hysterical they needed medical attention from watching this sequel to a movie I’d never heard of. Thought the first film was worse in the gore stakes. That scene you mentioned in the second one does go on a bit. The second movie is way longer than it should be despite Art The Clown being an absolutely wonderful character. What a lot of utter pish though!
  10. Drinking. Heavily. Japan’s home easily my favourite shirt of the tournament. Their away would be my next favourite but the horizontal front of the collar spoils it a bit.
  11. Where was Alasan Jones today? Injured? Suspended? It is crap that Rangers can effectively lend their B team players that have proven themselves capable of playing in the Premier League (Alex Lowry). That said, at the moment Rangers would probably be better playing their B team youngsters in the top league and their first team dross in the Lowland.
  12. Where’d you find that stat? Injured or otherwise I think Zinchenko would’ve played less regardless as was usually playing second or third fiddle to rapey Benjamin, Danilo, Kolarov etc. I think had it been against Man City or one of the other top 4 clubs then that substitution might have happened.
  13. Viera coming on was basically a straight like-for-like substitution as in midfielder off, midfielder on. Viera’s also regarded as a bit of a prospect hence the £40m fee and also one of Arteta’s signings that he’s obviously keen to phase in. It paid off too with Viera getting the assist for Oedegaard’s first goal. Arteta clearly sees Zinchenko as a left back primarily and his first choice left back. So in that respect I can understand the substitution and leaving Zinchenko in defence. I’m still on the fence whether Zinchenko or Tierney is the better player. I want Tierney to be from a Scottish point of view but I’m not that naive I’d slate Zinchenko for any little mistake he makes or flaw in his game. Pure speculation but my feeling is that Arteta simply has little trust or faith that Tierney will get through 90 minutes or be able to stay fit for more than 2 or 3 games at a time. Whilst Zinchenko’s had injuries this season, Arteta will know him from Man City and also trust his medical team at Arsenal. And the less said about Tierney’s injury record the better.
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