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  1. Aye I’m not a fan of his singing and only like a handful of Megadeth songs but just kind of have to give credit because he can play fast as f**k.
  2. Union Canal near Falkirk is going to resemble a dry-dock soon if they don’t fix this ASAP!
  3. Stop apologising and carry on. VT’s a p***k.
  4. In the last hour it’s gone from very faint thunder gradually getting louder but still not quite here yet (Falkirk). However we’ve also had almost constant lightning for 2-3 hours.
  5. There’s a place called TJs Diner next door to the Real Food Cafe at Tyndrum as well now. Haven’t been in it though. You can sort of just tell from outside there’s a high probability it’ll be an extortionate disappointment.
  6. The OMR at the Rest And Be Thankful opened on Saturday there with a convoy system in place.
  7. Staying off the topic of islands just to be annoy you, well, actually just because it seems the most apt thread to give Calmac some stick without starting a new thread..... Basically I just wanted to jump in here and say Western Ferries >>> Calmac In the grand scheme of boats, there’ll obviously be a bit more to a Calmac sailing, bigger boats, multiple routes etc but they just seem so diddy and full of drama with it sometimes compared to Western. As an overall experience and someone who uses the ferries fairly often, there’s a lot to be said for Western’s minimal fuss approach to just getting on with shunting folk back and forth over the Clyde all day. Friday was traffic chaos in Gourock with the Rest & Be Thankful shut, but kudos to Western for getting the extra boat out and just getting on with it.
  8. He’s a strange fellow but credit where it’s due, he’s fast.
  9. Good job you weren’t attempting any Slayer, SOD or Exodus type-stuff then! Even some Megadeth might make your arm fall off. Not much of a fan of the them but fair fux to Mustaine, he is lightning fast.
  10. I’ve had these too. V v v good. Did Walkers stop making Worcester sauce flavour crisps? Never see them now. Used to be the only folk that make that flavour I think.
  11. Just an incredible live band. Was a hugely pleasant surprise how great an album Hardwired turned out to be an all that new stuff sounds fantastic live too. The day covid fucks off and Metallica get back over here the better!
  12. Greatest band alive and ever. The production was good on the old albums but just doesn’t have the oomph of today as it was all recorded in the pre-digital era. I prefer to watch YouTube live gigs as all the old shit sounds fucking ferocious and just better live.
  13. The bold bit about the music was still bold from your post. It was the bit I made bold about ‘No more than 3 households meeting in pub’ bit I was referring to not happening.
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