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  1. Dave, Dave, Dave.... I reckon there’s a high probability (but not guaranteed) that in making this post, you’ll have jinxed this fixture and we’ll likely be served up an utter shitfest of a 0-0.
  2. Do not like that kit. Just their 1991-1993 shirt worn and ruined by someone doing some plastering.
  3. Fawkirk Cooncil employee mates both saying today that FC have had to take down that online vaccine registration form after 2000 folk signed up and it’s become an admin nightmare. Dunno what they were expecting - Everyone to say “Nah yer alright...”? 😄
  4. Yep, Falkirk definitely. Two friends are employees of Falkirk Council and mentioned on the groupchat that they’d signed up. Which ones ? Have heard that both West Lothian and City of Edinburgh Council’s have or will be sending similar communications to their employees but I can’t confirm either to be fact.
  5. I’m talking about enforcing lockdown earlier. Again - Could have. Didn’t. Yes, it would’ve been beyond awful for workers and businesses without a furlough scheme, but it is an inexcusable decision when it has contributed to a huge number of avoidable deaths. Several countries locked down first and tackled furlough after. Some had a system in place already. The UK and it’s devolved governments faffed about blindly waiting on one to lead the others as opposed to applying the autonomy they were empowered with ages ago by the UK Gov.
  6. Congratulations! I was the same, deep down kinda wanted a daughter. She’ll be 11 year old come Easter. Time flies like. At least yours is young enough that the Covid and home-schooling combo shouldn’t be a thing to contend with! Any other P&B parents attempts to tackle home-schooling much akin to WW3 in the mornings?
  7. Could have and didn’t. That simple. You’re just being argumentative for the sake of it.
  8. Hearing today that various councils are asking their staff to sign up to an internal register for early vaccination to avoid doses going to waste through folk not turning up to appointments and the limited stability of the vaccine itself. Criteria is that staff must be over 18 and able to make it to an appointment within 30 minutes if selected. Makes sense if doses will be wasted otherwise.
  9. Your first fact was a choice. Other countries locked down and implemented the furlough scheme soon after or immediately where they had the foresight to have planned for this sort of event. Not that I think “the science” in this country wasn’t there to foresee this scenario, the problem was the more likely the great British dickhead politician always knowing best. Your second fact almost contradicts your first. 11 days earlier would’ve massively reduced cases and gave the gov a minimum of 11 days to implement a clear, concise furlough scheme if required. If required, it would’ve also come at a massively reduced cost (possibly 90%?) to the UK purse given the vastly reduced volume of Covid cases and workers who MIGHT have necessitated furlough.
  10. Erm, that looks more like some vile individual engaging in an act of necrophilia. Not a dildo in sight. You sick f**k.
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