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  1. You’d be as well sticking the months of the year on a dartboard, throwing a dart and that can be your guess. 😐
  2. That claim alone is far more outrageous than anything I’ve ever said. f**k you and Frank.
  3. You hot saucy boys need to give a bit of hot saucy boy love to these hot saucy basturts: https://www.charlies.co.uk/edinburgh-preserves-hot-spicy-sauce-collection.html You are all very fucking welcome, in advance x ETA: The Naga is not to be fucked around with by the way.
  4. As disgusting as that Frank’s muck to the right of it? Nando’s-esque grot sauce.
  5. As soon as it’s given the ok for fans to return and social-distancing isn’t required, I’d expect fans to flock back to games. I also wonder if there might even be a slight increase in attendances initially, as fans are consumed by the urge to get to games purely down to being denied the option for so long. After that I think it’ll largely revert to pre-pandemic levels as fans realise their team is utter shite, can’t be fucked with the drive to Stranraer away, can’t be arsed with a freezing, wet, windy afternoon in Arbroath or because the pies at Dunfermline are as rancid as the locals.
  6. See any time this story appears about a proposed Euro-league being formed or the one about Rangers & Celtic joining the EPL arises.... Does anyone else think it’s a tedious waste-of-time both writing and reading this fake news seeing as it’s a big pile of pie-in-the-sky nonsense that’s never going to happen? Or is it just me?
  7. As a Falkirk resident I believe the triangle still exists - Mainly in Councillor Buchanan’s head... And in other news, I think I may have stumbled upon a portal to another dimension: ETA: Would have been better with the longer video but the video size limit on here is pitiful. FullSizeRender.mov
  8. I met Dick Campbell in my late teens/early twenties when he was working for a firm that did some work at my folks house. I always remember thinking he’s came across exactly the same as he does in a football capacity. He’s just an old school typical guy of his generation.
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