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  1. I think you pick your best players and for me Patterson is the best RB for the formation Scotland play.
  2. Dias, Laporte and Cancelo seem fairly nailed on this season?
  3. Pocket the dosh. Buy season ticket to watch incoming Newcastle galacticos. Win-win for Steve. Straight swap for Rudiger or Laporte IMO.
  4. Best Lithgy player ever? How many years was that he gave the Rose?
  5. Good. Unfortunately a lot of folk care more than they should as it’s irrelevant when he wears navy blue.
  6. When it’s International week, most folk just need to try a bit harder to briefly forget that Patterson plays for Rangers. It really is that simple.
  7. I think you’re being hasty. Give it time. Once the EPL fixtures start coming thick and fast over the festive period it’ll become apparent. Pep knows people who know Ronaldo. FTFY
  8. ^^^ Mortgaged out his eyeballs on a new build estate with a leased BMW next to her leased Fiat 500.
  9. Its Pep, isnt it? Was just about to post that when I seen this. 100%. I hope he’s allowed to stay.
  10. Aye she’s fine mate thanks. As per my reply to @Donathan above, the worst of it has just been her being a crabbit wee fucker!
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