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  1. Did you send a DM asking for the Goram story first though?
  2. GordonS has been exposed before his peers. Again. https://donateaticket.com
  3. Just tell yer laddie that you’re sorry but you’re a BU now and you’re going to keep coming to our games. He’s a big boy, he’ll be fine with it. Plus the BU thread won’t be the same without your frequent thoughts, opinions and positivity! Last of all, you have to admit - Crossgates_Brian sounds shite compared to BU_Brian! 😋
  4. Is it the close proximity of the ground to a particular place of worship that sees you hightailing it so urgently?? Cretin.
  5. Absolutely, and won’t be easily replaced. Ross comes as a bit of a surprise as I think he probably still had a couple of years left in him. Wish both all the best though and hopefully they’ll be back at Newtown fairly often as fans. Speaking of fans; given both Will and Ross’s years of service, it’s an absolute stinker that neither are getting to see out a season and say their final farewells in front of the BU faithful.
  6. Where is this @madwullie? Looks amazing. Cracking day for it! Have to admit, I’ve been flouting the rules a bit recently too. 🚨
  7. I should’ve run John Collins over when I had the chance... I would imagine that’s precisely why he’s shared the article...🙄 The Roofe ban better set a standard then but I dare say we’ll see shorter bans for worse at some point.
  8. Aye I think so too. Do you think Mario Balotelli is world class @Baptiste Bourgeois?
  9. Some of my best friends are priests.
  10. Aye, I did think there was an element of “too obvious” about the Headquarters sign but who knows?!
  11. Who is this in the pic? Said the same thing to my wife about the Headquarters sign and H.
  12. Tongue-in-cheek remark ffs. Green/red who and what you like. Maybe avoid the Prince Philip thread though.
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