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  1. Told Beith where to go a few times though
  2. Who've you signed for Jamie?
  3. Annoying as f**k Sent from my SM-G930F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  4. Congrats to ma wee mate Liam McGinto[emoji108]
  5. Love the user name, but this has been done 2 f**k on here m8. Hope you get the bite your looking for[emoji12]
  6. Boultons fae that neck McL... Chassis. We have a good turn oot?
  7. Heard the same thing. Beith and Buffs players agreed 1st hand info[emoji12] no point risking injury
  8. Heard it was a bit dangerous in parts of the park. Wee spat between Miller n Strainy
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