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  1. If we are going non league then Dumfries YMCA (bottom of the South of Scotland League) have conceded double figures 7 times this season (losing to Lochar Thistle 10-0 and 14-2, Newton Stewart 12-0 and 11-1, Crichton 10-2, Edusport Academy 10-1 and Heston Rovers beat them 13-1!!)!! YMCA have conceded 161 goals in 21 games so far this season Which is 6.71 goals per game!!
  2. Yer quite the funny one you!! Pity your wrong though!!
  3. Nope!! Just seems to be the best one IMO!! Him or Jim Thompson!!
  4. Don't think there is much of a chance of saints winning it but you never know!! I would say it would take some serious luck for them to win it tho
  5. Not every time!! Just most of the time!! Ref at edu made a lot of mistakes worst one being not stopping the game for about a minute for a head injury that happened right in front of him!! But I'll say this!! Credit where it's due edu were the better side when it came to taking the chances and that's all that matters in a match!! Well done tae them lads!!
  6. Yer a funny fucker!! I wasn't there though hence why I am saying I believe that's what happened!!
  7. It never happened on the pitch from what I had heard!! I believe it happened just off the pitch!!
  8. Fun to watch I'll tell you!! Couldn't predict where the ball was going haha
  9. Think he pulled out before the league agm!! Thought a had heard the Under 17s or Under 19s from Stranraer FC were looking into joining...
  10. But a lot of the Wigtown players are from Stranraer!!
  11. Don't need to... I have an extra 2 hours to get there in...
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