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  1. Yeah but they wouldn't be laughing as hard. The b*****ds
  2. Is only the **** were a big club they would have won it.
  3. Winning Chumpioons league surely wot with Morelos and Defoe and all that
  4. Think you're righ,t much as I loved Danny Lennon and feel he was harshly treated, much as we had a total shit fest that set us back years with Tommy Craig, Ian Murray and Alex Rae after we sacked him. You could see it was time for a change. Danny had done well, won an national cup, taken us to our hightest league position in years, brought through Kenny McLean and John McGinn, had us playing attractive football and... ... Wait what was my point again?
  5. To be fair, as a St Mirren Fan if we were top of the league for a week, we'd make a video too
  6. Gruesome as this picture is. This was done because such hangings were pretty much a Facist modus operandi. Those that live by piano wire die by piano wire.
  7. Did the **** make the trains run on time. I think not.
  8. Have to say, did not watch the game and fully expected a timpasting. Only slightly disappointed.
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