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  1. Do not associate me with Charles Green, Kincy you fucked that link so let's not keep it running. I will be there, at great expense to support my club & I will enjoy it, win, lose or draw as I am KILLIE til I die. Embrace "diddy" team enjoyment, we genuinely enjoy these games as opposed to a chance to get it up "theyum". We are all Charles Green.
  2. Hmmm we have a contender!
  3. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    Please do
  4. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    I can imagine it is
  5. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    Thank you St Johnstone fans for singing "Come on Saintees" and clearing up a little debate.
  6. Saints vs Saintees 27/4/19

    Is that pish stains?
  7. Can Rangers end Celtic's domination?

    Auchenleck to be washed clean
  8. Cruel and unnecessary
  9. Well, that was no fun.
  10. Too bad they won't get through the play offs ICT would "batter" united.
  11. Top 6 fixtures

    Nah he's a saint alright
  12. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Well I'd pay to see that.
  13. Hamilton v St Mirren