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  1. You might have a point, Ross certainly took us on a roller coaster ride but left us before we went into the premiership so hard to compare like for like.
  2. Yip had his time, now time to move on. A bit like Gus McP and Danny Lennon with us. Gus got us to a league cup final but clearly the bus was out of gas, Lennon won a league cup final but the same thing was apparent, he'd taken us as far as he could. If McInnes had left the Dons four years ago his reputation would be intact. Now he seems like a failure
  3. People on here thinking McInnes is good manager 🤣 He's a dull, defensive, under achiever.
  4. Regardless of age all managers have a shelf life. They start of as a punt, then as promising, then disappointing. Which stage are McIness and Ross in?
  5. Kind of a silly question, like who is the better manager; McInness or Calderwood. McInness' career is over. Ross' career is just beginning Two managers from different eras
  6. Umm! not sure many on that list could even get you playing as well as that Dave Bowman Mixu Paatelainen[f] Gordon Young Ray McKinnon Laurie Ellis Csaba László Laurie Ellis Robbie Neilson[f]
  7. Worst of all results for the ****, the embarrassment of not scudding hearts and Lennon keeping his job.
  8. Why a six point deduction? If the penalty is for the breach, then it should be a standard punishment regardless of how many games are involved (that's just an accident of scheduling), especially if the games are to be played later. So that would make a three point deduction for us and Killi reasonable. But that then means that every breach is punishable and should be regardless of whether a game is called off or not. That would mean deductions for Dundee United (team photo), Aberdeen (night out), Sevco (Jordan Jones) and the **** (Bolling golli). See where this is going? Potentially the winner of the SPFL could be decided by an arbitrary decision on who to punish and when and by how much. So surely the best thing to do is to fine and leave points as is, other wise there is potentially a huge can of worms to open up. I'll accept a points deduction if those teams get point deductions too.
  9. think that's werewolves not zombies
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