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  1. Could be. I'm sure Jota was inteviewed in the line to see the queen.
  2. He had a few dives in both boxes against St Mirren and nearly sold a goal. Because hibs lost, the fans were raging at him and calling for Rocky to be back in the side (yes that's how pish he was). Now because hibs won against a shit Aberdeen side reduced to ten men Hibs fan think he's a the messiah. Well, he's not the messiah, he just a very naughty boy
  3. Postecogloue should have been watching St Mirren and thinking "f**k that's how we should have played against Real"
  4. That's what you c***s get for disrespecting fucking old lizzy
  5. Crap! It sounded like it was for the giggles and I missed it
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