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  1. Are there many that disappoint after they go to you? It often seems the case that guys leave us go to you and then really kick on? Ps who is the one? I'm guessing kelly?
  2. Brett Hart Macho Man Randy Savage British Bulldog Kenny William's Noam Dar
  3. Nope, Hamilton are experts in the play offs. Surely if keeping United down is the priority (which I'm sure we can agree on) then it should be Hamilton that take the play off spot?
  4. Kelvingrove to Glasgow green would only take you an hour. Plenty of time to do that and get train from central.
  5. The thing with Flynn is it's not just Celtic he is abysmal against. He is abysmal against every other premier team we play. He was abysmal against Alloa and Spartans. Did he play against Queens Park I can't remember. If he did he was abysmal. I can only remember 1 good game he played for us and it was the game we pumped Dumbarton last year. He is one of my least favourite St Mirren players ever.
  6. He was on the pitch. It was his shot that their keeper parried into Reilly's way for our goal. He was very much in the shadow of Ryan Christie that day. Edited to add: this in response to the bit about Morgan rather than Hodson. For some reason the app has missed out the first part.
  7. We also recently paid money for Danny Mullen who still polarises opinions.
  8. Stubbs was and has been dealt with. GLS has then realised that there was potential for future occurrences and then hired a director of football to ensure changing managers did not leave us wide open to the risk of it happening again.
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