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  1. Has Eoin Doyle made any good posts out of his 11,385? or are they all equally shite?
  2. Rangers apparently, shame she won't know they died.
  3. http://gyazo.com/cdb566c089d4d46cbf073146fca6deb9 Madeleine Mccann, Loyal Benfica fan
  4. Honorable mentions to, Kellys Heroes, Windtalkers and Enemy at the gates.
  5. 1. Lone Survivor 2. Saving Private Ryan 3. Zero Dark Thirty 4. The Great Escape 5. We Were Soldiers
  6. To spend within their means and not f**k over hard working local people i'd of thought.
  7. I love it most when Wasps1 puts his fantastic points across makes for really good reading.
  8. Lmao aye the last hours are the worst, towards the end of mine i wished my arm would just fall off.
  9. I don't mind the pain if i'm looking at it whilst its being tattooed, if i look away i feel the pain more.
  10. CowdenbeathLoyal

    FIFA 14

    f**k buying tots players, all you need is a Serie A squad with Ibarbo and Vucinic up top, OP as f**k.
  11. Wasps1 (for having an alias account to greenie himself, and for being a general idiot) Non Deluded Dee ( c**t ) Cliche Guevara ( c**t ) Donnie Darko ( c**t ) Bigmouth Strikes again ( c**t )
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