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  1. Hibs fans now going home to comment yet again on the Hearts v Aberdeen game, clearly the only game worth talking about (even if we're shi_ite)
  2. 2-0 to Livi. Blimey! Hibs fans heading for the exits according to the BBC
  3. What the f**k is this shite from The Grass Is Greener? Give it a rest pal.
  4. Thank you. I knew you'd like it! Now I'm going off for my tea. Have a good evening and remember that's it's only a game!
  5. Not sure how much of that makes sense. My original comment still stands. It's not about Celtic on this occasion it more about Hibs and how well they played, although if you read the DR it will only be about how poor the Celtic players were and what are you going to do about Brendan from you 'war chest'?
  6. I don't think so. Just got a few minutes to spare on here. Why don't you come back when you have a constructive comment?
  7. More point scoring. Why not put in an adult reply Romeo if you've actually got something constructive to say.
  8. Seriously? That's the best you can do? My point is still valid and your reply is only about point scoring and so can be ignored. How about for once it's not all about Celtic.? How about just say that you were played off the park by the better team and leave it at that? Hibs fans on here deserve more than the Celtic fans are giving them.
  9. You were shit because Hibs bossed it. Most of the Celtic fans on here are going on about how poor your own players were and in doing so take the credit away from the Hibs players and management who simply sorted you out, stopped you playing and shafted you. I'm not looking for anything other than honesty thb
  10. Congratulations to Hibs today. They played very well, stopped Celtic playing their usual game but as predicted everyone in emerald green is making excuses that Celtic lost because too many of their players were off form. Hibs were just the better team. Celtic were second best because Hibs bossed it in every area of the park. Simple really!
  11. I'm not sure what your point is? Every team loses fans when it goes through a poor spell. Killie averaged under 4000 just a few seasons ago and are getting more through the gates now that you're winning. Our core support is around 9000, we've not averaged less than that since 1916/17 so we're fairly consistent over the period. And honestly who cares. What matters is that we enjoy our football and have a bit of banter with the other fans. It's not life and death.
  12. The reality is that Rangers International forwards huffed and puffed but couldn't score against us and their defence huffed and puffed and couldn't stop us from scoring. Those are the facts.
  13. Good draw Motherwell, I'm looking forward to watching the highlights tomorrow.
  14. Hiya! And tomorrow you can hold your head up high because you know the famous dons. Well done m8/m9/mate/pal etc.
  15. And now it reads... P16 W12 D3 L1 F41 A7 Much better reading don't you know!
  16. Well,well! 1-0 again to the famous dons. HeHeHeHe! Just like to hi to the guys in Larkhall, hi guys!
  17. Good win,well deserved. The referee though? And the assistant referees? Oh dear! Stevie G. Oh dear! Morelos. Oh dear. That guy from the Forest. Oh dear. I'm just looking at the table and for the first time in years it looks a bit healthier for Scottish football. Brilliant! ps well done to Motherwell, hated last week but love you again
  18. I thought we handled the game quite well, played some good stuff but gave away too many fouls near the 18 yard box. We're going to have to work our socks off in the second half for sure. Let's keep the ball for longer and make them work for possession.
  19. It was expected, wasn't it? Cosgrove is the easy target for some refs particularly the poor ones. I welcome the day when they are actually held accountable like the managers and players are. We need full-time professional refs and linesmen, people who can do a good job consistently and not just on behalf of the OF. I do think there is institutional bias in Scottish football. Oh and well done to the famous dons. So far so good.
  20. And the Scottish public (outside of Govan, Larkhall, Belfast and strange little parts of Inverness) will be hoping it's four after tonight. That would be nice. COYR
  21. I'm a peaceful man my clever friend. My rampages would be more of a gentle notice of disappointment or a passing glance of sadness rather than a full-on red-mist of the DC Universe world! This is not me.
  22. Yes, I do now and it's much simpler than I thought it would be. You're going to regret this though Principal Flutie as I might just go on a quote rampage...
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