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  1. A winger? I thought he played abouts midfield
  2. So sorry to hear of the passing of Ward today. Absolute solid guy RIP
  3. Now now Lennons tactics were spot on . Been getting his excuses in all week ( oh but we are players down he cannae play neither can he . Ma other players will not be good enough. Boo hoo.) RTID
  4. Now now . We won't be having any common sense on here.
  5. No as the dad of one of them . I think there was 5 yhey are boys from Bellfield area not the football club.
  6. Was it Davel bowling , tennis and swimming clubs?
  7. But they have not been so they are not STUPID, SELFISH AMATEURISH CLOWNS.
  8. Couldn't wait to leave said you are a p***k.
  9. Chairman's actual response before PR guy got hold of statement for press?
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