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  1. Geezo I’ve not been on here for a year or two what the hell is all this pish? One and a half pages of absolute guff!
  2. These guys are ladeside thru and thru.
  3. As of today we the committee at Kilbirnie have made the decision that we cannot take the team into the coming season. Despite all our efforts to keep the team going and bring in fresh blood we just couldn’t get any sort of commitment from players. It’s a sad day but probably a sign of the times when there are 3 teams within 5 miles in the 3rd division able to field teams but an established 1st division side cannot attract players. I would like to thank everyone past and present for all they have done for the team and wish you all the very best in the future. Kind regards Cameron Back to watching Ladeside for me.
  4. Anyone looking for a friendly this week?
  5. Kilbirnie Amateurs require friendly opposition for Saturday home or away. Please contact me on 07584578231 if you are avaliable
  6. Hi all Kilbirnie Amateurs are on the look out for some new players. We are playing in the Ayrshire 1st Division and are a well established and well ran club. We are looking to bring in a couple more guys with central defenders a priority. Mabey you have been out a while and wanting to get back into it or maybe you just fancy a change of scenery,whatever your circumstances you will be made welcome at our club. Feel free to contact me on here with your details and I will be in touch. Thanks in advance Cameron
  7. Used to work wae ted,he's played there since they were an under 19s team so I think it would take a top junior side to move him from there. Good wee c**t tae
  8. Where you from mate,I know there aren't many options in Ayrshire for 21s
  9. Beith Meadowside Ams are currently on the lookout for players of all positions to join our squad in the Ayrshire Second Division. Any interested players feel free to contact Manager Gary Clarke 07375082172 THANKS GUYS
  10. It's beneficial to any team to have young hungry players in a squad,big Scott has 28 goals in 13 games this season and around 50 at 21s last year. 6"6 sturdy mobile guy with a real talent. Bringing guys in and improving them is one of the most rewarding things for the fans. It's a positive move in my opinion that we are now looking to do this kind of thing!
  11. There were no ammies players there last night. Young goalie from Kilbirnie there and big Scott
  12. I took the big man up last night and he didn't look out of place during any of the drills or game. Still young and raw but his attitude is spot on. I think he has a big future in the game.
  13. No me mate,one game at a time! Another huge tie vs broomlands on monday night to look forwards to
  14. Looking forward to tonight's huge game.see you's tonight at ksc
  15. Was told earlier by one of the caso boys that the parks were being lined tomorrow.would have been a decent crowd at st Mathews as well.
  16. Well said mate,best of luck for the season ahead.
  17. This guy has been ousted as someone with no tie whatsoever to our club as fine well you know.why are you dragging it up and trying to create negativity to our club? We are under no illusions as to how hard our season will be and at no point have claimed to be superstars.
  18. Dalry 4 0 darvel victoria hard fought 3 points today.
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