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  1. We've got digs booked in Dubai with free cancellation. Looking at flying in and out of Qatar on the day of the games.
  2. My wife tested positive on Boxing day, she's had a couple of positive LFTs as well since then. I've tested negative on every LFT I've done since then, PCR also came back negative.
  3. He'll probably want it kept going playing like that!
  4. Sitting watching Rocky IV, safe in the knowledge that it's not the best Rocky film. Granted it has a great soundtrack (training montage) and tried to break down the Cold War barriers between East and West. It, however, does not feature Mr T nor Hulk Hogan, or a definitive anthem synonymous with Rocky - Eye of the tiger - therefore cannot be classed as the greatest Rocky film. How does PnB categorise their favourite Rocky films? Mine's is : III, IV, II, I V (an abomination). We'll not get into the "spin-offs"
  5. Aye, I get that! Went there after the Scotland/Denmark game (kilted and glengarryed up) absolutely hoolit. Had a couple of venoms and a few shots. Felt the shots coming back up, went outside, whiteied on the street and walked past the bouncer who seen all this, to carry on back inside once more. A flagrant "alright neebs" was passed between the aforementioned bouncer and myself. A classy joint indeed!
  6. That, and the daft songs their fans sing! "I believe that we will win". . . . . . . . . . . pumped 3-0
  7. 2 games against Arbroath at EEP. Agg score 0-6. [emoji122] Well done pars. "We'll be challenging for title" Peter Grant June 2020. Get fucked.
  8. Got in after 20 mins. Should have stayed in the "pub". Brutal Pars.
  9. Still "waiting outside the turnstiles". Another early goal conceded I see. Woe betide!
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