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  1. I'm heading up to this. Love Arbroath away. Will probably remember very little about the game, boo some bugger, have a steak and black pudding pie then retire to Tuttie's about an hour in. Cannot wait!
  2. Hey PnB, I'm Piper! I'm 10 weeks old and my dad says my teeth are sharp as anything!! Picked this wee one up yesterday! Bundle of energy and bar a few wee accidents seems to be settling in alright. Will no doubt be asking all types of advice going forward!!
  3. They should get Ted DiBiase to introduce him like Survivor Series 90. I'd mark out like f**k!!
  4. Happy deathday doesn't sound too cheery. Although "happy heavenly birthday" rips my knitting.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CZ48cFgIe9k/?utm_medium=copy_link Indeed
  6. We've transferred in Riga a couple of times, should be straight forward with that time frame. We had a similar transfer time last year when we went to Vienna.
  7. I know sometimes Yogi's selections and tactics can come into question, but punting long balls up to Dougie Dave might not be a great idea. Oh wait, that Dave Nugent.........
  8. I'll be joining this thread very soon! Went to meet this wee one today. 6 weeks old, collect her on March 1st at 10 weeks old! Wee cutie!
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