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  1. ^^^ Jim Jeffries against Stenny is still raging at this.
  2. Glad I sacked that shit years ago (or black carded from that website if you will).
  3. Don't you usually lose your shit when people on here talk about .net?
  4. Never get a tattoo on your arse. Stings like fùck. You'd think with all the fat there it would be fine, I said this to my tattoist, they laughed and said you're in for a shock! Cannot describe the pain!
  5. Scott McTominay will score the winner at Wembley in the 89th minute. Scenes will ensue.
  6. Star Wars fan has Jabba the Hut tattoed on his thigh.
  7. Found this out on Wednesday, ordered LFT from NHS website Thursday, delivered yesterday. Apparently you input your (negative) test result online and are furnished with proof of test and result.
  8. 11:00-11:30 for the Czech game. Might grab a take away fry-up en route and take it in with me. Feck all else to do!
  9. The dug on the right looking for a square go?
  10. ^^^ successfully knocked DA Baracus out with a boob.
  11. The board probably thought that they were interviewing Avram Grant. (Who may have a better grasp of English)
  12. Going to visit some pirates?
  13. You are aware that the access codes are linked to both the SSC membership number and passport number that we're asked for when registering on the UEFA ticket portal are you not?
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