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  1. Do Ross county have tv service that will allow live streaming for non UK residents?
  2. I’ve seen a lot of brain dead comments on here - but think this may top the lot. Congrats!
  3. Messi wouldn’t get near the Livi team if our match thread is anything to go by
  4. Gordon Scott has definitely made mistakes but he’s done far more good than bad. It’s really difficult to get a chairman these days that has genuine affinity for the club and run a sensible sustainable model - I think we have that in Scott, and despite being a SMISA member would far rather he continued to take the reigns instead of us whenever the loan has been repaid. Annoys me that people have a go regarding giving the ugly sisters the family stand. Yes, it’s far from ideal, but the same people would moan when we have our budget cut by 2-4 players by only giving them the one stand. Until we can justify not giving them it in terms of our home fans turning up then I believe this to be the best option.
  5. Any chance Waters could be called back if Killie punt Taylor?
  6. Only thing I can think about is when Ferguson tried to get Flynn in a headlock after Flynn tugged his shirt towards end of first half... assault indeed [emoji3]
  7. Very fuckin decent 3 points. Mcginn Chance aside Aberdeen never looked like scoring, still nervy as f**k though. We seem to have some genuine quality, width & pace going forward this year. Roll on rest of season!
  8. Last two weeks on this thread has been an emotional rollercoaster!
  9. I’d settle for Jim Goodwin having the ability to stay our manager for longer than 4 games
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