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  1. Was chat of him on the west of Scotland forum a few months ago. Was being talked up massively by opposition fans saying he’s one kf the best young players in recent times to play at that level. Think I read somewhere it was his decision to leave us as opposed to us releasing him as he wasn’t enjoying his football - could be completely making that up though …
  2. I’m not a fan of his at all but at least he is using his new Found “fame” to stick up for the non leagues. He is obviously passionate about the game at this level which he has to get credit for!
  3. Why the f**k was John Gall on the pitch before the game? Genuinely never seen that from any owner at any other level at any game! that’s team talk from Mick ffs! Couldn’t show any emotion because he was trying to so hard to remember his lines! im happy This fairy tale pish is over, they probably had a budget of a similar level to Falkirk tonight!
  4. The Aberdoreens are a right greeting bunch aren’t they, and that’s coming from us. would have been criminal if we had not come away with 3 points, and absolutely delighted for the 2 rejects to get the goals.
  5. Any videos of the team talk at full time from todays game?
  6. I am absolutely delighted the way this season has turned out off the park. If we keep these averages up some pub maths suggests we should be c250k better off in ticket sales This season - equivalent of a couple of good players! I was a bit nervous when we made went so public with us announcing our intention to cut the OF allocation at the start of the season Incase it came back to bite us. However the response from the fans has fully justified the decision, and in turn we have been rewarded with the best home record we have season in a long time. I live too far away to attend games, but have been more than happy this season to donate a ticket regularly this season, and will continue to do so as long as we keep making the right noises off the park. Lasley, is no doubt the driver behind all of this, but SMISA and Kibble deserve huge amount of credit in this too as I’m sure he won’t have completely autonomy to make these decisions.
  7. Great news re: Kiltie! league one would be a decent move for Ethan, you would expect him to be a regular starter, and with the money flying around down there he only needs a good 6 months for a relatively big offer to come in for him. Gives us a better chance of a sell on as opposed to going down and warming a bench somewhere.
  8. Absolutely delighted with that result today - don’t think we were great and we certainly rode our luck but we unfortunately can’t say that too often. id be utterly seething if that penalty was given against us so understand the dons frustration. goodwin has had a tough week, but they were extremely unlucky against the **** and they were relatively comfortable today against us until they shot themselves in the foot with the sending off. He is still sitting in 3rd place so hopefully common sense prevails and you don’t have a trigger happy chairman bowing to fan pressure!
  9. Mick, whilst a bit egotistical, does actually come across as an alright guy. If he wants to have a serious future in the game he really needs to separate himself from this shite. I’m surprised he doesn’t get the club to wind their neck in
  10. How is Offord getting on? He looking comfortable at this level? I’m guessing we will try and punt Brophy in January and bring back either Jamieson or Offord for some game time. Cheers
  11. Ayunga was unplayable at times today, the way he rolled Lundstram like he wasn’t there before he was subbed was sensational.
  12. Cracking series, gets better every season. Who comes up with the videos? They are absolutely brilliant. I’m even starting to enjoy your terrible chat…
  13. Was hoping one of the young lads got in! Let the pantomime commence with SG now on board …
  14. Whilst this looks like a cracking, ultra competitive league at the top, I just can’t take it seriously with the B teams in there
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