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  1. I’d like to think by this stage GS and Fitzy know what they’re doing, although this does seem slightly short sighted. Signings have massively improved since he has been appointed and can’t be coincidence, I’d happily sacrifice a players wage to minimise the chances of signing an absolute dud. Amount of money we have wasted in wages and pay offs in recent seasons on players would pay for 10 technical directors!
  2. Nosey St Mirren fan here looking on with interest... I didn’t realise until recently you were going full time. Is this due to the sale of Hampden? If so how much are you likely to receive? Will lesser Hampden be your new ground? And does it require any work to be up to licensing standards? Is there a set plan in place? Ie get to championship in x amount of years? As I can’t imagine league 2 football at full time would be sustainable for too long? How are the signings looking for season ahead? Great opportunity for the club if being managed correctly at the top! Shake up of the pyramid will re-ignite lower league football - will be a really exciting few years ahead as we start to see some big changes in league 2!
  3. To be fair - he shouldn’t be getting followed. The west of Scotland pages are now an absolute embarrassment - exactly the same way when Shortlees came on the seen to the amateur forum went to the point of hardly anyone posting. You Ayrshire lot are a strange bunch
  4. I remember him looking very useful that day when he came on, I think we might have been chasing for an equalizer and he was hounding their defence, holding up the ball / winning fouls for the 20 or so mins he was on. Not sure he has appeared since then?
  5. Booked marked for 50 years time [emoji123]
  6. 100% ability, 0% mobility! Great advert for the club if his heart is in it!
  7. They could potentially be playing in that stadium for the next 50-100 years. Absolutely no reason why, what looks like a well run side, couldn’t get those numbers regularly for years to come. As the lowland league gets stronger, and strong contenders to get into the national leagues in the relatively near future then this absolutely makes sense. Well done EK
  8. You are a sick troll, pal ... plain to see ... and that doesn`t attract anyone. Thousands more read our websites than anything you will ever produce. Chew on that for a while and see how it tastes .. then look in the mirror .. [/ [emoji23] ffs Looks like you could have a few thousand more if you drop the attitude
  9. So what are we needing then.. 2 full backs with assumption Flynn / McPherson / Erhahon will be adopted as FBs at some point 2 -3 CH’s with assumption Baird is out the picture Not sure about midfield as depends on where JG plans on playing players. We look well covered in CM, arguably could do with another genuine winger as Durmus can blow hot and cold (like most wingers) and unless Mcallister can get fit he’ll more or less be a wasted wage. 1-2 strikers ?
  10. This page is becoming tedious. Probably the same folk that ruined the amateur forum
  11. Jack Baird isn’t good enough. He does give 100% but unfortunately doesn’t legislate for him constantly being caught out of position / ball watching. He wouldn’t get near another premier team and seems to have got mixed reviews again last year in a pretty poor league. I like the big guy but if we want to become a solid prem team we need to look to improve on these players (Same can be said for Mullen) If goody think he can find players to improve on Mcginn, Mullen etc I am confident we can improve on Baird. We obviously just need someone to take us off our hands as I doubt we will pay him off
  12. Think Kelty have every right to be fucked off at not getting opportunity to go up. This once again clearly demonstrates that the SPFL wants to continue as a closed shop, until this changes at all levels the game is screwed from top to bottom
  13. Is this not the coaches from the age group Darvel have taken over?
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