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  1. St Mirren v Sellick

    Genuinely baffled with the focus on the ref performance tonight from BT!?
  2. Good to see your not bothered about it.
  3. Any good boozer recommendations in haymarket? Football and food only requirements
  4. Gonnae need as much bevy as possible for this tomorrow - pub recommendations around haymarket for grub and football?
  5. Any truth that the St. Mirren active boys boycotted the game on sat after club giving their details to the police? I’d like to think this is bollox but no wonder teams are struggling to attract new fans
  6. Tynecastle best away day in the league! I’m going for the day out!
  7. That was absolutely brutal. How Brock madsen lasted till 80 mins I’ll never know. Mullen only player with pass marks today. Really hope the rumors about smith aren’t true
  8. Shortlees Ams Scottish Cup

    He’s a fuckin idiot then, getting involved twice in a friendly when when he knows this game is coming up
  9. If Miller did sign I wouldn’t be against it. Not the most likeable of people, but he will be out to prove a few people wrong, and seems to be always highly spoken of by fellow teams mates as a model pro etc . should be able to hit the ground running as well unlike some of the younger guys we’ve signed
  10. Shortlees Ams Scottish Cup

  11. Shortlees Ams Scottish Cup

    Not bonnyriggs or SFAs fault that these players have decided to book a holiday in the period they knew they would have a Scottish cup game. Extremely selfish of these guys for what will likely be a once in a lifetime opportunity for most - Feel Especially sorry for the management team (Despite questionable posts on their social media page)
  12. Baird definitely isn’t a scapegoat. Time and time again he is caught sleeping and out of position. He’s certainly not the only one in that 11 that isn’t good enough - but deserves criticism like the other ones who are costing us

    Did Goldenhill beat you in Europe?