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  1. Darvel beat 2-0 off of Johnstone burgh tonight....
  2. I don’t think what Maurice Ross is saying is wrong though. The rules currently, definitely do leave teams with the opportunity to get out of games if they’re savvy enough and not comfortable with the players they have available. I must admit, the late call off left me thinking that this is exactly what we’ve done (and I wouldn’t think less of us doing so) I still believe, after the league made us play despite having no keepers it should be a blanket rule that all clubs must fulfill fixtures regardless of the circumstances. If that means getting youth players involved in testing then so be it, I understand the cost to this but it’s the only way to ensure the season isn’t turned into a farce (more so than it already is) and that every club is treated exactly the same
  3. Sorry if been covered already but what happens to the teams that have withdrawn? I presume they won’t be punished at the leagues are effectively null and void this year with no promotion or relegation? Are the players from the withdrawing clubs free to sign for anyone else?
  4. Didn’t see it today. Was this a case of wrong formation again? Did JG change things up when things weren’t going his way? I really do hope he can work out the best system for our players by the time we play our next league game
  5. Massively kicking off on social media from friends and family members of Kyle. Even by our standards this is one massive clusterfuck which could have been so easily avoided
  6. I’m not going to pretend I know the ins and outs, again playing devils advocate here, the last “long term”‘contract we handed out was Kyle mcallister (which I’m sure 99% of saints fans were delighted with that the time - me included) . However, I’m sure he would have been away in the summer if we could have, instead we are stuck with him for another 2 seasons as it’s unlikely he’ll ever be fit enough again to compliment his ability. Personally I would have given given Magennis a 4 year contract, but maybe he was wanting a high wage / no relegation clause etc we don’t know. Maybe the club have doubts over his fitness? He was in a position of power to negotiate so who knows what he was asking for within that 4 year deal.
  7. I am very rarely in the know but again have no reason to doubt where I’ve heard this from
  8. Apparently Kyle wanted a 4 year deal which we weren’t prepared to give him due to his recent injury which is totally understandable (& unrealistic on his part). I refuse to believe we have let him go for less / the same money as we would have received for him leaving on a PCA as has been alluded to on here. I think he has massive potential and would have loved to have kept him, but is ( albeit grudgingly) probably the wise choice under the circumstances. The lower leagues and national league are still a shambles down south so I think we will still have an opportunity to bring in a few players before the window. Goodwins recruitment has been ok up until now (it looked at in isolation of performances / tactics), let’s hope he has some targets lined up and the board back him accordingly. He clearly hasn’t lost the dressing room based on last nights performance, he’s a smart guy and would like to think he’s learning from his mistakes (I’ll be the first to admit there’s been several this season including last night). I think we need to work with this for at least another 4-8 games for him to get things right. Playing devils advocate here, Goodwins statement suggests he’s been shafted, I have it on good authority Kearney was shafted, and stubbs has always said the goalposts moved after he got the job, do we have a board who have a habit of saying one thing and doing another !?
  9. Not even gonna bother buying this, Dundee utd and killie games completely ruined my weekend, not having them ruin my Friday night!
  10. Ridiculous how annoyed I was getting listen to that commentary [emoji3] That’s the most annoyed I’ve been in a long time watching us. Every week I switch on we are set up differently, which is worrying at this stage of the season. Goodwin needs to decide how he wants to set up and play to our strengths. Not sure if he’s trying to be too clever or what, but he needs to go back to basics. He really seems to struggle getting the balance between being solid at the back and having ability to win games / score goals
  11. Don’t deserve to be 1 down here. Some finish though, not many players capable of that in this league.
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