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  1. Probably the only time of my life I can be classed as relatively ITK, but heard directly from someone who would know the inner workings that Kearney was fucked over, mainly due to a clash with Gus, and Gus ultimately having Scott’s ear. I actually don’t mind Scott or Gus, but we have def. screwed OK here.
  2. It’s a football structure that more or less every country has apart from us because of “tradition”
  3. Is it drumchapel ams that have confirmed interest? Wonder where they would play their games? Apologies if been covered but there’s literally hundreds of new posts every time I come into this thread!
  4. Hahaha ya fuckin fannies. An absolute shambles of a club [emoji3]
  5. Supposed two top teams in the league releasing statements to their brain dead supporters every week
  6. From teams that have just left them to join EOS? Don’t think I made that clear in my previous post tbf
  7. Do you really think an Organisation with so much bitterness (to the point they used racist terms to describe them) for teams that leave them will allow reserve / youth sides back into their league?
  8. To be fair I think he has been unlucky. Broadfoot obviously came out of nowhere days before the window ended, and we have been extremely unlucky with magennis and Flynn. Assuming those two didn’t get long term injuries with Mcginn hopefully being avail. Again soon Erhahon wouldn’t be near the team. Why is nothing ever easy for us ☹️
  9. Was there not a racist comment made about morais after our win at accies a few months back on the match thread? Seems a large percentage of your (tiny) support need some diversity training
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