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  1. I don't believe there's any harm in wearing a mask, it may even be of benefit, I just don't want to. I'll do it because it's a requirement but as soon as it's lifted , and I hope it will be and not this new normal, then I won't bother with one
  2. It doesn't sound appealing to me, my partner is self employed and runs everything from home, it's harmonious because is I go to work ( I have to physically be there ) otherwise we would be together 24/7 . sounds romantic doesn't it? but in real life spending that much time with anyone will just lead to crabbitnes and bickering .
  3. I think the novelty will wear off for many people, there will be some recluse wierdo types who will be happy to never be in an office again and i'm sure it has some advantages some of the time but I think the majority don't mind a bit of social contact with co-workers. there are also those who don't really have the space for it and are just muddling through just now. Then there are those like me who simply don't want their home to also be their workplace
  4. Yep, same discussion we've often had with Falkirk Fc re ticket prices and empty seats. The club claim that a reduction in prices doesn't lead to much of an uptake in fans therefor the club loses income, in other words thanks for your loyalty now excuse us while we rip you off cause others have chucked it
  5. Fair enough, well tbh Asia is not something I know too much about alltho I've been there on holiday, My partner is from the Caribbean, we didn't really talk much about race in the early stages so I just did what I thought I ought to and not mention it or make a deal of it, when we first went to visit Jamaica where her family still lives I decided the best course of action was just to keep my mouth firmly shut and only open it to be as nice an polite as possible because I had it in my head that most people there would hate white people, especialy someone from the UK , I mean why wouldn't they? you couldn't exactly judge them for it if they did . It was upon listening to a conversation with her and a relative about another white man how his behavior and actions would normally be totally unacceptable yet he was always getting away with it , only he could get away with it. curiosity got the better of me and I asked how this was? " because he is white " was the clear and concise answer I got from both of them, again confused I asked how this could be ? its a black country after all? " it's not a Blackmans country at all " was the answer. Yes the majority are black however the lighter your skin tone the higher up the socio economic ladder you are ( I believe asia is like this too ?) Those of mixed African and European hertige occupy the upper middle classes to themselves, darker skinned people can have as much money as they want but they are not ever part of that group. Usian bolt was treated like shite from his lighter neighbors when he bought a house in an affluent neighborhood and he's probably the most famous living Jamaican . As full Caucasians are tiny in number any white expats are seeked out by these cliques and suddenly find themselves invited to be amongst them . before long many end up acting like old colonials even if that wasn't their original intention. Fuckin hell was the only thing I could think of when I learned of all this. for the rest of the holiday I watched this invisible apartheid at work and it seemed to be true, In fact from my (limited) observation the whole place seemed to be suffering collective Stockholm syndrome. Anyway I'm no looking to get sidetracked . we do have a lot to answer for tho
  6. Sorry I should have said I'm not talking about you specifically
  7. Can't comment on Hong Kong and I've only visited the Philippines but lets not go down the road of " if you go to a majority black or brown country then you will be the minority who gets abused " it may be true in some localized cases but it's mostly shite. In the vast majority of post colonial nations in Africa Asia and the Caribbean, a white person will sometimes be assumed to be A wealthy and B somewhat important and will often receive more favorable treatment than a local. Most white people have no idea how many benefits their complexion brings them and can't understand why non whites find it irritating Also while were here lets not bother with pish like " chinky or paki is just the same as jock ausie paddy tafffy yank etc etc" it's fucking not and fine you know it. the later exampls are rarely preceded by "f**k off back where you came from you aussie c**t" people with the later names aren't made to feel unwelcome in the country they were born in, or see numerous newspaper headlines demonizing their religion or way of life, finally for those of the " it's all gone too far" or " too far the in the other direction now " what you may aswell be saying is " I don't mind black people so long as they stay in their place and don't get ideas above their station" a lot of what I would call "moderate racists" if there is such a thing are now outing themselves in the wake of the recent BLM events, What I mean is people who are not raging bigots who hate anything different but those who don't mind cuddly minorities with their nice food and cool music so long as they continue to act like guests in a white world , who need to be on their best behavior at all times and not assert themselves or they wont be welcome anymore, you know the kind of people i'm talking about. you might even have been one for years and never knew it
  8. none of my relatives living in England have been beaten up told to go back home, had windows or cars damaged or had BNP or other such things graffitied onto their homes or places of business , I'm sure it happens from time to time but not on a large scale.
  9. Any large successful popstar who puts out an act of being down to earth and just like a normal person is doing just that, acting. If they really were like that in rea life they would be a shite entertainer as you need a huge personality to have the confidence and belief to perform for a massive audience and TV and internet. Being talented at something is only half the battle , like billy conelly said in one of shitey roadshow programs ; There's a difference between being funny and being a comedian, a funny person tells good jokes at a wedding but a comedian has to do it when they feel unwell or if they've just had terrible news or the crowd really aren't up for it, they get heckled they get shite reviews , you name it. I'm not really a fan of his, he is also playing up to this modern middle class wannabe culture of " look at me am a pure mad glesca rocket ah drink tonic and smoke rollies n that pure boggin no " , except you only started doin that when you were an adult . never the less he can do something we can't . you or I would likely freeze up mid way onto walking on stage
  10. I don’t fully understand it i think the answer is probably much more complex, yes football is not popular in india & pakistan for example but there populations are so huge you’d think their national teams could find 11 half decent players even at a minority sport. Then theres also the relative large afro Caribbean representation in football , cricket was traditionally the number one sport in the British west indies and their diaspora yet england has had plenty players rise to the top and national teams in the Caribbean including the larger populations like Jamaica are full of granny rulers from England. So it can’t be a case of ‘ they’re shite cause no one likes it where they come from’ Long story short, asian nations where football is not number one are mostly pish at football, Asian diaspora living in football daft countries also don’t have much luck? What is it?
  11. A number of prominent black people have contributed to articles in the press recently in the wake of the GF incident and subsequent statue protests saying, and ffs im paraphrasing here , " I don't know who said you can't call a blackboard a blackboard or sing bah bah black sheep , but it wasn't us" for instance, the term black is perfectly acceptable to the majority of black people except from a few militant activists mostly in the states. the word coloured conjures up bad memories of the past and is widely disliked and taken as disrespectful or offensive
  12. During the fuel protests of 2000 with the country at a standstill the opinion polls swung to the torries when labour were at the height f their dominance, such was the c**t of it they were making . less than a year later fresh from the foot & mouth clusterfuck hich delayed the election , labour came and pumped the torries red rotten again. TLDR crisis polls mean f**k all
  13. To help explain things a wee bit, racism doesn't always come in the form that you can clearly see with the naked eye. It's not necessarily a case of "I don't like black people therefor no black person will be employed here whilst I'm in charge" if you've ever had a job I'm sure you'll know that getting in and getting on at a company isn't solely down to how good you are at the job, everyone knows stories of jobs for the boys / masons , people helping family members into good jobs or even just a case of someone's face fitting in a certain setting. For example a manager in a small team has to decide when hiring someone that they will be sharing a small place and a lot of time with them and others who he/she already knows well. When all the applications are in and it's even Stevens between candidate A who they know and candidate B who they don't , they almost always favor familiarity over an unknown quantity, The same thing applies when a black person is applying in an overwhelmingly majority white environment like Scotland. There is a job opening to work in a team of 8. the man in charge of recruitment has 2 candidates to chose from , one black one white, In the white one he can identify and understand . relate to their upbringing, family, hobbies, culture, mannerism etc etc but in the black one he can't. when he has to picture who is going to be the best fit in his team he will usually edge towards the familiar rather than take a potential risk on an unknown quantity. this does not make him a raging bigot but it does mean that the black man finds doors closed more often than not. having a diversity policy means that arms get twisted into employing the people who should have been employed on merit all along. it also means that people get more chance to meet and interact with people of different races ( which in Scotland is not a given, you could go through your whole life and never talk to a non white ) and become familiar with them. when there is familiarity discrimination and bias decrease rapidly. look at sectarianism now compared to 50 years ago, we've went from workplaces routinely having no kafflicks policys to only hardcore bigots practicing such attitudes
  14. Almost hard to believe the fuss about that now that we're 14 or so years down the line, it's mental when you go abroad and it's still permitted in a few places, yet at the time the licensed trade got on their knees and begged not to implement it, proper five stages of grief process - it wont work, you can't enforce such a law in rough boozers full of hairy arsed bruisers, then it was a conspiracy against the trade who already suffered since the clampdown on drink driving , then bargaining - extractor fans , separate rooms anything but a total ban. you know the rest. To be honest I don't think the smoking ban did as much as people give it credit for, going outside for a fag is a great excuse to chat to a burd, get away from an annoying c**t ( altho you can easily get the same problem outside ) or just get piece from the shite music for 5 mins. The decline of pubs probably has more to do with other factors like the rise of cheap carry outs, drink driving no longer acceptable ( especial out the road pubs) Changing of attitudes- modern women won't tolerate their man sitting in a pishy boozer every evening leaving them at home to do everything. And a problem shared by Scottish football- people simply have a wider choice of leisure activities they wish to spend their money on. people are more likely to stay in on a Saturday in falkirk kirkcaldy or perth and save their money for 3 nights in benidorm or Dublin a trip to anfield or old trafford f**k all to do with covid but there ye go
  15. For fucks sake not this " he's only got that job cause the channel/ station need to meet quotas of black people " pish again. Derek Ferguson sounds like a primary 3 giving a talk to the class when he describes something which he once did as a professional. when I write that a part of me thought god I hope he doesn't read that cause it could hurt his wee feelings. the same clapped out jakies like peter Houston billy dodds jimmy Calderwood john hughes etc etc along wwith your regular presenters young cowan cosgrove Gordon have been doing the rounds on Scottish sports broadcasting for f**k knows how long, when was the last time a black former player was a guest or feature presenter on sportsound/scene? there have been plenty over the years and a majority of them will speak English as their first language, No No we'll not question the auld pals acts getting gigs since the beginning of time but as soon as a blackman is in the studio he must be a box ticker, ffs lads
  16. Why did the plug get pulled, wasn’t it selling out most years and attracting older TITP crowds that didn’t fancy it after it became full of neds in its later years
  17. Exactly, I rember it being perfectly acceptable to use terms such as ch.… / pa../ da.. poof tranny dyke . at the football "poof" was often hurled at a player suspected of diving. I never understood the need to get rattled upon learning that you can't use those words anymore. I believe those who do are pretty unhappy or insecure in there own selves but were clinging onto the derogatory treatment of minorities to sooth themselves ie I may be xy&z but at least i'm not a ….
  18. I never though of it in those terms, I think the uk is much more right leaning in terms of money and the economy but the opposite when it comes to social issues like sex, drug use, womans rights and rolls and lgbt acceptance, 20 years ago, which was the big brave new millennium remember, there was still a sizable number of people thought that all druggies should be shot on site , certain jobs were not appropriate for ladies and children should be protected from gays, older ( now deceased) relatives of mine would often comment on many things that nobody bats an eyelid at now as " not right or proper" . homophobia in Scotland is mere shadow of the clause 28 campaign of 2000 . But despite all this racism and dislike of foreigners , especially ones which we think might be getting something past us, still stands strong
  19. You still hear far too many (I think so) people in Scotland who will scramble for any reason to criticize BLM or just black people in general , " it's a pabndemic, they're breaking the law, they don't care about black lives when they kill each other, they call each other the N word , black comedians take the piss out of white people so why is it racist if blah blah greet greet. if this is you, you need to ask yourself why you think like that? Also why do you apply the same process for criticizing all of the following things ; electric cars, renewable energy, greta Thunberg , Nicola sturgeon , the EU , welfare state, foreigners etc. in other words what makes people become gamons?
  20. Is this not the same mentality that led to cancelation of school sports days because the slow kids would feel crap about not winning?
  21. yep, us having 8% of the population we should be having 8% of the deaths , around 13 or 14 depending where you round.
  22. I’ve encountered all except 2, ive never been out for drinks with business clients and probably never will . And no one dared put booze into my soft drink cause i was a violent aggressive drunk when i did drink so everyone kent fine I’d leather f**k out them if they tried that !
  23. Think nowadays most places in Scotland have banned drinking in the street, all the built up areas certainly have
  24. The 5 mile rule is a guide only and is not enforceable by law, in any case ive not been stopped by the polis once since this kicked off incl going to work in the early days of full lockdown
  25. I work in a shift job where if you’re not there then someone has to come out their day off and cover you at time & a half, there isn’t normally much sick absence not even during the pandemic but up until now most people would not call in sick if they had normal cold & flu symptoms. Can see management having a heart attack next winter when every sniffle means 7 days isolation !
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