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  1. in august i just told the dentist i was exempt when masks were everywhere and the recptionist just shrugged her shoulders and said ok
  2. FTFY I posted on here at the time, we went something like 16 months or more where our only competetive wins were against malta and gibralter, we didn't manage a win against a team of professional footballers in over a year
  3. so long as no one got covid, can't be too careful
  4. I honestly think we just lost our form for the Ukraine play off, all the uncertainty over the game, the big occasion and the circumstances around it fucked with the players heads and we shat the bed. Not to mention it being moved to the end of the domestic season. These things happen unfortunately. The Ireland game was just a calamity brought on from the playoff. The way the team has responded has been superb tho, when you compare it to a similar situation _ the late loss to Italy in 2007 where we had earned ourselves pot 2 for the 2010 world cup qualifiers. We then went on to have an utterly horrific campaign under burley, just when we thought we were in the up. The way this team have came back, the comparison to then and now, there simply is no comparison
  5. I know that, but we should also have recognized that we are more than good enough to beat Ireland. we must get away from this mentality that a point here and there will do, for donkeys years we used to approach every away game that way and it got us naewhere, we should absolutely be approaching games with the mindset that of we are good enough to win then we should be winning.
  6. The reason Clarke has worked miracles for us ( although he shouldn't have had too) is that even though we probably have the strongest group of players in a generation - at least so far this century anyway, we no longer play like a team who believes themselves to be inferior to the opposition, although a quick read of the threads shows that far too many fans are still clinging on to old habits " it'l be a big ask away from home with the players we have out " " i'll take a draw tbh" - against Ireland at home?? Clarke has successfully rid Scotland of the absolutely stinking losers mentality that has held us back for years, if not forever
  7. don't waste your time, this may have worked on the odd occasion but i'm betting that 99 times out of 100, wherever the car park is will simply state (correctly) that they do not manage the car park, that parking is managed by a 3rd party company and they have no control over tickets and cannot accept, dispute or waive payments. you'd be as well calling the Samaritans. recycle the letter in the appropriate bin
  8. E-on wanted to put my DD up from 118 dual fuel to 270 - which im certain is a load of bollocks. i went to monthly meter reading bills, lets hope it's the right thing, either way they can stick 270 up their arse, i'd rather freeze than give the c***s that much
  9. Maybe been covered zlready but, does a win in Wednesday give us automatic pot 2 and a home play off, cause if it does I couldn't give a duck about draws. Let's beat these c***s again!
  10. Either outside on the line or hang them inside on an airer are you American?
  11. Never owned a tumble drier, itโ€™s just me & the mrs, nae kids never struggled without it
  12. surely we are not worried about ireland after last nights performance? i know it doesn't guarantee f**k all but we shouldn't have any nerves about this game, standard 3 points
  13. Injury looks like it could be a bad one unfortunately, just as he was finding his feet in the barclays too
  14. Hyperdales is indeed a completely different episode, in dial a bus boaby the barman goes cycling & winston convinces the stand in barman from the brewery that he's the real owner and gives away free bevy whilst jack victor and isa get driven around by Robbie Coltrane
  15. Perhaps one for unpopular opinions but i don't see much wrong with it, so long as you adhere to the general principles of no colours & keep your mouth shut. I know the old firm bring with them their own set of problems which is why clubs often only sell home tickets to those with a buying history but say i just fancy going to a dundee derby as a neutral, should i need to produce a 20 year old scarf to prove i belong there
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