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  1. Depends on the individual, is this a harmless was of passing time , something you’d read whilst waiting for someone or on a train, if your skiving wt work? Or even having a dump perhaps? In that case no . Is this what you spend your freetime doing? Do you have post counts in the multiple 1000s ? Do you spend more time talking on this than you do in the real word? Are you over 21 and still not got your nat king? Probably yes
  2. seriously boys, who has weans or is still young enough o remember what the current set up is? is it fun and interesting or is it something that they would start to dread like another school lesson? I was always shite at fitbaw , I have poor motor co-ordination and reaction time , and as a wean and didn't have any attention span to learn so tbf pep guardiola couldn't have done much to help me I was too shite for boys clubs but I remember going to a council run soccer school run by the then assistant manager at Stenhousemuir, the exercises seemed to be the same every week and awfully dull so after a while it just eneded up being 6 aside games for the hour with the adult coaches in goals . I assume that was more to give the kids something to do rather than develop talent mind you. anyway after a while most gave it up no better than they were when they started.
  3. Same pish every time. They don’t play in the streets in the rest of Europe either anymore, football is expensive in the rest of Europe too. I guess we probably have 2 problems. 1) we as a nation are auld and set in our ways , change of any kind whatsoever is most often met with “ aw f**k off & what is this shite noo“ by large sections of the population. The sfa are too cliquey to be effective
  4. Fucking hell. holly fucking f**k . what the fucking f**k is wrong with you fucking c***s. don't fucking post on here again
  5. You’re probably at the wind up but I’ll bite, Yes? There are many non football fans inthe tartan army many who just go and get drunk and have a sing song . Now you can do that . When i was a drinker i never noticed, probably cause i was part of it all . But ive been tee total for over 5 years now . And i was quite taken aback at a few Scotland games ( in which we were shite and got pumped) how little anyone seemed to care about the result , in stark contrast to the post defeat gloom of falkirk games ( which i never really bevy’d at anyway) . It’s just a social day oot for most and a wee bit off putting tbh
  6. No offence like but they always strike me as being a shower of tedious arseholes. my mrs provided some sound equipment and music to one of those events in a pub in stirlng this year. whilst the bloke in charge was brand new the crowd in general was sparse, steaming drunk, wearing kilts football tops / general tartan army gear and singing Scotland football songs. we turned up for around an hour in the early evening whilst she did her set, got paid and got the hell out of dodge . I've wanted independence since I was old enough to understand the concept but f**k I was glad when we were heading up the road
  7. I'm not blaming non domiciled players on us being shite, were shite because we're shite every other country uses the ever expanding eligibility criteria to maximise their potential player pool with the result that players with the faintest connection to a place often end up playing. we're not doing anything wrong in a rulebook sense, I just think its getting a bit too much like club football which we already have club football for. if its just the same then why bother ? which brings me to my last point . for many players and fans club football is number one. many are indifferent to internationals . many have had a go at mcburnie for his coments. now leaving aside questions of his ability for a minute . forget the fact he was born in England or has an English accent or whatever . maybe when you'v been playing at top flight clubs in England and Germany and are used to highly professional and cutting edge set up they have . And the quality players they have then maybe just maybe , playing with Scotland IS shite in comparison but being an international makes you more valuable as a player
  8. why not just play a team of foreigners who are not good enough to make their own first teams but are still better than our players? results like?
  9. folk seem to think patriotism is universal, its not . its just higher than average amongst international sports fans. players will do whatever the can to further their own careers. it does defeat the point in nternational sports. I'd like to see it reduced to either born, parents or having spent the bulk of a childhood here so that only players who can honestly call the country home can play. not because it will make us any better but because we already have club football for scouting and signing players from anywhere and that's not the point in internationals
  10. hullo!! its been over 3 years since this thread ! Did you vote on it? did you post on it? what do you think now? any predictions come true? personally I thought by now that it would have been concluded and we'd be in a Norway type arrangement
  11. Wee ding sir you ken fine that was a typo!
  12. Just had a week in majorca with a hire car , the b*****d insurance was as much as the rental itself but, the other side of the coin fir me was seeing the nick of all the local cars on the island, locals definitely not car proud and aren’t bothered by a wed ding . Probably worth it in the ens
  13. thinking speed camera's are just a cheats way of making money..
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