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  1. It's got to be one of the best for me for all the reasons mentioned. previous squads were at times too poor in strength and quality, which is fair enough for a small population like ours, others suffered from a stinking lack of belief that thought that a draw away to Estonia was ok. this team has neither. the best group of players in my lifetime coupled with a genuine belief that we are capable of winning matches. Clarke might not get everything right, the ukraine playoff the tactics were all wrong for instance, but f**k it, all we had for 20 years before that was 1970's era play for a draw away & a win at home shite. this team actually feels different
  2. Unpopular opinion, I don't have any problem with fans going in the "wrong end" as long as they obey the goldens rules of no colours and sit quietly
  3. they absolutely could set prices differently for different games, they are in charge and they make the rules, they've chosen not to
  4. aye haha is that still described as modern music? was just thinking that song must be coming on 30 year old now! auld c**t
  5. look at the comments though, Proper old firm style heads gone the American left, they're really no better than folk they spend so much time criticising
  6. Hawd on the noo! we still have a very strong chance of getting promoted. we can't seriously be thinking about part time or hybrid were we to actually go up?
  7. That would need sensible pricing and KO time. I'd be surprised if we got either never mind both
  8. Where are folk getting this idea that they want an OF final? they absolutely DO NOT. they could quite easily keep them apart and they'd both be expected to pump Inverness and Falkirk respectively. they haven't played a Scottish cup final for some 20 year. they always draw them in the semi's The authorities hate the prospect of them playing each other on a Saturday, the league cup doesn't matter as that can be a Sunday but not the Scottish. It's KO can't be moved. I don't think they're even overly concerned about bother at the game itself. but they don't want folk across central Scotland and NI to be going out on a Saturday night , having BBQ's in the gardens etc etc full of drink and one side starts singing banned songs and the other reacts out of bitterness. They do everything they can to keep them at this Sunday lunch time KO that they've preferred for years now.
  9. It does, and y' know something else, we can still win the 6 nations if we beat Ireland today as we are capable of it. so as much as it's great to laugh at England getting pumped. it's not too clever to cheer on France having a massive points difference
  10. My mrs spent months absolutely convinced that covid meant certain death. partly becuase in her mind "they wouldn't be doing all this if it wasn't so serious" in april 2020 she was in floods of tears after hearing that our friend, a fit & healthy woman of 28, was self isolating after coming into contact with a positive case. the fear was everywhere.
  11. Seems strange it's such a big issue. go to parkhead or ibrox tyncastle etc and segregation is just a row of high viz sitting in seats. whats the point in having capacity if you can't use it
  12. Without wishing to drift towards conspiracy theory's here, if they knew it wasn't as bad as they were making out, why go to all that bother? what was to be gained by having lockdowns etc? I get that in the first part of 2020 people were scared and demanding that their governments did something about it but they seemed to have backed themselves into a corner with no way out
  13. That's not the only thing they're for tho...
  14. Not necessarily, The SNP's job is to hoover up as many votes as possible from as many sections of society is possible so that they can go for independence. Going too far to the left of social issues could piss of people in the centre, people who are not specifically against transgender people and their issues, but for whom it is of no importance whatsoever. some on here will say " ah f**k them c***s they're just bigots" well 1. no they're not and 2. there are 10 things more important than gender recognition to most voters.
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