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  1. exactly mate, someone else having less than you is never a reason why you shouldn't get. and f**k any c**t who says otherwise. i lost out on a good pension and had enough allowances and benefits cut to amount to a 3 grand pay cut 9 year ago, to every p***k who gave it " ach yous boys had it coming, yous had it too good for too long" i would ask them what they were going to spend the money on? since they were so happy to see us lose out i'm just assuming that you were getting that money instead? they usually gave a puzzled look in response. it's just simple scottish jealousy of " i don't get what you get, so neither should you" the same guy who cut our terms recently tried to spunk 4 billion to buy chelsea, f**k off, we are the ones who pay tax, buy houses, motors, spend money locally etc if you'v got a problem with what you have or don't have , take it up with the mike ashleys of the world. i wish the train drivers all the best
  2. i thought this wall typical media bullshit scare stories again, the bbc has a picture of a girl who had the scabs. i thought here we fuckin go again, but then i saw her face and now i'm a believer
  3. for some players, after starting off at a top club and not becoming a first team player, the only way is down mentally. it all depends on an individuals mindset and is not linked to footballing abilities, so really it's just down to each individual case
  4. Back then some coaches and commentators said that we could be on course to be the next belgium, at the time our game was at it's lowest ebb and we all scoffed pish! nae chance same auld same auld & believe it when we see. perhaps it did work and we did have to give it time
  5. it looked complete dreadfull on first watching , i knew it was getting missed
  6. Yes, footballing wise they could be un prepared and un match fit for the game, what i mean is that if anybodys going to shite themselves for this game it's more likely to be us
  7. the only way the occasion and ongoing events in ukraine will ffect the outcome of this match will be if WE are the ones affected by it
  8. we've been through this many times over the years. Scottish football is (slightly) too expensive for what you get, but that's not why fans stay away. they stay away mostly because the product is garbage and they can't be arsed with it. the loyal diehards and those for whom the football is an integral part of their social life will go regardless ( blokes with kids & groups of lads) the rest will decide after several years of your club letting you down on the park whilst none of the revolving door of players can trap a baw, use both feet & take on a defender or string 3 passes together, that it' easier and cheaper to watch literally the best players in the world entertaining you on the TV. the old phrase of "put a winning team on the park and crowds will come back " is almost a CCOM, obviously not every team can be winning, TBF the current scot prem has better quality of players now than it did 10 years ago when crowds fell to their lowest ebb in a generation , and , most clubs have better crowds now than then
  9. if youre not vaccinated do they accept a test or is it just a straight no?
  10. I see no reason why this shouldnt be allowed at the majority of scottish games
  11. do the staff check your bag size vs your ticket?
  12. exactly, if he can't win with his best men out what chance is there of winning with a bunch of kids straight out of school with 12 weeks training
  13. Boys I think it's yous who could do with moving on. There's undoubtedly a lot to come out in the wash regarding the handling of the corona virus pandemic and we will probably be into next year before the entre world as a whole is back to normal, but, never the less it is now pretty much over. spending time online searching for some outlier's opinions so that you can rubbish them on here is probably not the best use of anyone's time it's time to pack it in
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