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  1. It could only be a falkirk fan to start this . When we are back to normal ( the old normal with no SD) what is football attendances going to look like? Will there be a big rush to get back ? Or with such a long - getting longer - gap in this activity for many, will peoples habits and behaviour have changed ie they have filled the time with other activities and are now too busy to go back to games? Will tv amd internet broadcasts decide they quite like this new setup broadcasting every game? What do you think Same as before or better? Less than before ? Significantly less than before?
  2. Like arsene wenger said some years ago, its the champions league who need the big clubs not the other way round - when referring to possible bans for teams breaking FFP rules. Without the big hitters it’s just aek athens v rapin viena and so on The same goes for big leagues like the EPL they can hold a gun to their head and they will
  3. It’s totally understandable, they’ve had to jump through many more hoops than anyone else. Their hours are cut, their service is made inefficient and needs more staff, their capacity is cut plus many people don’t enjoy the covid going out experience and take an “ I’ll just wait till it’s back to normal “ approach which means many will have less customers than usual. It’s a lot of heavy hits to take and I fully believe they are being made scapegoats becuase they are easy targets
  4. We also heard in February that the symptoms were awful even for those who were just recovering at home, theres no way 1.3 million people in Scotland have had a c**t of a c***s flu. Nevertheless this virus is not dangerous because of its mortality rate or even it’s symptoms. It’s dangerous due to its sneakynes. Normally if one is suffering from a cold or flu they tend to stay away from those who they know catch everything going and end up very sick from it ( the elderly or vulnerable mostly) although personally i would still go my holidays on a plane unless i was too physically unwell to travel and i bet most of you would too so don’t lie ! it’s the long incubation period and asymptotic infectious nature of it that allows covid to get into every corner and find its way to those who will die from it. If it was just a case of contact = sick the next day then this would have went the way of swine flue and we’d be back at the football and the news would be all about brexit
  5. Noticed today the bbc reported that it was 11% positive of ALL tests carried out rather than new tests which was nearer 20% . Surely this is more accurate inany case because a positive test is a positive test, the fact that the same person has already had 10 negative ones in the past doesnt change that
  6. Fianly got round to watching Saturdays extended highlights , did they edit them to flatter us or are some on here just doing their usual " we were shite" line
  7. Whats the deal with the article on New Zealand? If you said to anyone in Europe now or earlier in the year you can have full normailty at home, in safety but with zero foreign travel ( incl no visits by friends or family from abroad ) most people would bite your hand of We are now at the point where are having the longest disruption to life since world war 2 we’re going backwards instead of forwards too, thousands dead and yet the economy is also fucked and travelling abroad is both impractical and un enjoyable that most people decide to give it a miss? Are we seriously suggesting that they ( New Zealand) got it wrong
  8. Ive heard stories about buses heading down to, the only way it could be any fun is if pubs turn a blind eye to the household rule and social distancing, which I’m guessing they are .This is exactly the kind of selfish shit that will see the rest of us get slapped with restrictions as a result
  9. Pretty much any indoor place thats not my own home since july yes. As have 90% of other people wherever I’ve been to . Cases have still went from almost zero to 1400 a day in that time . p***k
  10. Saw on the bbc about new face mask rules tomorrow, what else is left except making it anywhere anytime? Tbh wearing one outdoors in the park or whatever can GTF , putting a sticky plaster on a gunshot wound Don’t bite my head off BUT is it possible thay after 3 months of wearing masks indoors, that we can conclude they’re not going to make any difference outdoors
  11. “Too many people just aren’t following the rules thats why we’ve got these nee rules”. Is it f**k ! Theres no way a minority of people not wearing masks in the shop caused usto go from 2 a day to 1200 a day
  12. You’re spot on , todays “ baddys” are just immature kids in comparison to those who used to get folk riled up . Since we’re in this thread , I didn’t mind no8 all that much although he betrayed himself as a casual bigot at the least . Most of the time he just seemed like a guy who really loved rangers and couldn’t hear a bad word said about them
  13. Absolutely, for things like fives , dogging and other group activities there’s no way I’d want to go back to phoning and texting folk individually, although once you’re embedded into a group , whatsapp supersedes the need to scroll through other folks pish
  14. I must say you simply cannot beat the french when it cones to having a strike or protest. Do something we don’t like? Well we’ll just shut down the whole country and turn the place upside down. Your move, cunto
  15. Don’t see why us decent bairns are getting lumped into the naughty corner with the weegie scum, our cases are about10% of theirs. Our population is obviously smaller but not 10% of theirs
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