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  1. All your enoch powel type c***s farages and so on have done a great job at convincing white brits and americans that they are now at the bottom of the pile due to "the left, liberalism , etc etc " when in reality they might be about 2% less privalidged than they were 60 years ago. it has worked wonders to get people to vote for the right in recent years.
  2. That is truly fuckin mental there is clearly no hint of any disturbance in this street yes the aggression in the men’s voices shows exactly what the protesters are up against. Firing live rounds at a house for f**k all is incredible serious and whoever did it, or gave the order for it should be looking at significant jail time but I suspect it will get lost in the big sea of everything seen this week. They can’t let it simmer down or it’s clearly just going to happen again
  3. What if you don’t have a smartphone?
  4. f**k all will happen, said me, with no scientific background. I'm going to make an uneducated predictions that in the fullness of time it will be learned that to catch covid from another person you need to spend more than 10 mins at close quarters with an infected person AND all those fannys panic buying in busy supermarkets made the spread worse
  5. and I should say how to implement this in a way everyone agrees with and can actually pass with the way the voting structure is, f**k knows. which basically goes back to the very point you made at the start, the teams at the top and bottom have completely different priorities. teams lower down the pyramid want at least the possibility of getting a cup run and drawing one of the better supported teams , top 6 clubs would rather their players did not risk injury playing against shite ( not necessarily dirty but higher risk ) players in early rounds cup matches they're almost certain to win anyway. some clubs don't have the money or facilities to compete at a higher level but can have relative success at a lower level which keeps provides them with sustenance but never growth. some clubs have players who are based local to them and don't wish to pay to travel long distances whilst others have a base far away from their home ground and can only maintain this because most of the teams they play are also far away from their home ground.
  6. I think it's best to build strength from the bottom up, I would do this by having an all encompassing pyramid but with separate management of appropriate levels which would have acces and exclusions to different cup competitions, basically let everyone find their level, that way a promoted teams will be strong enough to make a contribution to the league above and not one who have skelped dross all season only to go on to be relegation fodder the following , how to actualy implement this? f**k knows
  7. lets say you get your top 2 devisions of ( mostly )full time teams in one body , lets call it the spfl and below that another 20 - 30 teams of higher standard part time teams which we'll call semi pro, and below that you have glorified amateurs getting paid "wages " of petrol & beer money ( I don't think that's an unfair description of Scottish club football , anyone disagree?) what would actualy be different in each set up other than the name and media coverage? different from what we have now that is
  8. Aye agree, even big shit like Brexit you could take an IDGAF attitude turn the tv of and go down the pub. Not so with this
  9. On another note, if instant or near instant testing for covid and or temperature checks was introduced at airports would anyone feel comfortable booking a flight knowing there was a reasonable chance you could be denied boarding at the airport when you feel absolutely fine ? Up until now you would not be refused travel for being unwell unless it was serious and visible and most people would travel on any flight they had booked unless they were physically too ill to do so . I’ve never been KB’d at an airport nor do i know anyone who has but I imagine it would be a major upheaval and bother, its not like jumping on a bus it’s something that is generally planned long in advance and costs alot . Could be a game changer
  10. I can’t see it either, it’s nothing but a PR exercise. They’ve been asking folk to self isolate for 14 weeks on arrival since mid march now all they’re doing is asking you abit more firmly and warning you that the fuckin tv license detector vans could be used to catch folk who sneak out for a walk. It’s a pathetic attempt to be seen to be doing something
  11. Thislast page is nonsense, our first deal with sky was very good at least from a top flight perspective, when that one was up for renewal we asked for too much and ended up getting nothing( or close to nothing as the 2002/3 season was covered by the bbc for a pitted) everything else after than up until this day has been part of the domino effect of going from £40 million to £5 million in one season with many teams still having players under contract. Strangely had we jumped onto the tv bandwagon earlier in the 90s we shortly after England did we could have had an amazing league as other big clubs were strong at that time and could have used the cash to compete with rangers rather than chase 3rd place. We’ll never know
  12. Do we need a “ covid slowly becoming a farce” thread like the long running brexit one?
  13. Could sturgeon have been better by forgetting this broadly five mile rule wnd use common sense and instead just straight up saying “ look, lets be clear , we don’t want people from the central belt flocking to the highlands or the coast so just go to your nearest available place for now”
  14. Don’t forget those who are outside or at shops complaining about how many people are also outside or at shops. BE A WEAR I know i sound selfish but I’m not bothered about catching this virus, of course i would rather not get it and i would feel rotten if someone vulnerable caught it from me but i am not living in fear of a bad dose of man flu. We should be concentrating every effort protecting, treating and strengthening the vulnerable and letting the rest of the country get on with life . Lockdown all you want, it’s all about testing, we didn’t do it like the WHO advised and we payed the price. As far back as January the virus’ lengthy symptomless contagious period was known about. We quarantined arrivals from china but not Italy, we cleared entire wards of people from hospitals without testing - that was like putting petrol on a fire instead of water but never mind that. I killed agranny cause i drove 5 mile to go a walk in the woodS
  15. This continued social distancing is completely impractical for the medium to long term. Either something is safe or it isnt. Once you allow some things but not others, or in this case allow things with ( unenforceable ) conditions, we in the western world have a habbit of getting so far then saying “ ah tae f**k wi it , whit difference will it make doing X when we are already doing A,B,C,D Y ,&Z “ especially if the cases stay stable after restrictions are eases. people don’t like change and they resist it
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