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  1. At least Lang has offered her resignation
  2. Bear in mind, Andy was the one that vouched for the accused. I don't understand why he has to apologise for the others
  3. Does that mean your services have already been utilised? Or will you be somewhere else with your trusted camera?
  4. The blast zone wasn't a problem when the council went on to build new housing in Grangemouth 🤔
  5. Stranraer had names on the back of theirs
  6. Ah ok. I just saw that Laverty had a number allocated and had seen the pictures of Dunne training. Had just assumed he was being kept on.
  7. Henrik Ojamaa is Estonian, if that's who you're thinking of?
  8. If it is Denny Johnstone, he's got to be given a chance. He's been unlucky with injuries time and time again, but his ability isn't in question.
  9. He surely took Longridge and Hardie to Raith too didnt he? Longridge didnt score many granted, but thats a player who we know and most of us liked and would love to have again. Hardie speaks for himself. Longridge, Hardie and brought through Lewis Vaughan
  10. In the January window, he's got a limited market to look at. If a striker is scoring goals teams aren't going to let them go, unless they receive decent cash. Yes, we opted not to sign Scott McDonald. As Ray mentioned in a post match interview, McDonald couldn't offer the commitment Ray was looking for due to his media stuff. Fair enough he went on and scored a good few important goals for Partick, but I understand Ray's point of view there. Apart from him, I don't think anyone can say they picked up a potent goalscorer in January? Ray has to be assessed on who he can bring in this summer. There's certainly more players available now, so hopefully we get the 2/3 we need to get out the division.
  11. We once had Graham Barrett on our books who didn't play a game all season. He was torture when he came back, but managed to get a few goals
  12. Only a year left for Vaughan isn't it?
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