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  1. The league is a joke, any team playing 5 away games on a bounce at any time in the season, just isn’t right. The less said about the people that run the league, the better.
  2. People in Dumfries have been saying this for ages about him. It’s Razor that I feel for, totally screwed and betrayed by the person that he was meant to be working with. Long season ahead for Saints.
  3. Scooby to threave. Highest signing on fee known since the Tarff days in the south.
  4. I’m sure the boy has made around 30 appearances in all comps. Didnt Bonnyton get deducted 3 points for playing unsigned under 20 players against Lochar last season? Surely if this boy has played after the deadline, the same rules should apply. Shame on Stranraer players as they have been the best team and deserved to win more trophies. Teams have been punished in the past for this mistake which unfortunately means Stranraer should be the same. They only seem to be getting punished for the cups.
  5. How can he be registered to play in league games but not cup games? He’s showing as a trialist in the suspension list which means that he hasn’t been registered at any point as a signed player for Stranraer, I maybe wrong but that’s what it looks like. Has the boy played any league games?
  6. Gilfillian has played 4 or 5 times for Lochar and to be fair to him, he’s been decent. Certainty not heard anyone from Lochar say a bad word about him. Results wise last few games haven’t been brilliant but bar the stranraer and bonnyton game, the other games could’ve went in Lochars way. Lochar still in with a chance of 3rd place and still in 3 cups, so as much as they are in a slump, they’ve still loads to play for.
  7. Looked like Lochar had a few boys missing yesterday from the previous weekend. But that’s what happens at this level.
  8. Good result yesterday, Raymond seems to be getting a positive reaction from the players since taking job on himself. He should’ve been the sole manager anyway.
  9. This is not a dig towards Stranraer but why are teams travelling to play Stranraer midweek, i understand they share the pitch with the first team but why are other teams made to travel during the week because of this reason. Surely if first team are at home then games should be pencilled in for the 3G at school. All league games were scheduled for Saturday’s this season, so this should’ve been noticed early doors. I know Mids refused but league should do something about this in the next meeting for next season. Stranraer have been the best team and will win the league regardless.
  10. 2012-13 1st Dalbeattie 2nd St Cuthberts 3rd Wigtown 4th Threave 5th Heston 2013-14 was the year the lowland formed which Threave and Dalbeattie moved into. Wigtown won the league and Heston finished 6th. Nothing on the south website before 2012-13 season so may have happened then but can’t check up.
  11. Surely no one will take him on, more hassle than anything else. Razor will do a good job of cleaning up the mess. Massive rebuilding job now.
  12. Think Mids beat them twice last year and Heston beat Threave and St Cuthberts once each and lost once each. Theres still cups cups to play so still have chances, still got chance to finish higher up the league than last season. Whats your issue with the manager? You sound like you’ve just left the St Cuthberts job and are trying to start a witch-hunt against him. Hes 34, still playing aswell as coaching/managing. Still learning his trade, of course he’s going to make mistakes but refreshing to see Heston back him.
  13. When have Heston ever finished above Threave and St Cuthberts in the south league since they joined? Have Heston ever finished in the top 4? You had a go at management but Heston have always been a mid table team, who have had some success in cups. Decent club, giving two young managers/coaches a chance. They beat Mids at home, drew away today. Lost 1-0 away to Threave (95th min) Lost 2-0 home to St Cuthberts
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