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  1. Mental. Christian Nade? Something is seriously seriously wrong here!
  2. Any rumours of potential signings? Or ANY boys from last year staying on?
  3. Both well deserved !! Well done Sons
  4. A I see, hopefully he can get back on track! Was impressed by you guys this season since Murray took over, Don't follow any SFL team in particular but enjoyed watching the games I seen this year, 4-3 away to Falkirk a particular highlight! Congrats to Manager/Board for managing to hold onto a very strong midfield 4.
  5. Like Turner I reckon Geggan would be a major scoop for Dumbarton! This the Boy who suffered the Knee injury a couple of years ago ? Or am I thinking of Michael Devlin?
  6. From the couple of games I seen of Dumbarton last year he was your best player, and I'm guessing with the way your team sets up he is probably the most important as well!!
  7. My mate spoke with Turner tonight and he said he's knocked back Morton to sign again with Dumbarton! Big signing for you guys!!
  8. ShakehandsTom- not a St.mirren fan mate , he just caught the eye when I used to go watch my nephew play !!
  9. What happened with Lamont ? Usually always impressed when I seen him play for St.mirren 19's?
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