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  1. I remember it well. IIRC the supporters bus crowd were kinda slow in getting into the ground and when Tony and the boys ran out for kick off there was only me, DundeeSpider1867 and a couple of others in the Away enclosure. Ended up in the doghouse as we had arranged to meet Mrs Houstonspider outside at ten to 5.
  2. The other issue is the lack of a goal threat coming off the bench. Our options are limited if Plan A aint working. I think back to the likes of Rogers coming off the bench for Peterhead and usually scoring. I had thought King was brought in for a goal threat from midfield but it hasn't materialised yet.
  3. If Keatings got his card rescinded surely Slater has a case. I seem to recall that a club's own footage isnt admissable and i dont think it was in the highlights i've seen which is strange.
  4. What on earth did Slater say that warranted a straight red? Can the club appeal on the grounds that the referee was a dick ?
  5. It was suggested on the radio with the corona virus stuff ongoing that instead of the players shaking hands before games, they perform something like a haka but with a Scottish twist. The slosh was suggested. Now that would be worth the admission money alone.
  6. Pleased to see the extra anti-corona measures for fans at the ground. I noticed there was a bar of soap in the toilets.
  7. I think they just borrowed the tune. I think their ire was aimed in the direction of Falkirk.
  8. I'm quite partial to a wee snowball at Xmas while decorating the tree. Do they sell snowballs in the social club. I haven't noticed them on the cocktail list.
  9. It was my fault. I commented that given the weather that day it wouldve been good if the stewards had let us get in the ground quickly and waived the usual frisking. It then snowballed from there.
  10. For someone who doesn't look especially tall Sal wins an incredible number of headers at both ends. Pity that we've not yet managed to work out how to capitalise on his flick ons.
  11. Anyone know what the story is with Slater ? Blink and he disppears? Probably no coincidence that midfield in the second half was not as effective as in the first. Was i imagining it or did Wullie have a terrific save in the first half but i don't recall seeing it in the highlights.
  12. My daughter and i were greeted with a cheery smile, a question about carrying bottles and cans and if no, on you go. What a difference. G4S had deployed a new pairing. The Head of Frisking had failed a late fitness test.
  13. Just listened to the interview with Stuart Morrison. Thought he and Grant were terrific today. Both have good positional sense. Nice selection headache for Ray. Loving Children of the Rayvolution getting played over the PA. Someone's got a good imagination on the media team.
  14. What i'm liking just now with this midfield is they hunt in packs and are good at closing down the opposition. Earlier in the season our midfield was often overrun.
  15. I thought the defence was terrific today and we are starting to get better at game management. Second half we lacked a bit of something but Galt did his best to try and make things happen and would've been my MOM.
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