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  1. Really disappointing comments. He does talk positively about his time with Cowden and how gutted he is with our current position. Unfortunately lets himself down as the article goes on. He appears upset with being booed. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/bonnyrigg-rose-dean-brett-happy-to-play-villain-role-against-cowdenbeath-if-it-means-winning-3685475
  2. I actually couldn't believe that the Bonnyrigg keeper came over to the Cowden fans and gave a belly wiggle. Some people are clueless. He didn't receive very much stick either which was a strange reaction.
  3. He was playing wing back. To be fair to Harvey, both bookings came from us losing the ball in a promising position. Still really stupid to dive in.
  4. Our ground is certainly not the best and could do with a huge investment. Unfortunately this is not in the distant future if ever. It is great that these ambitious clubs are looking to move through the leagues but if you think Central Park is bad then where do we stand with bonnyrigg? A few benches for seating and no view with the park on a slope across the pitch. It is like an amateur park.
  5. Season tickets valid, but having to stand in the west terracing is a disgrace. Another nail Money comes first!
  6. That was his plan vs Kelty with Carty and Dunn playing. Didn't work then either until changes were made. Thinking deserves a result like this!
  7. To be fair, it was Robbie's direct run and pass that set Sammy free for his shot that went narrowly past.
  8. It was maybe the right time to drop Liam after his penalty miss as he was lacking confidence. Scoring against Edinburgh the following game from the bench would have been a confidence boost but he was back on bench. The tactics are not suited for him. He played at his best when partnered with Renton. Support Maurice's decision around selection but are confused how a player like Carty or a wider player like Barr can start before him in the advanced role. Manager must have his reasons.
  9. Tonight was a major disappointment. We seem to be relying on a long throw and we are s***e at that. Must be 30 attempts in last 4 games without troubling keeper. The more creative players appear to be held back from expressing themselves and how Liam doesn't start I will never know. Maurice talked about the need for signings and when provided with the funds/loans, he doesn't play them?? Will continue to support the manager as he seems good for the club but something needs to change to turn things around.
  10. Carty was awful! Seems to be in the wrong place throughout the game. Big pitch does not suit him.
  11. Agree and more than likely Harvey will get it tight. To be fair however, there was no out ball and if he went past his man the game would have opened up. Big Toddy shouldn't be diving in as well. Created very little but the team collectively maintained a good shape and limited Kelty to little chances. We also had a couple of good openings. Lots of optimism moving forward with regards to picking up points.
  12. 4 points away this season to the big spending promotion pushing super team.
  13. I thought Quinn had a poor game tonight. Wanted to much time on the ball and decision making not the best. Still a talented player and games will only help his development. Deserved something from the game. Should have got something before half time and only team likely to score when it went 1-1. Crazy second goal to lose. The corner came from an error and then we switched off. Lots of positives. I thought Robbie Buchanan had a good game but in desperate need of a few new recruits. Disappointed with a few shouts at manager. He has been left with the shambles. As mentioned many times, the signing of a squad that finished 2nd bottom was crazy!
  14. *you're You must have listened well at school this week.
  15. One of your players lifted his hands to one of our players on the lead up to the corner right in front of ref. Things get missed both ways. Forfar fans were highly critical of team at half time. Strange from a game that was dominated??
  16. There was nothing between the teams until the last 10mins. Btw, the Forfar fans are some of the most greeting faced individuals in football. Some of the reactions to decisions were comical.
  17. Thanks for that. Always good to hear things Cowden related. Unlike Mixu, Levein's time was not always successful (6 - 0 at Dumbarton) but history of a club is always a good listen/read. Hopefully Ross is able to achieve success in the end like Levein did. Good stories help at this current time.
  18. Thought he did really well. We need a striker ASAP as it seems Liam buchanan is more interested in arguing with the ref. Gill made some really good saves. Noticed this more and more from Liam, he has the quality to let his goals do the talking. Ross has a huge job on his hands but like others have said, he can only work with the small squad he has. We all knew it was a disaster when Bolan resigned a group of players that finished second bottom. Looking at the bench today, there was no goal threat to bring on. Would still like to see Swann play further up the park but need to sign a left back.
  19. Fact... They remain the only club to have competed in the professional leagues since the 20th century but never to have won a league title.
  20. I wasn't sure at first but reading a bit more and watching the video provides a bit of hope. Might just be the change we need to save our season and more importantly moving forward.
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