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  1. When would be the best time to drop off a Cowdenbeath bar mat? Compliments of Cowdenbeath FC Club shop
  2. In stock for our home bars. More merchandise to follow.
  3. This is something the Cowden in the Community setup should be aiming to achieve. Already a large number of girls involved. Some of the kids on the park at half time playing small sided games will get the parents in also.
  4. The starting back 4 looked decent enough.
  5. Hurry up then and get the paperwork through. I need my 9pm fix
  6. Think all of last seasons players are currently being sentenced for theft! Stealing a wage!
  7. Will certainly look at hot sauce and speak with Ewan. We have a chocolate company and are looking into this as we speak. Thanks
  8. We already stock bawbags and asked about producing Cowden ones. Huge outlay required. The best option available are brazil ones at the moment which are already sold at Lucie Sue Gifts.
  9. Thanks for the post! You have helped to prove me right. I knew some tube would try to be funny. Now jog on!
  10. With the plan to offer a wider range of Cowden merchandise that can be purchased at the club shop on match days and from Lucie Sue Gifts (Precious Events) on the High Street, we are looking to gather thoughts with regards to what we will be selling. Please select what you would purchase in the polls (vote for as many as you like). We will be aiming to start with a small stock and build this up as the season progresses if interest and sales allow. With the hopeful return of a bus to games, it would be good to have supporters kitted out for our tour of new grounds. Let's make a Cowden away day special again! Please add in the comments anything that you feel would be popular and we can look to stock where possible.
  11. Myself and wife are dealing with merchandise this year and will be running the club shop as well as selling stock at Lucie Sue Gifts. We are looking to sell some Cowden well known slogans on tshirts, mugs etc. I will post a poll to gather interest on what would be popular. We will also look to enhance the bluebell coo image for the young supporters. Hopefully we can all supporting this new venture and get the Cowden tops and merchandise moving forward
  12. He will spend more time injured. Good signing if fit but can't see it happening. You could maybe steal some of his medals to make it look like you have won something.
  13. Can also pick up some Cowden merchandise
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