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  1. There was a further meeting last night to get lots of the admin etc in place. Hopefully something will be announced soon and the fans will back it.
  2. https://www.stenhousemuirfc.com/2023/05/29/14900/ It is a shame as he was doing good things. Hopefully we can find someone else.
  3. He is decent but nothing special, although certainly an upgrade on Pyper. Rates himself at a higher standard than he is. Will see Berwick as a stepping stone to the big time.
  4. Team is shaping up nicely. I'm sure there will be a couple of more signings which will only strengthen things further. We could start with the following team... Farrell Walker McNab Chalmers Tait Black Berry Murray Jack Smith MacPherson Bringing in a confident Sinclair etc would only support the team further. Confident of a better season. Elliot already showing his knowledge of the league.
  5. We received a signing fee for Love. This along with wages, looks like it has allowed Calum to sign a player that suits his system. As others have mentioned, Stuart Love gave his all for Cowdenbeath and cared about the club. Was also a gentleman. Changes required however and it looks like we are trying to bring more pace to the team. Looks like we are starting from scratch again but this time I'm 100% confident we will be more successful with better players coming in with time to gel.
  6. Ye, heard they are signing Fash and Higginbotham. Both decent players but fitness and injuries make them a risk. If fit will be quality additions but lots of money to sit out of games. Heard of a few others and if so will make Tranent and EK the teams to beat.
  7. Not possible at the moment due to access, parking, floodlights and being enclosed. The area would be ideal if development possible though and planning permission allows. Also heard a rumour that Fife Leisure Trust looking to hand over running of Lumphinnans Astro. Again, access a huge issue as is parking. A move from Central is crucial unless we can find a huge investor that can buy the ground. Finding something practical however is the problem.
  8. Would love for it to be Jardine. Always thought we should have tried to get him when Bollan went in preparation for the possible relegation. He should have a few contacts in the lower leagues. Big Joe would be a bonus for the nostalgia factor. As you have already said, guys like Holt and Hughes are not in our budget. Wouldn't touch McInally personally. Cameron doing well again at Raith and has some Lowland league experience. Money, again, would most likely be an issue and going back is not always a positive. There might be some interesting options in the EOS who again will know the players who can step up. Would always be open to a young manager at the end of their careers and this approach has had succcess in the past (e.g Mixu, Cameron). On the flip side this is always a risk (Reilly, Fox). In my opinion, a rookie manager not ideal for the toughness of the lowland league and experience could be crucial. As always though, willing candidates and money will be the main factor. We are due a bit of luck with our appointment.
  9. The Mackenzie Williamson loan signing appears a strange one at this stage of the season. Seems a decent enough plan however, as I'm aware that he is out of contract so will give him a chance to prove himself and the club to check him out over a few games and in training. Young lad so may be an option next season if he does OK.
  10. There are possible reasons to the ex players writing comments but have they got no shame!! These players are the ones who were being paid outrageous sums of money weekly, our highest paid players but got us relegated without a fight. Writing on a volunteers podcast etc is embarrassing. Grow up! The situation with Ross and yesterday is being discussed, fair enough but players like Liam Buchanan needs to leave it now.
  11. We are all being a bit sensitive. People have a right to post an opinion. The past few seasons have been one disaster after another but having a go at each other is not helpful. People within the club like all organisations have/will have made mistakes but have the interest of the club at heart and work hard. Hopefully over the next few years we can recover and move forward. The improvement in results and reported performances is reassuring but I still feel we have a long way to go. It is difficult for me to comment and offer much of an opinion, as not currently watching the games. The results and depressing atmosphere of lowland league games are hard to take at times but this will not keep me away. Unfortunately my personal views of manager is stopping me from attending at present. Hopefully we all get a boost soon, a few start to return and the team wins a few more games. Lots going on across Cowden in the Community, which is all good for the future.
  12. Ye, Fife Elite started up due to league situation at youth level and criteria. Unfortunately, it was always going to be something that would fail for Cowdenbeath/East Fife in the long term due to players of a decent standard going to always pick the Pars or Raith. The setup also suited Dunfermline at the time due to them also not meeting criteria for elite level youth entry. We really missed out on not running community teams from 5 years up and this is something that is huge for Kelty. The young fan base is helpful moving forward. Hopefully link with Blue Brazil will rectify this over the next few years as we establish under 20s teams etc.
  13. I 100% agree that Mo being at Ibrox before game has nothing to do with losing the game. He will have prepared the team for the game and tactics would have been discussed in training over the course of the week. I have my own personal opinions with regards to the manager but feel it is unfair to focus on negatives after 1 defeat following a more successful run of results of late. Agree though with being at another scottish team before our game in Cowdenbeath kit was not the best move and choosing to put this on twitter.
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