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  1. Totally agree and would be a good start coming from the bench setting the example.
  2. Cox is a great player to have in our team but should not be the captain!
  3. Excuse me administrator but could you please ask the person who posted this to stop spamming our site. 🤔 "Can this shite be removed please admin. I realise this is a busy and red hot thread but that doesn't make it an easy option for spamming. @keithgy Are you still a mod can you remove the above it is not SFC related. Cheers."
  4. We played some good stuff at times. Archie Thomas looks to be a great addition. He is extremely comfortable on the ball and is involved in all of the good passages of play. Hopefully he maintains this form when the league season commences.
  5. Yessss! Hopefully a new 20, 000 seater indoor stadium attached to the hotel!!
  6. Mixu with John Brownlie as his assistant.
  7. I have watched some brilliant strikers... Sandy Ross, Alan Mackenzie Mark Yardley, Billy Spence Graham Buckley, Sumo Lamont Willie Callaghan, Tom Condie Nicky Henderson, Graham Brown Murray McDowell, Graeme Holmes Armand One, Liam Buchanan, Pat Clarke, Mikko P Gareth Wardlaw, Greg Stewart Kane Hemmings. If I had to pick a partnership, it would have to be Sumo and Buckley but if selecting 2 from the list, I would go... Greg Stewart and Alan Mackenzie for the silky football.
  8. Midfield... Markus P, Neil Irvine, Toorie, Scott
  9. Used to like big Keith Wilson and his regular stints being put upfront at the end of games. Also thought his partner David White was a decent CB. Big Shug Douglas, Davie McGovern and Eric Archibald were a solid 3 but Mbu and Armstrong my top 2.
  10. Totally disagree!! Who can forget his Scottish cup performance at Partick Thistle and then against Hibs x2.
  11. GK - Buzz Lamont (sub McGurn) RB - Davie Watt (sub Brett) LB - Rory McKeown (sub Sandy Robbo)
  12. https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.c60f41109736e35368557d97257de854&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2f8jLWtuTzN2DoQ%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=M8kAgU8haxPqUaCd2wlkSw
  13. Embarrassing performance again by the sound of it!
  14. The shove from Lafferty on Talbot was a shocker! Mind you.Swann was excellent when he came on.
  15. Sorry mate, just seen this. I have messaged you back.
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