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  1. Absolutely delighted some Kilmarnock fans could get in to watch this.
  2. The amount of excuses to absolve themselves of any blame is quite staggering Possibly a new world record
  3. What phrase there is sectarian? Only a *** would claim that.
  4. 10'000 people can't gather in a stadium. Bit daft asking really. Unless they wanted special treatment or they knew what would happen
  5. 100% Deserved. If you are to inbred/thick/pissed to move when plod with a riot shield tells you to move then all bets are off. My preference would have been a taser/pepper spray combo.
  6. All those who thought it was doctored can line up to apologise. Difficult to see how Rangers can deny this now
  7. Good to the **** having a player of the year award after a 9 year absence.
  8. https://news.stv.tv/west-central/worst-violence-police-have-dealt-with-in-20-years?top&amp&__twitter_impression=true
  9. last 2 guys in this video with the most accurate statement in the history of statements.
  10. I'm love the whole they couldn't have done it "there's Catholics in the team" excuse
  11. If Aberdeen did anything similar we'd be in an alternate dimension. But, I agree. I've seen us win many titles and celebrated at home or in a pub. I have no desire to congrigate in George Square or anywhere the goon brigade might be.
  12. Quite a few sevco posters outing themselves as being willing to tolerate racism and sectarianism from their support. I'd love to say I'm surprised.
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