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  1. Of course you can't. Some amount of people pretending to be Tories on here.
  2. Just been down to my Glasgow polling station to vote for the SNP. Busier than I remember previous elections; only one Labour guy on the door handing out leaflets. Who goes to vote, gets a leaflet at the door go in and that's what makes their mind up?
  3. Have to admit to being wrong about the goal. 2 maybe 3 players definitely a yard offside. Poor from the assistant.
  4. Harry Potter and Nanny McPhee joint directors of football. What could possibly go wrong?
  5. First the goal is onside now it looks like Brown might not have been singing, week utterly ruined.
  6. What a man, what a captain. That boys twitter feed is something else.
  7. Who are all these fannies on TV news saying they don't know who they are voting for yet? Utter, utter, nonsense. If you don't know who you are voting for and are waiting on any of them saying something to win your vote you are clearly at it.
  8. I'll say one thing for MT he has posters lining up to make excuses for ripping the pish out of Rangers.
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