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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    SNP should announce Indyref2, the reffening...
  2. Raging, not one person staunch enough to be guarding these..
  3. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    This is pretty much all he does. His other favourite is starting with "I usually like your posts" then goes on to say how stupid the poster is. Classic internet loser. Reminds me very much of a real life Ed Reardon.
  4. Didn't know where to put this so I'll stick it in here. An A League referee has a mic on for an entire game. This is a 4 minute clip, very interesting. I don't see our refs being as vocal with each other (assistants) during the game, maybe I'm just not noticing it. Check out @btsportfootball’s Tweet:
  5. Wid* *Her, not you...we'll maybe you
  6. Dundee v Celtic

    Dundee fans actually think there was some kind of conspiracy going on here. Tears and snotters and their manger making an absolute c**t of himself.
  7. They fucking love a fleg in Belfast I thought the USA was bad.
  8. Dundee v Celtic

    So, 6 minutes added on then?
  9. Dundee v Celtic

    I can't believe how angry you are.
  10. Dundee v Celtic

    Check out @gibbogibby1’s Tweet: