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  1. And Aberdeen still can't get near us. To be expected of the 4th best team i suppose.
  2. Only if Aberdeen stop the weird "pushing Celtic close for 2nd place" chat.
  3. Great result. One more.point ahead of Aberdeen in our "tussle" for 2nd place. And Hibs win too. You have had an official pumping off Country.
  4. Called it. Still managed to increase our lead over our nearest challengers for 2nd place. 2 points dropped for Livi.
  5. 1st time I've ever put my team on to draw at home and we'll be lucky to get that. All Livi have to do is lump as many balls as they can into the box and watch the chaos unfold.
  6. Brilliant. They'll never get over the right thing being done.
  7. You'll be fine, the banter gods are busy in the East end of Glasgow.
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