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  1. Killie to be charged with breaching covid regulations. Expelling then from the league is the only option.
  2. Duffy anytime goalscorer against the sheep on Sunday.
  3. 0-1 Celtic, offside in the 9th minute of injury time please
  4. Bennett hasn't stopped talking about Celtic fans since the game finished.
  5. Can't see Hearts, the **** or Patrick Thistle agreeing to that. They wouldn't want to be seen as changing their position or being hypocritical. Would they..?
  6. Seems to be quite a bit of pant pishing going on.
  7. You get badly beat mate, Gerrard resigns at the final whistle and Morelos Rips his cas ore top off and he's wearing a picture of the pope. Don't do it to yourself
  8. This minibus journey back up from Carlisle is going to be depressing.
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