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  1. Alfie is a Rangers player? Mr Gerrard can expect a knock at the door from mensa.
  2. You'll be held to that. Practice by turning the gas on, wait 30 minutes and get your phone out.
  3. I see that the Klan are blaming 2000 Celtic supporting Hermes delivery drivers for missing or damaged tops. Some amount of drivers supporting the same team. Must be a record?
  4. It's hilarious how desperate you are to defend the **** at every turn.
  5. How much was yours? Also good to see ginkardine refer to the thread he started as "the bargain bin". Sevco will always be tin pot.
  6. Tom is away....??? Not having that. His staunchness was never in doubt Also, I like a bit of fashion myself and Cas ore is trending and not for good reasons. No deliveries for the "berz" who pre ordered after singing up at £50 a head for my gers just to get the shirt early. Shoddy merchandise, lettering printed backwards, missing letters, dodgy stiching. Oh dear oh dear. Lonsdale would have made a better job.
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