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  1. Your obsession with me knows no bounds. Can't wait for your reply .
  2. You guys clearly miss your Celtic fix and hopefully normal service will resume sooner rather than later. In the meantime he's a picture of Scott brown for you to throw yourself at and a link to the club youtube channel where you can get your fix of all things Celtic. Stay strong lads. https://www.youtube.com/user/celticfc
  3. Even with your tongue up his arse? Must have been some runner right enough.
  4. Aliens Alien Alien 3 Alien Resurrection ETA the prequel stuff is shite and doesn't count.
  5. I can see bans resulting from this thread.
  6. It's almost like the billionaires who own media corporations and people with million invested in listed companies are shitting it? But i'm sure that's not the case.
  7. Amazing how having a harmless laugh at a staunch kit man gets the **** riled.
  8. I think there's a good chance more stringent measures will be needed. Some people are just not going to cope with this.
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