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  1. He was top of a few stat charts for most of last season.... those stats being most fouls conceded and most fouled. We're proud of our Slattery.
  2. See that thing when we kick the ball and it goes to our own player? What's that called again? First I've seen it in months...
  3. Ten minutes in and we kinda look like a football team? Weird.
  4. It's mad how little pace we have isn't it? Shields is fast, but not in a skin the fullback and cross it in kinda way.
  5. Aye, I thought that about Hammell too. For a guy who I can never really remember being wheeled out in front of the cameras as a player, I was surprised to see him speak with a confidence and authority and just the right amount of intimidation.
  6. They missed a pic for that collage - (I made this about 12 years ago - f**k knows why)
  7. Quite enjoying you clarifying that you dont expect Hammell to be appointed assistant manager to himself haha
  8. Glasgow live saying Kevin Thomson and Paul Lambert definitely aren't on the shortlist. No idea if either even applied but there ya go.
  9. I actually wondered if Morris was part of the reason he's been mutually consented. Not single handedly obviously, but as part of the bigger picture of giving Alexander the summer to fix things, change style, bring in quality. I don't want to sound harsh as Ive not seen enough of Morris to judge, but the board / senior players / Hammell etc will have a better view. I wonder if the board thought we gave him a few quid from the kitty to see what he would do with it and he's fucked it.
  10. I'm fairly certain that canny happen otherwise compensation would never be paid for any player or manager? There will be conditions of ending the contract with obligations on both parties.
  11. So in 2015 we could have had futs, but we got 'get that to fu...' instead.
  12. Nah. I'm tapping out of this. It's unwinnable when your logic is in an alternate universe.
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