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  1. Aye, that's my point. The considine and main ones were clear and obvious errors to everyone bar the guy in the room. If the guy in the room doesn't tell the ref to take a look at the monitor, then he's not going to take a look. I was responding to the point that ref's are overly reliant on VAR and still making mistakes. I don't think that's the case at all. Checking the monitors doesn't happen that often, when arguably it should be happening more. But that's down to the guy in the room, not the on-field ref.
  2. See this bit, I dunno if that's true? Not this weekend anyway - Curtis Main's dive - should've went to the monitor. Considine's handball - should've went to the monitor. Youan sending off - can't go to the monitor. Slattery sending off - can't go to the monitor. I can't really recall too many decisions this season where the ref has gone to the monitor and still made a c**t of it. If anything, there's a case for the on-field ref to use VAR more.
  3. Tom Green in 1994. Snoop Dogg in 2023. I wonder which celebrity will touch a Motherwell shirt in 2052.
  4. I posted as much in the match thread. As soon as he picked up his first yellow 22 minutes in I said to my pal he'd get sent off. I was quite critical of Kettlewell keeping him on when it was glaringly obvious he'd get sent off, I thought that was a real error of judgement. However, here's a mad theory... Slattery is now banned for one game (I think??) and will now miss the Hibs game. When he was first booked that was his 11th league booking. If my shaky understanding of the rules is right, if he'd stayed on and got another booking vs Hibs he'd face a two match ban as it would have been his second accumulation of six yellows this season. Did Kettlewell know this and think the preferable bigger picture was a one match ban? I have my doubts, particularly when we equalised and looked like getting something from the game. But ye never know.
  5. It’s a good point. I wonder if the young fans who came into the game 2007 to 2014 (ish) will look back with the same affection in twenty years time. A different time with different successes, but we had our heroes over that period and a handful of players at the heart of the club for many years.
  6. Totally agree with your point about frame rate. That seems like quite a glaring issue when VAR is making these millimetre calls. On your bit about the squinty line (sorry if I’ve not totally understood your point here), the VAR official doesn’t get to set the near and far point of the line at each offside call. It’s all calibrated pre-match based on the goal lines and a digital framework of the pitch is made. The offside line is then just dragged up and down those permanently fixed near and far points. The only way the line would be squint is if the initial calibration was off. I suppose you could question the accuracy of the initial calibration, or even go a further step back and question how accurately the pitch markings are. I might bring a protractor to the next game…
  7. Aye, I said it to my pal when he was first booked that he wouldn’t last the 90. He committed a foul fairly early on in the second half which was almost a yellow and I knew it was only a matter of time. He consistently appears in the most the foul and booking charts. Madness that Kettlewell didn’t see it coming.
  8. I used to see that as a missed opportunity too, however on reflection think we did see great seasons from the city clubs over that period. I'd say Aberdeen's performance through 2014/15/16 were all great league campaigns. Broke the fairly rare 70 point mark 3 seasons in a row (75 points in 2015) which is exceptional. Motherwell hit 70 points in 2013 / 2014. Hearts best league return in years was 74 points in 2004 / 2005 which saw them finish second. Aberdeen also hit 73 points in 2018. All great seasons, with four out of six without Rangers in the league, yet none of those points tallies would have bettered the shitest title winning team in years that scraped that paltry 79 points in 2013. I suppose looking at all that, there's an outside chance that the stars could align one season - that 2004 Hearts side or 2015 Aberdeen side could come up against 2013 Celtic and 2005/06 Rangers (who finished on 72 and 73 points) - win those head-to-heads that could actually win them the league. Is it going to happen though? Absolutely not. I think part of the problem is that the every one of the city clubs have at some point been absolutely shite in the last twenty years. And all of them on more than one occasion have been in a mess. No one has really established themselves as a consistent third force. Ever the optimist, I've wondered if the Europa Conference League is finally an opportunity for that to happen. £3m and income from six games before a ball is kicked. It's pennies compared to Rangers and Celtic but is it enough to pull away from the rest and capitalise when that mythical poor season for both Rangers and Celtic comes along? f**k knows.
  9. Isn't a stick on red card and poor decision just another way of saying clear and obvious error? So, VAR should be involved?
  10. To the poor b*****d who needs to keep up with steelmenonline- I hope counselling is built into your employment contract.
  11. This doesn’t come as a complete shock. Hes never really got going with us, but two or three times he played through the middle he finally looked like he had something about him. His time there really was limited though. If I recall, he played that way for about half an hour vs Celtic when Moult came on and actually caused them some problems.
  12. He offsets it with how wholesome his other grift is though.. https://johnsuttonmodels.co.uk
  13. Someone raised this in another thread a few months ago - is his criminal record a problem for travel through Europe? I've wondered if that's the reason he's never mentioned for these posts, and if Martindale himself feels that Livi is as big a job as he'll ever likely get.
  14. He also repeatedly tells the story about about the woman who was skelped with the ball just as she was taking a sook out her boiling hot drink. Says he’ll never forget her screams.
  15. Yep - as @Kapowzer says, but I'd advise getting in early for it as I anticipate a hefty queue
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