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  1. The referees do referee it although ain't suppose to as I played a cple years back as a was filling a jersey and said this to a ref that he shouldn't be doing it and he would get banned if found out,look on his face was rare tho it didn't stop the red card lol

    How does that work if its just 22 guys wanting a game of football? Are they allowed to ref that? I've played for my work against other companies a few times but we're not a proper team.

  2. Does anyone know of any leagues that arent affiliated to the sfa? Just kind of casual leagues where teams organise their own games and keep a league table

    I know of the internet football association but thats for supporters teams

  3. Was just wondering if its possible for an amateur player to move up to juniors? And what would be the best way to go about it?

    Would love the chance to try move up. Might not be good enough but i'll never know till i try it.

    I know at the moment i'm not fit enough due to lack of games as i had been working saturdays. But completely willing to put in the hard work to become fit enough and good enough. Just need the opportunity.

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