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  1. no he was trolling the twitter thread earlier looking for followers, terrifyingly real
  2. @cammy_ian blocked me It could have been a wonderful twitter friendship. How I'll miss his racist bile...... i mean insightful opinions on life
  3. To be fair John Brown couldnt use his OWN name to say what he feels on twitter
  4. He is clearly quite proud of it. As well as seriously mentally ill
  5. 1- That morton weirdo McKee or whatever he calls himself these days, pant pissing photo posting nutjob 2- Georgie/Wasp12 etc etc. Mentally ill 3- White Rose Killie, whining opinionated twat 4- StandFree. I think he's actually okay but has severe anger issues and would spend all night trying to start arguments 5- As We Rise Again/British Patriot/ Forever Blue 1872 etc, sadly typical of most thick arrogant inbred orcs
  6. 1- Addie 2- Bennett 3-God of War/Zeus 4- Henriks Tongue 5- Happy Hibee All top lads who are a good laugh and will have a bit banter with anyone regardless of their team Id have included Deky as he's a decent laugh but he'd spend most of the night banging on about scottish independence, totally boring nonsense. ScottR96 is a decent lad too but isnt 18 yet so would have to sit outside with a can of cola and a bag of hula hoops
  7. Its okay Lynn, its just a rubber cushion that simulates rectal gas
  8. Kelly Bundy Im guessing you werent that keen on her though
  9. Does anyone remember, i think the early 90's when some american channel commisioned a sitcom called 'Billy' starring and revolving round Billy Connoly? I love the big yin and he is one of the funniest guys ever but he must cringe looking back at this, it was worse than shit. Also add that backpacker based drivel on Sky starring Nessa from Gavin and Stacey, a prime example of taking a main actor from a genuinely good show and forgetting to write a decent script and plot. Utter drivel
  10. Im more of a Razzle man personally
  11. That was the first innings of the last and deciding test of 2009 ashes, utterly destroyed the aussie top order including Ponting who he always seemed to get out
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