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  1. I always find these Metallica takes absolutely wild. The only way I could understand anyone dismissing all things Metallica after AJFA (Which is my favourite incidentally), is if you ONLY like metal music. If that's the case then fair enough. That's weird....but fair enough. If you like other genre's of guitar music and you dismiss anything after AJFA then you are missing out on some of the best hard rock songs ever written. I'm an old school Metallica fan, however I could give you a albums worth of songs even from Load onwards let alone the Black Album, that are just phenomenal. Even from a metal point of view my favourite actual metal riff of all time is from their later catalogue. Also, Master of Puppets is held up amongst guitar players as the benchmark of downpicking ability. But in my opinion the Black Album has a harder one thats more difficult to nail....
  2. There is no agenda at all in Facebook needing my family history so I can find out my spirit animal is a giraffe, and I won't let you tell me any different.
  3. I have absolutely no idea what unfolded up Perth way last night...is it worth a dip into their thread to catchup?
  4. I thought I'd seen something about the mention of Goss being a mis-hearing of our interest in Gotts?
  5. Theres a photo floating around on the interwebs of Lee Miller playing for Hearts against us at Tynecastle, and you can see his "Live The Dream" wristband below the cuff of his Hearts top. Also Big Rab has a Motherwell tattoo.
  6. If we spunk 7.5m on this guy but refuse to even entertain the idea of a pakora stand, i'll be fucking livid.
  7. The outgoing Chief Exec of Dundee Council is a big Motherwell fan and a mate of mine, went to games together during the Billy Davies era. Surely he'll have a word!
  8. Darren Randolph has been our best keeper in modern times, followed closely by John Ruddy. Kelly has already overtaken Ruddy for me, and unless he dips over the course of this season he'll move above Randolph. He's genuinely brilliant for the most part...and I think he's not thought of as highly because he's small for a keeper. I'd have Joe Lewis wayyyyy down the list, but then I think even Aberdeen fans would acknowledge that we have a very different view of Joe Lewis than anyone else. Loves a blunder against us. Joe Hart is some outfield player as well btw, and would get a game for most teams in this league.
  9. This would generally be my view if Michael Higdon had ever come back as an opponent tbqhwy
  10. Well, I've fucked that up . Decided to delete my reply and re-post it so I could quote you and you'd get a notification of a response, but you were too quick and now my re-post has put it all in the wrong order . In your case then, with the extra low B, it's really just about playing until you start to feel comfortable with it. In my experience the width of the neck threw me off more than having a low B string....that being said, it's not nearly as weird as the feeling when you go back to a 4 after getting used to a 5! If you're a jazz big band bass player, I'm assuming you'll be well aware of Adam Neely? Quite possibly my favourite Youtube channel there is.
  11. You can string a 5 string bass with either an extra low string or an extra high string. What's best for you will depend on what kind of music you're interested in playing, and what you already play. If you're used to playing 4 string bass, and you don't have any real need to go any lower, just string it E A D G C with the extra high string that you'll probably never use. That's a good way of telling a bass player from a guitar player who's playing bass. A guitar player would tune that E A D G B with the 5th string flattened to a 3rd (B rather than C) because thats how those 5 strings are tuned on a guitar, but bass is usually tuned in straight 4th's.
  12. Absolutely take your point here, but for me it's more than balanced out by the fact that he acheived that win percentage with players that for the most part, struggled to kick a ball in the direction they were facing, and who all looked like they fucking hated each other.
  13. I don't think there's a better way of summing up our midfield, than a guy who has never even met any of the people wearing the same clothes as him before let alone trained with them, being dropped into it for 10 minutes and very VERY noticeably making it better.
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