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  1. I think the point is more that KVV thinks he is. I have, still, and always will think he's absolutely shite overall. He's the archetypal example of someone that's amazing at 5's but has not even the slightest clue how to play in a real game.
  2. Really weird feeling coming away from that game. It's fairly common to feel like you should have won a game you've lost to a last minute goal, and also win a game by a single goal when you've been absolutely battered for 90 mins. It's a bit more unusual coming away from a 3-0 defeat where the losing fans are justifiably saying on another day we quite feasably win that 2 or 3 nil, and the winning fans are saying on another day we lose that by a couple. That exact game could have finished 3-0 either way and I don't think anyone would have argued. I've never felt less annoyed and reasonably content by a 3-0 home defeat before....not really sure what to do. It's the "through the looking glass version" of Alexander's reign where I went home from wins debating whether I'd bother going back. Weird auld gemme is fitba'!
  3. This isn't a "pop" at all...more an observation, I don't think either Cochrane or Gordon would have been boo'd for going down if it wasn't for the 7 or 8 other times players went down to break up the game when there was nothing wrong with them. Again, one of those things where you're fine with it if it's your team and not when it's the opposition so not having a go at all...but the booing was for the cumulation rather than the Cochrane or Gordon injuries.
  4. I am all over Stevie Hammell trying to keep secrets at a presser....
  5. I think you're probably reading that in a complete 180 to be fair. For various reasons we're all massively optimistic at the moment....and I think we're just consciously trying to bring ourselves back down to earth a wee bit because more often than not, massive optimism ends up making you look like a bit of a tit I expect we will probably lose this game because I actually think we could win 4 or 5 nil.
  6. United won't be the only side to ship 9 against that Celtic side this season imho.
  7. Can you check if Bill Kelliher's knees are in good working order?
  8. Decided to head along to see if I could catch a glimpse, and these guys are parked outside
  9. I'd imagine sticking points will be around percentage of wages, or some sort of clause relating to appearances/injury, for example, if his knees melt we can send him back with nothing owed, rather than having an injured loan player hingin aboot hoovering up cash money.
  10. I demand an announcement every time there's nothing to announce, just to confirm that nothing has happened. Every single time. It's the least we deserve.
  11. The whole wall was tainted with his betrayal. It had to go.
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