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  1. Going by last night, I'm predicting we'll play half the team out of position to accommodate one player, who will then produce nothing, and then we'll wonder why it's not working for us.
  2. I'm sure I saw a documentary on Discovery called that.
  3. That Vigurs clip above, because of where they put the away fans when we visit we were right behind it so you saw it bend round through the gap which you don't really see in the clip, but the "Uuuuggghhh" from the collective jizz of 1500 people is actually audible just after it. I'm at a stage in life now where I much prefer watching that, as opposed to being massively bothered about winning. As long as we don't go down I'd happily piss about the bottom 6, but have games scattered with stuff like that. My Billy Hoyle days are behind me and I've become full-on Sydney Deane.
  4. @Casagolda What a hero. And yes, I mean you.
  5. Can I just be the first (on this occasion) to mention Vigurs' first time volleyed pass at Tynecastle, which to this day remains the best thing I've seen in football that didn't involve a goal. Sadly it seems no footage exists.
  6. Like most people I would normally be able to have a decent stab at the starting 11, albeit with maybe a few differences here and there depending on what "options" people go for. This season? Not a clue. I do think this is the most strength in depth we've had in a while though, so if we can find a strongest starting 11 thats complimented by who comes off the bench rather than compromised by it, then I'm hopefull of a decent season.
  7. Hamilton still below Motherwell I see? Unlucks.
  8. Will Livi and St Mirren still make me go and queue in front of my shed for half an hour before I can put the telly on? So many unanswered questions here.
  9. I also am led to believe that if it wasn't for Motherwell, video conferencing options would be limited to Skype, and Sons of Anarchy would never have been written. We're changing the world one sponsor at a time.
  10. NEPOTISM!!!! tbqhwy (to be quite honest with ye's), as per yesterdays line up, when I've been thinking about how i'd set us up this coming season i've had a Gallagher/Donnelly partnership at centre-half. As much as he's classed as a centre-mid I think Donnelly's our 2nd best centre half and has been for a while, plus it helps with trying to lay out our midfield of absolute Galacticos. I'm very excited about this coming season and for me it seems to be shaping up for some relatively big things. I'm also 100% comfortable with saying that because I'm a rational grown adult who realises that what I think and any "feelings" I might have, have absolutely no effect on what the team does one way or the other.
  11. Dom Thomas is your classic player thats better than everyone in a game of 5's, but refuses to accept that in full 11-a-side professional football, you have to do other things as well. He's much more determined to change football to suit the way he wants to play, than he is to changing himself to the demands of a professional game. If im capable of beating 6 players and pinging one into the the top corner, why cant I just keep trying that until I manage it, rather than running, tackling, tracking or passing? I believe we had a "significant sell-on clause" though, so that should be the best part of 200 quid in the till. Cha-ching!
  12. Joey, have you ever seen me extatic? Well brace yourself, here it is...
  13. I heard a song called "Sometimes" and thought it was decent enough, quite liked it. I also heard a song called "Belter" and it made me want to chew off my own arm just so i'd have something to smash the radio with. It was much later that I found out not only was it the same guy, but they are off the same album. Bizarre stuff...why the different approach?
  14. I just have to jump in here from reading through this thread. I get the general point you guys are making, but that's an absolutely terrible example to pick in order to illustrate it. By that I mean, you've picked one of the most highly respected, admired and influential guitar players and songwriters alive, generally considered to have very few peers in guitar, playing a song that is a key track from an album that sold obscene amounts of copies, that has influenced countless successful guitar players to even pick up the instrument in the first place. A song that moved Brian May to put out a near-10 minute video analysing and talking about the brilliance of it. I absolutely 100% get anyone who doesn't like it or has no interest in it at all, but appearing in this topic is like mentioning Pryor/Connolly/Chappelle/Hicks in an "Astonishingly bad comedian" thread. Also on a separate point, it's always annoyed me when people criticize Friday by Rebecca Black in things like this, and also the stick it got at the time. It wasn't a singer putting out a single, It's literally a parent who has bought her daughter a "come to a studio and record your own song" experience for her birthday, and then the company put it up on youtube so you can say to your pals "hey i've got a song", except that particular one went viral. It would be like someone getting their 15 year old kid a track day experience at Knockhill for your birthday and then the world hating them for thinking they were a rally driver. Finally, the songs on this thread by BrokenCyde and Attack Attack may be close to the worst things i've ever heard.
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