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  1. Yeah Andy and Devante aren't similar at all outside of the fact they both play up front. Andy was a smaller, quick, deadly finisher from almost any "in the box" situation in a similar way to Fowler or Owen. Him and Dwight Yorke were an unreal partnership at United, although that's not to say I'd be up for signing big Harvey to try and re-create it. If you're Youtubing Andy Cole, i'd make a point of checking out his time at Newcastle where he was arguably even better.
  2. Us to have the bulk of posession, look fantastic at times, and lose.
  3. The longer it exists without Michael Higdon in it, the less credibility it has tbqhwy.
  4. That's not even a photo of the SS. It's a group that were at an event in the pub across the road back when it was still a Rangers shop, and they all came out for a photo. Of course, every time it gets posted the real story is acknowledged by everyone, including Romeo...but as said above his consistency is admirable.
  5. "Wullie, they need a red bit. What?? Listen... I don't care if the machines are about to start, tell them to hang on for half an hour, and fire a red bit on it somewhere."
  6. The main reason we'd never re-develop Fir Park is that doing anything at all requires the revenue from selling it. It's move or nothing.
  7. It says we go to our games.
  8. Can someone explain what happened there? Where I sit, the Killie wall was between me and the free kick so all I saw was Donnelly run up to take it, the ball go almost straight up in the air, and the ref give Killie a free kick. It was a good few minutes before this look ---> 😕 left my face.
  9. Aye it's mental. I mean, with the amount of corners we had last night I reckon he'd have got on the scoresheet a couple of times, and as much as it would have been nice to see him have a 200% goals to games ratio, i'd still rather he was kept as far away from that shit-show as possible.
  10. I just picked a random number somewhere in the middle for the sake of explaination.
  11. Fairly simplified..... If you are looking at a car that costs 30 grand, and you take out a loan or finance for that amount over say...48 months, then your cost per month is 30 grand divided by 48 - £625, (plus interest) If you're looking at that same car with a 48 month lease, then the leasing company project what they think the car will be worth at the end of that period, and your cost per month is the difference between those two numbers (the amount it depreciates over the time you have it), divided by 48. Say they project it will be worth 18 grand at the end of the 4 years...your cost per month is 12 grand divided by 48 - £250 (plus interest). You only pay for 4 years worth of the cars total value, as opposed to paying it all. That's why you have to stick to a mileage allowance while you have it, because the value of the car at the end of your lease + the total of all your monthly payments during the lease, have to equal the initial value of the car. Higher mileage means the first part of that equation is lower, so the total monthly payments have to be higher to balance it out. tl;dr - It allows you to drive a much nicer car than you could otherwise afford.
  12. Well it's two separate things really. I'm saying theres uncertainty over who is our number one striker. That's different from who should be. For me it should be Chris Long, but given we've played 8 games and had at least 3 different players play there, I don't think you can look at anyone and say "he's our starting striker". There's a huge opportunity for anyone who wants that spot to look at it and go..."im having that", and do absolutely everything they can to grab it. That's why im surprised Long's whole vibe seems to be very "meh". Danny Johnson always seemed to have that "how dare you consider anyone else" vibe about him as well, which just feels quite irritating.
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