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  1. I'm not taking it as anything, just saying if you're passing comment on a post, at least read it.
  2. Literally the first line of the post you're referring to...
  3. You're right, my comment about Ariyibi smashing the windows of stands with his shots was indeed dripping with arrogance.
  4. In my opinion, he will go on to be, and by quite a bit.
  5. I was like that with Scott McDonald, both times. I still can't stand him. Not to say I don't recognise what qualities he has on the pitch, but he absolutely boils my piss and always has.
  6. I'm going to say this before every game until it happens because it's just a matter of time, but this will be the game where one of Ariyibi's runs that leaves 4 guys sitting on the deck scratching their head and wondering how they got there, will end with him smashing top bins rather than a window in the stand.
  7. There's no-one on there that would have the slightest clue what we're talking about.
  8. I've heard him described in 3 other ways that also nailed it: It's like watching The Matrix. It's like watching someone play Fifa on the wrong difficulty level. It's like watching a 25 year old making up the numbers in his 14 year old brothers game of fives.
  9. Thats exactly it. Look at the position of the whole game when he receives the ball. Then look at the position of the game a second later....LITERALLY a second. And it's all down to that beat. It's so subtle and you can't teach it or coach it into anyone. Many people think that a player "looking like he has all the time in the world" means being patient and not rushing, but it doesn't...that's just taking your time. THIS is what it means when a player looks like he has all the time in the world...it's not taking time, it's owning time and making it do the work for you. Understanding how much the position of the game can develop in a fraction of a second, and waiting for that. Sorry, I get all geeky about this kinda stuff, and as much as we've had great players that have been enjoyable to watch, i've never been able to talk about this at our club before, he's providing examples of it in double figures every game.
  10. So, up-front disclaimer that i'm not comparing the actual players, but I enjoy watching Turnbull play in the same way that I enjoy watching Bergkamp, Iniesta, Xavi, Zidane etc. What I mean by that is...aside from the obviously noticable things they do such as goals, assists etc, probably 90% of the most enjoyable things to watch them do is the way they do inconspicuous things in the middle of the park that don't lead to anything other than just moving the ball on. You could have a hugely enjoyable and entertaining highlights video of all those players that has no goals or assists or crosses in it. Just taking the ball and moving it on, but it's the way they do it. Turnbull has that same quality. Theres a bit in yesterdays highlights package that came after a Hastie chance (I think), where Div receives the ball in the centre of the park and turns to play a further pass inside. Every single other player I've ever seen for Motherwell would have turned and moved it on to the next team-mate, but Turnbull does that thing that you see the type of players I mentioned above do without thinking, where they take a beat in their backlift, just the slightest of pauses, and thats enough for everything to move on a split second, which changes the angles, and he can play the ball the other side of the opposing player than it would have been if that hadnt happened. I feel like im not explaining this very well so i'll come back and add in the video, but its sooooo insignificant in the grand scheme of things that it doesnt actually make any difference to anything at all. Insignificant to the point where it sounds like I'm talking shite. But it's so satisfying to watch, i've genuinely never seen that level of composure, awareness, instinct and just natural comfort with a football, at our level. He's the best footballer that's ever played for our club already, and I don't take that lightly.
  11. I am fully on-board with our new emerging role in Scottish Football btw. If I was a very wealthy man, I would outbid any other potential sponsor to have this on the front of our shirts next season.
  12. Killie v Motherwell

    Every time someone posts up content from Well Fans II, it always makes me wonder if there is an "o" missing between the I and I.
  13. Killie v Motherwell

    I have 3 thoughts on this: Firstly, great gesture by our club. Secondly, fair enough to Killie...I don't really see the big deal with charging a "nominal amount" as I'm sure all the people who need paid to stage a game won't be accepting a "nominal amount" for the replay. Thirdly, If you are in the situation where five pounds THAT important to you (which is fair enough, many people struggle to get to payday every month), then none of your money should be going on attending football in the first place.
  14. If he's not a magician or an end-of-the-pier comedian in Blackpool in his spare time i'll be hugely disappointed.
  15. I disagree, I don't even think he realises Celtic put the ball out, I'm 100% convinced that as far as he's aware, it's a normal throw-in. You can almost hear his thought process: "Why's no-one chasing me?" "The ref hasn't blown a whistle" I'll get my baws toed if I don't play to the whistle".