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  1. Hey Chris! I've brought you a cake! 😃 Ucht, f**k sake...how am I meant to get that home? I came on the bus, now I've got to get on there with a fucking cake? Hey Chris! Here's a fiver! 😃 Well what the f**k am I meant to do with that? Everywhere's card now cos of Corona, and I can't exactly pay it into the bank cos the branches are all shut! Even if they weren't, putting a tenners worth of petrol in the car just so I can drive to the bank to pay in a fiver? Aye, cheers for that. f**k sake. Hey Chris! Here's a million pound in a bag! 😃 That's heavy as f**k! Can you not just transfer it...How the f**k am I meant to carry that anywhere? f**k sake.
  2. Every "unpaid carer" 🙄 that gets vaccinated, is one more addition to the total vaccinated population which (as long as it doesn't push ahead of a vulnerable person, and at this stage it doesn't), is absolutely the goal here, so fire on. If it bothers you that people have received the vaccine before you to the point where you'd actually have a moan about it, register as an unpaid carer, get your jab, and shut the f**k up.
  3. She's from just outside Belfast so the only sporting chat she ever mentions is Hurling or whatever the f**k that is. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Was sitting watching telly with my wife last night. Now, she couldn't have any less interest in football whatsoever, and the extent of her interest in Motherwell stops at me letting her know when there's a game on so she can go and do other stuff. Randomly, out of absolutely nowhere she asks if I've ever tried Paneer, and she was thinking of picking some up over the weekend. I swear I could hear the intro to I Will Always Love You begin, and never have I been so happy about one of my life decisions.
  5. I dont have twitter, whoisitwhoisitwhoisitwhoisit???
  6. It still annoys me to this day the extent to which Spaceman by Babylon Zoo wasted an absolutely amazing chorus on the rest of what can be loosely described as that "song".
  7. There is division in the camp, however as with all things, this too shall pass. In the meantime though, I'd rather have a night out with Mrs Polworth than eat mushrooms in any form.
  8. I'd highly recommend watching, and bear with me here....the fairly recent Bros. documentary. Utterly surreal. Obviously though "The Defiant Ones" is the correct answer to this thread. The revalation that Death Row Records/2pac/Dr. Dre/Snoop/West Coast Hip Hop only happened on the scale it did thanks to Nine Inch Nails is quite the plot-twist.
  9. If he hadn't played for us since then, then yup...you'd have called it. But he has.
  10. There's not much football-related that's made me more uncomfortable than Mark O'Hara's post-final whistle clip from a few weeks ago. I mean, it's essentially going up to someone thats had a horrendous day at work, shoving a camera in their face and saying "well you made a massive c**t of that, tell us your thoughts?", and then putting it on the internet. I'd have been fucking raging at the media team if I was him. Wft were they thinking?
  11. Reading the "Who you would you keep/punt" threads on S.O. Maybe just me but I'm 100% up for just punting literally everyone (f.a.o pedants...I know we can't actually do that) and starting again from scratch. That's not to say there aren't a couple of players that I like in terms of ability and character, but unfortunately they just happen to be at the club during a time where Motherwell F.C. as a squad just has a massively dislikeable quality to it. They are the polar opposite of the Higdon/Ojamaa/Law/Humphrey era...even chucking in lower ability guys like Carswell etc, they were just a squad of players that had an amazing charisma to it, and you really wanted to be part of that connection. I'd also throw Robinson's Moult/Herbalife/McHugh/Kipre era, there was a real "all-in-this-together" vibe about the place around that time and you just had this feeling of wanting to be a part of it. The "rumourmongering" about a split/bad atmosphere/whatever you want to call it amongst the squad doesn't surprise me one bit, as it just has that feeling that any workplace has when there's a group that includes people that can't stand each other, but are forced to work together. There's just an uncomfortable "I don't want to be a part of this" feeling, and that is spilling over into the fanbase as well. Those squads mentioned above, I'd have absolutely signed up for a night out with any of them, you just got the impression that it would have been a brilliant laugh with guys that really got on. This squad? Erm.....I've got to put my bookshelf into alphabetical order that night, sorry. So aye, hypothetically, bin everyone. Let's hit the end of May with a playing squad of zero. Starting again from absolute scratch has the makings of being a right laugh, so that gets my vote.
  12. Could that be the reason for the excess toilet roll?
  13. My wife won't even entertain a question/conversation about toilet habits/behaviour so I darent ask, however I can only assume that given the quite fucking staggering rate we go through toilet roll, women don't run with the "2 sheets, folded" technique, and have some other "grab the roll and wrap it round your hand 18 times" style.
  14. His first season's appearances were limited, because he wasn't being selected (and rightly so at the time). His second season he played 30 or-so games. His 3rd season his leg bent the wrong way in training and sliced through the cartilage in his knee after one game, and he's been out ever since. What in there suggests injury prone? You're saying that you're opinion is based on the evidence so far, and is backed up by his appearances....but it isn't though? Injury prone is either having a recurring injury that just keeps returning, or having various bits of your body continually breaking down. It's like when you hear of players who have had multiple periods out as a result of being on the receiving end of terrible tackles, being described as "injury prone". It's nonsense. If I came along and broke your leg once a year, that's not you being injury prone. Edit: Like an absolute saddo I've actually gone and roughly counted this, because the whole "injury prone" thing is a bugbear of mine...(can you tell? 🤣). This season he has made one appearance as, granted, he has been out with injury...although I dont think you can count a freak training accident of your leg bending the wrong way as "injury prone". Aside from that he's been available and in the squad for 51 games in 2 seasons, add to that 2 games where he was fit but suspended, and the fact that he was massively out-of-favour for half of that time, and I think that's pretty solid if you ask me. Add in 12 goals from midfield/centre back, and he's got a decent case for being our most important and effective player.
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