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  1. Sammon was in The Station Hotel in Larbert the night before the Hearts game in which he obviously wasn't playing, and a nicer guy you couldn't hope to meet. Wasn't brave enough to tell him he's humpty though, they almost had to open the front wall for him to get out. I would unashamedly have found myself saying "yeah mate I really hope you get a run in the starting 11 soon, you're definitely what we're missing", if the conversation had gone that way. I'm generally an honest guy but I do like being alive.
  2. First time I ever heard of Louis Moult was a text from my mate from Stoke saying "I heard you've just signed a boy I play 5's with" . Flipside....me and The Kaiser were in the same class at school (no, I don't call him The Kaiser ) and played for the same boys club/school/county teams. Back then if I were to pick 3 of us that would make it as pro's, i'm not sure he'd have been one of them. His fitness and engine were miiiiiiillllles above anyone elses though, then when he started getting professional standard training at Falkirk his whole game just went through the roof and he very quickly became the player he ended up.
  3. I still love Big Handsome even when he's doing that.
  4. Yup, definitely something wrong with him! So I'm throwing a punt out here on the off-chance it happens and I can go "SEE!!" Robinson saying we'd be surprised who there's interest in for the January window... A-Rod doing the Pre-Celtic video... Literally no-one being able to understand or explain why A-Rod was mysteriously and randomly hyped up on Sportscene for absolutely no reason. Were our collective "what the f**k are you on about?"s to Michael Stewart and Steven Thompson, actually them having been asked to do us a wee media PR favour? Bids for A-Rod incoming....you heard it here first.
  5. Quite aware that this sounds like whataboutery, but I thought it was well known that was a crowd that had piled out the pub next to the ground when it was still largely a Rangers shop, and took that photo on their way past? Wasn't even a matchday. Back on-topic, if theres less than 4 goals splitting the teams in this i'll be astounded.
  6. Are you a weirdo?

    I'm sure I remember you telling a story years ago about you walking round the shops in Glasgow with your Mrs at the time, and telling her that your right-turn was broken...then every time you came to a right corner you went round it by turning left 3 times
  7. They can push Chilli D all they want, but he'll always be Charlie Taxi to me.
  8. Motherwell v Aberdeen

    Yeah I hadn't realised he'd actually caught the rebounded ball on the top of his foot and then finished it. Outstanding.
  9. Motherwell v Aberdeen

    Now that my croquet club has finished up for the winter, looking forward to making my first league game of the season. Games against Aberdeen can always go either way, but I genuinely have no prediction as to what will happen here. We could click and take 3 points, but the very same group of players could just as easily collapse and get absolutely dicked again. I'm going to go with; being freezing and wondering why I bothered.
  10. Haven't seen it yet but I'm guessing I've got a fun game of cliché bingo ahead?
  11. Regarding the questioning of putting Tait in front of the media, I'm not surprised. Captain or not, Peter Hartley reading out fortune cookies for 4 minutes every week is fairly pointless. He's like a human version of those meaningless generic motivational posters that are intended to inspire but are just cliched nonsense. If he wasn't a footballer he'd definitely be a team leader in a call centre, and there would be stories about him all over the "Business-Speak/Corporate Nonsense" thread.
  12. I think what works against us now is that we're less of a "draw" to a more special player. What I mean by that is if you were a player that fancied themselves, could back it up, and wanted to showcase themselves up here, Hearts were in crisis/weren't around, Hibs were out of the league, United had imploded and were out of the league, Aberdeen weren't an attractive prospect, Kilmarnock were the shambles they always were before Sir Steve Clarke came in and made them a genuine attractive prospect. 4/5/6 seasons ago we'd have been the first choice above them all for a player like that (who wasn't quite at Celtic level), whereas now every single one of them would be ahead of us for a players signature, even if we did have the cash to spend.
  13. Need to change Jake Taylor to a white font so you can't see him.
  14. Turnbull's strike at the weekend was obviously a thing of beauty, but if you look beyond that what impressed me was, with the ball coming from behind him and on the wrong side, he had instinctive awareness of space, and without having to look down at the ball he's moved it through him and with a couple of touches, into a shooting position without even having to think about it or getting it tangled up in his feet. Now, all that sounds like something you should be able to take for granted from a professional in the top-league, but we all know that's not the case, and we've become accustomed to strikers needing 6 and 7 touches to set before even thinking about shooting (or hitting it into the stand), or midfielders dallying on the ball trying to decide what to do. tl;dr version - it's his instinctive technique and confidence in himself that impresses me most.
  15. Has Steelmen Online died? Is Bucs is Mauritius with the ad-revenue?