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  1. Remember, remember the fourth of November Floundering season of rot I know of no reason why the Heck in preseason Did not have -bottom shot
  3. Uniform Oscar Kilo Hotel Uniform November ? x-ray We should have changed the shape long before McGregorYLT changed the shape of Morelos' face (first five minutes). McGregorEBT and Marciano kept the score respectable for both sides; dropping points was embarrassing enough for the H**s after that Hibs performance. Milligan, Hanlon & Marciano put their bodies on the line to keep us in the game; Darren McGregor put his body on any H** near him. Provincial dross like The H**s don't do walking away with three points against The Establishment's Capital Club Club.
  4. How The West Was Won: https://www.coachesvoice.com/alan-stubbs-hibernian-rangers/ Skip to 32:00 How To Lose Games And Alienate The People: https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibs/mark-warburton-rangers-should-have-beaten-hibs-in-cup-final-this-is-why-we-didn-t-1-4875495 Skip to 43:41 The Magic-Hatted One's interview reminded me of a quote from him, several months after he made himself disappear in 2016... "I'm not saying [Dominic Ball] would have changed the way things turned out, but he is 6ft 2in." Stubbs refers to the rather simple, but evidently effective, tactic of exploiting the opponent's weakness. Warburton refers to the rather paradoxical 'my players were knackered after their two-week break'. I suppose Warburton believes Hibs were fortunate, having just played four playoff games in nine days. Nothing rejuvenates a side like four energy-sapping 'must-win' games and complete dejection after failing to achieve promotion. The bitterness is so sweet that I can tangibly taste every word with my gesticulatory spoon.
  5. Fenloans Ltd. Players McPake McGivern Cairney Claros Thomson Taiwo Robertson Deegan Kuqi Doyle [✓] - Pioneered the 2-6-2 formation. [✓] - Extensive experience with loan signings. [✓] - Knowledgable about utilising fifty centre-mids. BRING HIM HOME LLEEAANN! There have been ominous signs appearing throughout the club this season. January was a brief window in which to view a house burning down from the inside. It was ignited last season before being relentlessly fuelled by Lennon's presentation to the press and public, after the derby defeat left us gasping for a European place. We weren't looking great going into the second-half of last season either, but we had more points and better prospects. Last season was neurosurgery, but this time we're looking at replacing the entire central nervous system. We have lost our spine. Our only answer has been to moan about our pain at the back instead of doing something about it. We've seen a GP, but he was allegedly dismissed for assisting the practice manager in malpractice. The manager went to consult the chairman about a grey area in his contract — he ended up throwing his chairs out the pram at a Gray area and lost it [and his contract]. Putting a name to the chair he was throwing was the straw that broke the camel's back – whereas he was aiming to break the G.O.A.T.'s... On the exhale & release, he flattened his vowels & threw the 'r' away — "Have some of that G-ugh-AY!" as Lleeaann was knighted by a chair leg meant for Sir David Gray. Fenloans & stopgaps are never a good thing to see regardless of how necessary they are. We won't see another transfer window or a season turnaround like last season again. While we're throwing ideas and chairs around... I hope the club are throwing the kitchen sink at Ambrose.
  6. Hibs offer #ballers a home; we've nurtured forgotten talents and nursed those crippled by the weight of early expectations. Hibs built a player out of 'mucho ECG' and padded him with bubble wrap to prevent him from popping his package. Hibs offered a safe haven for The Chubby Baller to practise his Reverse Shroo Balls™ without fear of interception. Hibs harnessed the antonymic Efetobore by providing him with Havana's finest horticultural produce. Hibs signed someone who solely scores screamers, simply to create a rhyming quartet of Horgan, Morgan, Mallan & Allan. Aside from giving St Mirren's stars a chance to shine, we allowed a flame-haired Fyvie to rekindle his career. Gauld is where he belongs.
  7. The incidents have been well-covered and some of the football has been talked about too... One thing that hasn't been mentioned enough is how good Whittaker's strike for the 'equaliser' was. It would have taken something special to top that for 'Goal Of The Season' — instead, we witnessed the best save you'll see in 2018-19. WHAT – A – SAVE (Keep an eye out for the Hibby in the first .gif – he takes his eye off the ball to do a one-man pitch invasion before realising that the ball didn't go in. Just above 'ANDREWS' on the ad board.)
  8. To be fair to The ***s, I (Daniel Blake) have done much worse than Morelos on the pitch and received no retrospective punishment. One incident in 2016, I beat two *** players at Hampden Park with the corpse of Kenny Miller... Not only was the incident recorded by the BBC — but upon being viewed by the judge, it was thrown out of court and immediately submitted for the Palme d'Or at Cannes. Just like the ***s – the film was well-beaten by 'I, Daniel Blake'.
  9. Bah! The capital club club being provincial? An oxymoron from the ***-moron. Can't you appreciate important capital clubclubs like Hibs? Kincardine, appreciate how highly Hibs are regarded. In a moment of madness, McGregor made the mistake. No *** deserved to be gifted a belated Christmas present. YLT Daz redeemed himself by hammering Mackie's late cross. Our Leithuanian ruffled feathers with his own blessed cross. Underperforming Mallan strutted about like a peacock. Rangers were very lucky to walk away without being beaten. Boyle is still off-the-boil but he got embroiled enough. Only Lennon (correctly) wanted to persevere with McGregor. Xenophobic hatred from the ***s was silenced. Hundreds of ***s poured out of Ibrox's pores afterwards. Unsurprised to see Ambrose pelted with a lighter... Nice of the ref to pick it up and light Efe's Cuban. # You can't beat the caustic tears of hammered ***s. Lennon almost turned me agnostic. The_Kincardine has turned me acrostic.
  10. @The_Kincardine reported my thread for using '***' It's only fair that m*ds also ban the new thread title. Spoonb*rners is a deeply, deeply offensive sectarian slur. About time ***s were given a taste of our own heroin too-three. Honestly, I can't believe the m*ds are allowing this. Underhanded tactics by ***s. No surprises there. @The_Kincardine In case you missed it, I'll repeat it: So read the diddies' ditties carefully... Any day is "Boxing Day' when Hibees play ***s Away Hundreds of Hibbies Undulating to the beat Nothing but bodies Twas the night before Christmas When all through the thread All the ***s crawled out The night of the undead One haiku Two rhymes Three poems It was an acceptable title.
  11. We can't play McGregor anymore, even with our squad this depleted and threadbare. He has stitched our defence together in the past, but what would he offer us against Rangers? P L A Y H I M .
  12. There are Mayflies that have watched Rangers in the flesh more times than you will ever do. They rarely live longer than a day... Like the hundreds of H*ns that lay flayed on the pitch that day in May – when Sir David Gray shrugged off Halliday – and I cut Kenny Miller's corpse into a gourmet filet. You're not even as loyal as those that did 'Walking Away'. The Rangers Way.
  14. Celtc couldn't sell their allocation... Disgraceful! They only sold half the South Stand... Shocking! That young right-back Whittaker was a revelation... So graceful! Our setup was outstanding and our stands were rocking. Mackie's knife through butter balls – dear – they were Scotty Allan-like Kamberi's control looked quite Messi – so he cleaned it up with a tidy strike. Stevenson's drive: Sproule on a bike. Edouard's dive? Triple front somersault pike. Slivka's tasty shimmy — an early, composing start. Leithuanian — Wolf. Celtc — gang. Mozart. Bach in the side, Horgan: a thorn in Brown's backside. Brown slips over and slides; Horgan never broke stride. Brown careered into a career-ender on youth Vykintas. Brown's career? Ended. Euthanised. Dignitas.
  15. We need to get our thumb out for this game. Effortless Efe has been our most reliable player since our slump, be it in defence or going forward. He can't do it all on his own forever, especially with the osteoarthritic changes you'd expect from the 52 year-old. Injuries have plagued our side this season. If Lennon wasn't picking his side out of a hat, you could sympathise with him having so few fit players. Marciano (if he Israeli fit) Ambrose Porteous Hanlon Stevenson Milligan Bartley Boyle Mallan Horgan Kamberi Kamberi hat-trick. Cap doffed for Efe.
  16. Effortless effervescence from Efetobore Antonymbrose. The Nigerian Prince has returned, after his earlier cameos as 'Clown Prince', to his rightful place on our right-hand side. We become a dynamic team when he plays and he is the right player for how we have been playing; cutting out counter-attacks and creating space with his pace, he suits our direct & attacking style. Ambrose always looked to receive the ball whether he was under pressure at centre-back or ravaging forward at right-back. Some fans clamoured for Efe to become synonymous with the mistakes he made earlier in the season. He was arguably our best player. Porteous may still be developing, but he has played better alongside Ambrose than McGregor ever has. Yesterday, their styles of play complemented well. Gray has risen from the ashes of the treatment table, after inflammation issues and burning out in recent seasons. His head produces more Gold moments than Rob Jones singing Spandau Ballet; his mentality still has him throwing everything at the ball though and it ended with him clashing heavily enough to need subbed. Stevenson's crossing was sub-standard yesterday; once Gray's sub resulted in Nelom at left-back, it released Stevenson to drift more centrally and he became far more useful with players around him. If Nelom is the real deal, then I'd like to see more of Stevenson in defensive-midfield. Bogdán made a crucial stop when Porteous and/or Ambrose let a hopeful lobbed ball bounce in behind them; if Bingham scored the one-one-one opportunity, I reckon the game could have got a bit more attritional. As it went though, Hamilton contributed to their own demise by allowing Hibs the time and space to turn on the ball. 'Slivka' is onomatopoeia for his passes: a slick flick of the Leithuanian's leg and the ball is crackling into place for his teammate to play. I feel that people underestimate the value his (and Milligan's) passing offer a team that wants to break forward quickly. A vital second is saved by the way they place the ball for the receiver: crisp and weighted well, we can turn & move or play it instantly. This caused Hamilton myriad problems as our centre-midfielders started off strings of passing and movement. It's the type of passing that we will need against the likes of Livingstone and Hearts, when we find ourselves without time on the ball and under pressure. At times though, Hamilton were so far off their marker that it was simply a case of us connecting the dots. Accies put so little pressure on the ball and we revelled in it. Since Milligan made his first appearance, we have not lost a game and have kept four consecutive clean sheets. We were toiling to fill in a couple of Mc-massive holes in midfield and after a p***kly interim of Whittaker as a stopgap, our performances have spiked with our Aussie anchorman. He's already fallen foul of the standard stereotyping and lazy clichés: 'does the dirty stuff well' – 'the bit of steel that we need' – 'keeps it simple'... Milligan is a much better player than that. He provides an assured presence for the back four whilst providing slick passes forward. He looks like he can lead the team, exemplified when Ambrose dwelled on the ball and Milligan walked through him to play the ball back to Bogdán. Mallan has scored 9 goals this season; each of them from outside the box. The last player I remember being as potent from distance was Derek Riordan. Four or five assists isn't a bad contribution either for our latest Paisley prodigy. Who needs McGinn, McGeouch or Allan when you have Stevie Mallan! Hyndman finally proved his worth with a strong first half display; he offered the type of incisive passes into the final third that have been missing since Scott Allan. He took his goal superbly after a deft assist from the notoriously poor-passer Martin Boyle, not long after the notoriously flaccid-finisher scored our first with a sharp strike. Kamberi made himself available in midfield and although he didn't always get himself into the game, he dragged two defenders out and brought in several of his teammates. Lennon and his backroom team had me questioning our prospects on the 1 February 2018, before their signing of some unknown quantities and a snake resulted in us solving our puzzling profligacy in front of goal. Despite pulling three rabbits out of the hat in February, I doubted our chances once we lost our tremendous triumvirate in midfield. Though we may not be controlling possession as well as last season, we're scoring more goals from midfield and Milligan has plugged the area that was draining us of points. The upcoming games against Hearts, Celtc and (to a lesser extent) Rangers are when we can decide if this squad's problems have been addressed well enough to improve upon last season. Having options like Horgan and Agyepong to play alongside or replace Boyle will only create more opportunities and chances in front of goal. I don't think we have a definitive starting-eleven yet; I don't see why we should stick to one setup with the range of options we have when at full-strength.
  17. Couplibaly We'll still let you sign Steven Whittaker... Please sign Steven Whittaker.
  18. 26 April 1972 Texaco Cup Final | 2nd Leg Baseball Ground, Derby Official Attendance: 25,102 Derby County 2-1 Airdrieonians I don't believe that is Malcolm MacDonald / Newcastle United. To my limited search-engine-enabled knowledge, Newcastle did not wear socks like that. It appears to be a change kit; the socks are definitely more like the type that Airdrieonians used. Here are some more images from that day: If you look centre-right of the second image, a mascot appears to be wearing an Airdrieonians kit.
  19. I spent a good 15 minutes reading some FIFA rules — I think I know what I’m talking about... He’ll be playing within two months. If he isn’t, we’ll let you sign Steven Whittaker.
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