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  1. Every Hibs fan should know that we are 'More Than A Club Club'. Spot on on.
  2. Remember, Remember That Day In May-vember When Stokes Scored With His First Shot When Henderson Delivered And Gray Scored The Winner Should Never Be Forgot
  3. Hiya H**s Well played, St Johnstone. 'Hibsed It' in Stoppage-Time +2
  4. Remember, remember the fourth of November Floundering season of rot I know of no reason why the Heck in preseason Did not have -bottom shot
  6. Uniform Oscar Kilo Hotel Uniform November ? x-ray We should have changed the shape long before McGregorYLT changed the shape of Morelos' face (first five minutes). McGregorEBT and Marciano kept the score respectable for both sides; dropping points was embarrassing enough for the H**s after that Hibs performance. Milligan, Hanlon & Marciano put their bodies on the line to keep us in the game; Darren McGregor put his body on any H** near him. Provincial dross like The H**s don't do walking away with three points against The Establishment's Capital Club Club.
  7. How The West Was Won: https://www.coachesvoice.com/alan-stubbs-hibernian-rangers/ Skip to 32:00 How To Lose Games And Alienate The People: https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibs/mark-warburton-rangers-should-have-beaten-hibs-in-cup-final-this-is-why-we-didn-t-1-4875495 Skip to 43:41 The Magic-Hatted One's interview reminded me of a quote from him, several months after he made himself disappear in 2016... "I'm not saying [Dominic Ball] would have changed the way things turned out, but he is 6ft 2in." Stubbs refers to the rather simple, but evidently effective, tactic of exploiting the opponent's weakness. Warburton refers to the rather paradoxical 'my players were knackered after their two-week break'. I suppose Warburton believes Hibs were fortunate, having just played four playoff games in nine days. Nothing rejuvenates a side like four energy-sapping 'must-win' games and complete dejection after failing to achieve promotion. The bitterness is so sweet that I can tangibly taste every word with my gesticulatory spoon.
  8. Fenloans Ltd. Players McPake McGivern Cairney Claros Thomson Taiwo Robertson Deegan Kuqi Doyle [✓] - Pioneered the 2-6-2 formation. [✓] - Extensive experience with loan signings. [✓] - Knowledgable about utilising fifty centre-mids. BRING HIM HOME LLEEAANN! There have been ominous signs appearing throughout the club this season. January was a brief window in which to view a house burning down from the inside. It was ignited last season before being relentlessly fuelled by Lennon's presentation to the press and public, after the derby defeat left us gasping for a European place. We weren't looking great going into the second-half of last season either, but we had more points and better prospects. Last season was neurosurgery, but this time we're looking at replacing the entire central nervous system. We have lost our spine. Our only answer has been to moan about our pain at the back instead of doing something about it. We've seen a GP, but he was allegedly dismissed for assisting the practice manager in malpractice. The manager went to consult the chairman about a grey area in his contract — he ended up throwing his chairs out the pram at a Gray area and lost it [and his contract]. Putting a name to the chair he was throwing was the straw that broke the camel's back – whereas he was aiming to break the G.O.A.T.'s... On the exhale & release, he flattened his vowels & threw the 'r' away — "Have some of that G-ugh-AY!" as Lleeaann was knighted by a chair leg meant for Sir David Gray. Fenloans & stopgaps are never a good thing to see regardless of how necessary they are. We won't see another transfer window or a season turnaround like last season again. While we're throwing ideas and chairs around... I hope the club are throwing the kitchen sink at Ambrose.
  9. Hibs offer #ballers a home; we've nurtured forgotten talents and nursed those crippled by the weight of early expectations. Hibs built a player out of 'mucho ECG' and padded him with bubble wrap to prevent him from popping his package. Hibs offered a safe haven for The Chubby Baller to practise his Reverse Shroo Balls™ without fear of interception. Hibs harnessed the antonymic Efetobore by providing him with Havana's finest horticultural produce. Hibs signed someone who solely scores screamers, simply to create a rhyming quartet of Horgan, Morgan, Mallan & Allan. Aside from giving St Mirren's stars a chance to shine, we allowed a flame-haired Fyvie to rekindle his career. Gauld is where he belongs.
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