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  1. Tango Hotel Echo Hotel Uniform November @The_Kincardine
  2. Really don't know where to start with this... Unless I start with a rhyme: Over time it has been said Kevin Clancy's blood is orange - not red. Hundreds of H**s were knocked dead Until they rose again like Rangers - undead Nonetheless, at Hampden in 2016 ‐ they bled. ?
  3. The revival that nobody asked for. A new P&B Top Trump. We go from the 'Top Trump' to The Top Trump. On the nose, you have a poster who is absurd in their humour; there is a tendency for the surreal and viciously vivid descriptions of events whether they are real or false. The palate of their posts hint at hilarity. Although, sadly, he doesn't appear to grace us with his presence anymore - his posts linger like the finish of a fine single-malt whisky. Their writhing way with words wrought havoc on the sense & sensibilities of unsuspecting posters; those that knew of him, knew they were in for a treat. One of P&B's success stories, they went from posting perfection to published posting. Their take on Leigh Griffiths' infamous blog led to rapturous reviews. The Alternative Leigh Griffiths Blog, as it became known, was a work of genius. The poster is none other than @dundeebarry
  4. Anytime I walk into a thread with @General dissaray:
  5. Allan d'Or and his sumptuous Reverse Shroo Balls™ will shred apart the opposition once more. Delectable. He has went from H**ey to Honey. Traitor to Instigator. Respectable. The Hero-To-Zero-To-Hero will slot right into your side - just like his RSBs™ will slot right into your forwards' feet. Erectable. Enjoy him while we can, Hi-Dees. Thank You... Thank You... Thank You... Thank you...
  6. Scottish Cup Final 21 May 2016 Pre-Match Starting Elevens 0-1 (3') Stokes 1-1 (27') Miller 2-1 (64') Halliday 2-2 (80') Stokes 2-3 (90'+2') Gray Stoppage Time & Final Whistle Aftermath & Celebrations
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