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  1. Creetown

    Not sure that was the answer he was looking for
  2. Heston rovers

    Your correct. My bad it was 12-13 dalbeattie threave heston saints found it on heston website
  3. Heston rovers

    Yes Heston have finished top four. Finished third behind Dalbeattie and threave the year before lowland league was formed.
  4. Heston rovers

    You need to actually train for manager to be at training. Rumblings down Kirkcudbright way that they haven’t trained for weeks and weeks. Club seems a mess
  5. Players with many clubs in 1 Season?

    These supporters from CD need to worry more about their own club rather than the great work going on at Creetown. Looks like the new manager at threave hasn’t had the same impact as the new manager at Creetown. Standard threave though. Been chewing on sour grapes for years
  6. Saints manager

    Applying for Gretna job I’ve heard
  7. Cup final

    Not personal just based on results not equating to the budget spent.
  8. Cup final

    In 2 years the results are still poor and nowhere near what they should be in comparison to budget. For a team with one of highest budgets in league they shouldn’t be languishing where they are below a host of teams with zero playing budget. reality is carrot can’t attract players because of the way he goes about his business and players of any quality see right through his nonsense. without a doubt pound for pound the most underachieving club in the league for last 2 years.

    Carrot is clearly a poor coach, attracts poor players and has poor patter in the press. saints underachieving considering their budget. They should have one of best coaches in region with budget and facilities they have. instead they have this dumbass making a fool of the club with his nonsense chat and terrible recruitment. He’s lost better players than he’s recruited. Woeful. Feel sorry that a decent chap like razor is getting dragged down by him
  10. Managerial Changes

    Looking like another summer of change. Any rumours on who will take Newton , Lochmaben or Creetown jobs? Could be hard for all three to recruit a manager. Doesn’t seem to be many going about.
  11. Dodgy pitches!

    Not fussed about slaughtering abbey vale as they are a cracking club ran by decent human beings. However, take great pleasure in slaughtering uppers because they are pretty much the opposite and this seasons episode with gilfillan pretty much sums them up.
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Criteria not out of reach if the board were ambitious in terms of youth development and if they had someone of suitable knowledge and drive to move it forward. Current set up doesn’t have a full time member of staff in place to drive it forward like most clubs do. Most youth / community set ups now have charitable status. Queens aren’t serious enough about either if you compare to other clubs. Only people at queens paid full time in community / youth are Eddie warwick and Danny Armstrong. Neither have experience or knowledge to drive this forward like other clubs do.
  13. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    Pretty sure he lectures at local college and does education programme for queens under 20s. Seen him at arena last year doing disability football sessions with them and they are at my kids school this year.
  14. Gossips!!

    You must have. It’s all round Moffat . You must know
  15. Gilly FC

    Not before time . Good luck to whoever has to pick up pieces once all the money boys depart. Will only have a handful of players left