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  1. Berwick 2018/19

    If Directors are regularly at training and making adverse comments then having a Director of Football makes sense to give a layer of protection to the Manager and his staff.
  2. Berwick 2018/19

    Excellent signing!
  3. Berwick 2018/19

    It is the only way to improve things.
  4. Berwick 2018/19

    Yes. I tried to highlight last season that by sacking Coughlin we could be sleepwalking to non league. Because I thought Clyde, Cowden and Edinburgh would improve. Remember it was Annan that was the final nail in his coffin. I am afraid it is not just about giving your all but is your all good enough? I remember all the predictions about Robbie's network and how he would find players. I agree with the panicking, again, and expect knee jerk reactions. I still cannot believe the DoF! What is his remit?
  5. Berwick 2018/19

    Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?
  6. Berwick 2018/19

    No wonder! Make decisions let someone else take the flak springs to mind. Although nearly a year ago everyone was assuring me that Robbie would be signing hidden gems with his "contacts". I thought it meant network not lenses.
  7. Coughlin was sacked, it was not a case of him wanting to go. Was the sacking all about factions in the boardroom looking for excuses or reasons to get one up on other factions? I did not think it was horror start to the season, two very bad results, although Stirling were beating everyone at the time. There had been no time to work with the loanees, they stay with their parent club until the end of pre season, There had been no time to settle on his best team. From what I had heard he was doing a good job in other areas of the club. Having taken the decision to sack Coughlin, I think it would only make matters worse if the same was done to Robbie. Yes the Selkirk scenario is a bit weird but with rumours and accusations flying before Coughlin got there, it is perhaps not a surprise he "left".
  8. What was the " absolute horror of a Summer" ?
  9. Yes I agree. I also can't believe we gave Coughlin a budget, a pre season, signing players, and then get rid of him after 3 league games. If he had to go it should have been the end of last season.
  10. I don't think anyone blamed him for anything. I don't think you can blame anyone when it seemed as if the majority agreed with the appointment at the time. There is no guarantee with any appointment. I do not know how good the manager is. I feel that is the remit of the board, only they know what resources they provide. The only evidence I have are my opinion of the performances and more importantly results. Trying to be rational and analytical the results show a downward trend and are not good enough for the expectations of the club or the fans. My comment "golden child" was trying to reflect that Robbie seems to be getting an easier ride than some others. I don't quite get the tone of your comment.
  11. It certainly beginning to look as if he is someone's "golden child".
  12. Games 30 Won 6 (20%) Drawn 8 (26.67%) Lost 16 (53.33%) For 22 Against 53 GD -31
  13. P GD Pts 05/08/17 – 19/08/17 Coughlin 3 -6 3 20/08/17 – 31/01/18 Robbie 18 -12 21 Transfer Window 01/02/18 – 07/04/18 Robbie 10 -11 5 31 -29 29
  14. I don't think anyone can say that the players couldn't give a toss because of one game. However I also don't know why you think that this is a decent squad and I feel every management team should be supported. "change will only happen if every key stake-holder is on the same journey towards the same objective." That is the key and not constantly changing managers or manoeuvring to get your favourite in place. It cannot be a short term fix, but I am alarmed that there seems to be an acceptance of our current plight.
  15. Berwick Rangers next manager

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