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  1. Some people need to lighten up. This is a fans forum and if you don’t like opinions then ignore them. Most people on here are at the wind up!
  2. If we were interested in it we’d have entered. We’re not in it because we don’t want anything to do with the SJFA.We’ve moved on.
  3. It’s not claiming to be a national competition which the Junior Cup certainly isn’t.
  4. Mickey Mouse tournament that needs put to sleep. It’s just another West Cup(with some missing) a few tayside clubs and North diddies.It’s hardly a national competition now.
  5. He’d already been sent off having been on the pitch as a sub for all of 6 minutes
  6. They did enquire about land in Victoria Park beside Broomhill but AFAIK they got knocked back.There was opposition and there were people who wanted to turn the land into an orchard
  7. It’s because of the requirement for them to play at a licensed ground.If they were relegated I’m sure they’d get a ground share somewhere nearer.
  8. There was no bankruptcy or liquidation involved with us.League membership was transferred and everything else was given back to the supporters trust.The gap was only because it happened so close to the start of the season that we had nowhere to play!!
  9. Cracking day for us on Saturday beating Dalkeith 7-0 in front of 820 paying fans. Decent draw getting Elgin at home even though we’ll be underdogs. Didn’t fancy playing you anyway,you’re going too well!!
  10. Cumnock are a licensed senior club playing in a senior league.They are in The Scottish Cup.
  11. Huge day for us at the Bankies tomorrow when we take on Dalkeith in the 1st Round of the Scottish Cup. One step closer to the return of our local derby hopefully
  12. This is an SFA registered cup competition now,it can’t just be scrapped! It’s mandatory for WoSFL clubs to play in it. If clubs want to play in other optional minor cup competitions then they can’t complain about fixture congestion.
  13. Why don’t you volunteer to do it? You’ve obviously got a lot of time on your hands as you’re never off of here.
  14. Why would we need to win anything? We are a senior licensed club! What have Albion Rovers,Elgin City,Falkirk,Hamilton etc won to get into it?
  15. Small time national cup competition What a complete zoomer.
  16. Yes,this Saturday home to Dalkeith. Would love to have the Sons visit us in a competitive fixture. A lot of hard work has gone into making this happen,it’s been a long journey but The Bankies are back!
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