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  1. I don't think Clydebank can talk about any teams gang mentality... I dint think we’ve ever been described as a gang by anyone! I thought Shankland was the ref?
  2. Kilsyth guy asked what happened and I’ve told him!
  3. Talbot defender led with the elbow in a challenge.Lino flagged for a foul,ref took too long to give it.Decided to give Talbot the free kick (unsurprisingly) lino had to tell him it was our foul!
  4. Blatant foul on the edge of the box at the equaliser.Not surprising given the refs performance throughout the game. Draw was about right and I’d have taken it beforehand.
  5. That was when Ian McColl demanded that we weren’t allowed near the dugouts which as you know were in front of the stand and had an enclosure behind them. Horrible days ☹️
  6. Good run out for us today. Some bizarre refereeing from our old favourite Calum Scott.Keeper comes out and wipes out McPherson and he gives a drop ball to Dumbarton. Good luck for the season ahead.
  7. The other 20s GK Jamie Stevenson was playing last night so good chance Max will be on the bench.
  8. A shell of a club by that time,playing out of Cappielow still owned by Hall and being run by a football agent! Thank god for fan ownership.
  9. Home fans only for some bizarre reason
  10. I’m sure he could,thankfully he’s already signed up for this season.He’s the captain and is really good guy who loves playing for us.
  11. He’ll be hard pressed to find any Junior football these days.....
  12. Andy Stirling signed for Darvel,any good?
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