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  1. So in England they either let crowds in or get compensation at non league level yet up here we get neither! Well done Scottish Govt great way to kill the National sport .
  2. Jason Leitch said on Radio Scotland yesterday that crowds would be back first at smaller local games.
  3. You mentioned Grade,The WoSFL is a senior league the same as the SPFL..The Juniors is a different Grade run by its own FA. Why are we allowed to play if we’re not seen as professional? The Govt said professional football ONLY.
  4. If we weren’t classed as professional we wouldn’t be allowed to play at all. There is no grade,we’re not under the SJFA anymore.
  5. We’re not looking to make any money from it. Its just to keep fans interested,like many clubs are doing.
  6. We have offered to live stream/film the game and been told we can’t by Largs. Great way to promote the league and keep fans interested !
  7. Most of Pollok's players are on two year deals and I'd imagine they prepared these contracts with this eventuality in mind. I'd expect to see a fair few season long loan deals but it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. They’ll need to pay them full wages to keep them under contract surely? They’d be in breech if they didn’t.
  8. I’ll not be missing anything 😋
  9. You’ve taken a year out,just let the vast majority get on with it.
  10. Aye because Kilbirnie had a chance of winning the league 🤣
  11. Better than sitting about for a year and a half doing nothing.
  12. “as the clubs thatare still playing are not the clubs with the biggerattendances as you said, they are the clubs wheremoney comes in through other means “ We are still playing.
  13. Utter rubbish,do you think Bankies rely on a sugar daddy? I think the problem is with clubs who have players who are only there for big wages.No wages = not playing.
  14. They’ll have gone there for the cash. Some serious money being spent by EK,Kelty and Darvel not to mention St Cadocs and Drumchapel Utd. It was always going to happen once there was a working pyramid system.
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