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  1. You do know that Darvel and EK are senior clubs?
  2. Not at all just saying that in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal.
  3. I hardly think a few dozen people playing football outside is the same as schools rammed with thousands of kids. Most schools have entire classes isolating and teachers and pupils off but must stay open. The numbers went way down in the first lockdown because they were closed.When they all opened up the numbers went way up,go figure.
  4. Schools,colleges and Universities with thousands of pupils/students inside them with no masks or social distancing is more madness than that but for some reason they must stay open.
  5. Only the top division of the SPFL plus Hearts are being tested.
  6. I doubt anybody will be licensed by the end of this season the way things are going. The season will finish though,however long it takes.
  7. The season will be played to a finish of that there is no doubt.If it runs until August then clubs who’ve sat out will just have to sit out a bit longer.
  8. Translation - Our players won’t play for expenses as they’re all getting paid far too much. 🤣
  9. That’s funny because they all stated that it was because of health and safety.?
  10. You do know it’s not against the law to car share?
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