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  1. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Hearts 4. Aberdeen 5. Dundee United 6. Livingston 7. Hibs 8. Kilmarnock 9. Motherwell 10. St Mirren 11. Ross county 12. St Johnstone
  2. Great to see Hemming back for another season, it seemed to be the worst kept secret this summer for us. However, the longer it seemed to go before it was confirmed, the more fearful I was that it would turn into another Bachmann-esque saga. In regards to the Adeloye links, he looked good in the small amount of games that I seen him play. He would certainly be a good option to have in the squad and probably would not be on that high of a wage compared to some of the other strikers/forward options we have been previously linked with over the last few weeks or so.
  3. Shocked but not surprised to see Wright leave the role. However, looking at some of the 'managers' being linked to other clubs, it definitely gives me some fear that one of them might end up here.
  4. 1. Rangers 2. Celtic 3. Aberdeen 4. Hibs 5. St Johnstone 6. Motherwell 7. Hearts 8. St Mirren 9. Dundee United 10. Dundee 11. Livingston 12. Ross County
  5. For me, he seemed to go through periods of either being our best centre half and being absolutely awful. As mentioned previously, you only need to watch the two matches against Dundee as evidence of him at his worst. I always imagined him jumping down a few divisions and joining a side like Kelty or Clyde (no idea why). So I am maybe a bit surprised, in that sense, for him to be training with another Championship side. If you use him to his strengths: allow him to have a physical battle with the oppositions striker, enable him to boot and head the ball clear and have a quicker defender beside him. He could be a good signing. There was also times when he appeared to be a great leader and experienced player on the pitch, teaching and guiding his younger defenders throughout the match. However, he might throw those players under the bus for goals conceded, regardless of it being his fault or not (see one of Motherwell's goals against us towards the end of the season).
  6. I think the vast majority of Killie fans are of the opinion that the issues of this season have stemmed from the board, the players and poor recruitment pre-Wright. Before Wright came in, we were struggling to defend and score goals (along with other issues as well). Outwidth the last two matches and we have actually looked a lot better under Wright, especially offensively, in large part thanks to Wright's only signing. Despite, the defensive issues still being there, Wright has definitely improved the team since coming in and for that reason deserves at least this upcoming transfer window in order to clear out the squad and build a new one. Obviously, there will still be a minority that will voice their disdain towards Wright for the situation that we find ourselves now in. Given the list of out of work managers that Ludo would draw up for a new manager thread and some of the 'managers' linked to us last time, Wright definitely is still the best option for us going forward.
  7. Obviously, I am absolutely gutted to see us being relegated and fair play to Dundee as they absolutely deserved to win the two matches and gain promotion. However, it can hopefully allow us to clear out the squad and enable the board and Wright to pinpoint where it has all gone wrong this season and hopefully fix this for the upcoming season. In an ideal world, a season of playing four Ayrshire derbies, potentially winning the Championship and the Scottish Challenge Cup (obviously the highlight of any Scottish Cup competition and player's CV), not playing any of the Old Firm in the league and not losing three/four games against Aberdeen, is not the worst thing. Especially, with the (hopefully) added bonus of being able to head to Inverness, Dumfries and Arbroath for away games. However, just looking at some of the teams to be relegated into the Championship in recent years like Dundee, Dundee United and Hibs, does highlight the fact that the Championship can be a difficult league to get out of for a recently relegated side. Especially with teams like Patrick Thistle, Dunfermline, Raith, Ayr and of course Hamilton (who will inevitably turn into world beaters and completely run away with the league) all arguably having a chance of finishing in the Playoffs or winning the league as well. TL/DR version: one season in the Championship and getting promoted in the first time of asking= not the worst thing. More than one season in the Championship= absolutely horrifying.
  8. I have always said that we have been lacking in a squad of players who have once looked at Northern Ireland on a map. So long as they have vast ambitions of playing for some of the biggest clubs in Europe, like Blackburn and...erm... Preston, that is anyway.
  9. I am delighted that at this current moment, both John Hughes and Mark McGhee are employed by other clubs. However, the presence of Stubbs and McCann on this list has given me slight concern about the other options that are still free and available. I would be delighted if we could get either Stephen Robinson or Tommy Wright in as manager. I have also slowly came round to the idea of hiring Craig Levein as well. Personally I just really hope we also don't go for the usual method of hiring someone already in the club like Fowler or Millen.
  10. It is never really a transfer window until Craig posts on here. I, for one, welcome this as it does not feel right without him.
  11. Good to hear that Connell is doing so well with Airdrie. He has been a player who has been highly regarded by many at the club. Currently it might be a strong possibility of him remaining until the end of the season, although a lot can change in a week, especially with the way we have been performing in recent weeks.
  12. Who can forget, the footballing legend that is Mubtumbo.
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