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  1. Not as explosive but I feel his quality on the ball is slightly better, his passing usage is verging on top-class probably the best we’ve got. In terms of pace and strength he’s probably average for strength and nippy acceleration-wise with any real pace. He’s less of a liability off the ball than McGregor and, like everyone in the Sheffield Utd team, puts in one hell of a shift each game. Obviously not as good but would compare to Marco Verratti.
  2. FWIW I’m actually very happy with Conor Brennan. He has some flaws but for a guy with so little 1st team experience through his career, he’s been really decent I’d say and will only improve with more game time - I definitely wouldn’t be spending one of our available wages on a GK come January. On the separate issue of player contracts. I wouldn’t mind seeing some key players signed up early but given how tightly the club is budgeted, I can see why it’d be regarded as a risk with Injury and form/age deterioration all factors. What I must say I’d be extremely opposed to doing is signing up players until next January - for me that’s an absolute disaster waiting to happen when we get nearer the time. Finally I’d like to wish all Sons fans a merry Christmas and a happy new year - hopefully 2020 will see an increased win count and more importantly, improved attendances.
  3. Would be good to get a Conservative majority. Only party who can be trusted to spend money wisely
  4. I think the quality in our squad has been a bit understated to be honest. In theory the likes of Tumilty, Frizzell, Carswell, Hutton and McKee should all be standout players at league 1 level. If our 2 centre backs had the slightest hint of footballing feet and we had a reliable backup striker - I would argue the team look pretty strong.
  5. I think it was presumed that having the Hip replaced/resurfaced would restrict his movement far too much to compete professionally again. Only a small number of surgeons were willing to suggest it could work, however, other may not have wanted to gamble with their reputation. I think the idea really grew in Andy’s mind when Bob Brian proved he could return to high-level doubles, pain free.
  6. I’ll predict Dom Thomas has a much higher assists-games ratio than any of the others. He, along with Paul McGinn should be the very first names in the team purely based on quality of performances delivered.
  7. The player who plays Number 1 has to be higher ranked than 2
  8. Surely has to play Edmund 1 and Murray 2? There’s little chance of either Edmund or Evans beating Nadal but Edmund could if he red lined unbelievably - Evans simply doesn’t have the fire power to produce a 1-off performance like that.
  9. Imo Rogers McGinn, Graham, Findlay, Harvie Lindsay Turner, Agnew Thomas Lister, Kane
  10. Holding mid vote out and I see Jamie Lindsay isn’t even an option. He was my first choice tbh - the ultimate defensive minded, box-to-box midfielder.
  11. I didn’t even realise the game was all ticket for the Sons end until last night, I assume it will be easy enough to pick up a ticket when I get to the ground?
  12. Prime Lister or Prime Nade at Dumbarton though?
  13. So happy with this result! That was emotional!
  14. They probably think it will generate more interest in the challenge cup, therefore, trying to build a stronger argument for U20s teams to be introduced to the leagues. They will get bigger crowds if the first team isn’t playing
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