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  1. Sons' sorrow

    I’ll happily cover 5:30-6:30, however I’d like Sunday’s off
  2. Sons' sorrow

    http://www.dumbartonreporter.co.uk/sport/17683052.duffy-begins-dumbarton-rebuilding-job-with-two-new-additions/ I don’t think this sounds too positive
  3. Sons' sorrow

    I was being patient, thinking you know what ‘Good things come to those who wait’ and #PITK. This has all gone out of the window now. Forbes ffs! SeaGal ffs! And nobody’s even had the manners to take Hutton with them. I can’t emphasise how important it is that we get Carswell signed up now. It’s a huge rebuilding job and I hope Duffy has a miracle up his sleeve because right now telling fans we’re going for promotion looks like blatant lying.
  4. Scotland squad face June

    Half of the sides he’s looked ‘out of his depth’ against are weaker than the Championship teams he scores against on a weekly basis. Plus he’s only 22 so to write him off would be harsh.
  5. Scotland squad face June

    The Hamburg fans appear to rate him highly. Their record is much better with than without him and he’s been struggling with an injury towards the end of the season.
  6. Scotland squad face June

    McBurnie has got 16 goals in 16 starts and 3 sub appearances in 2019. I’d definitely regard that as prolific. Fletcher offers more in terms of hold up play and physical presence, however, McBurnie will get more goals. Tough choice imo.
  7. Scotland squad face June

    Looking back I would drop Turnbull to the bench, play Snodgrass through the middle and start Forrest on the right. Armstrong has started 5 premier league games in 2019 and didn’t last 90 minutes in any of them so I still wouldn’t currently select him.
  8. Scotland squad face June

    Armstrong hasn’t been great for Southampton. Looked a bit unfit and has failed to start regularly. We have plenty of options in his position who have been in top form and playing regularly.
  9. Scotland squad face June

    McLaughlin has been fantastic all season We have no good right backs Bates has definitely justified his inclusion Findlay has been very impressive although McKenna or Cooper could make it in Robertson is obvious McTominay has improved a lot and is as good a defensive midfielder as we’ve got I probably seem like I’ve got an allegiance to John Fleck because I always pick him but having watched a lot of the English Championship I think he’s been absolutely fantastic. McGinn too Snodgrass possesses a lot of quality on the ball which is why I have given him the nod ahead of Forrest who would probably be better in a game against a better team, where we need his pace on the counter Turnbull has been very good for Motherwell and is probably out most promising young talent atm. Giving him a game is not a bad idea imo. You could play Christie instead or move Snoddy central and play Forrest out wide Ryan Fraser is a very easy choice. Easily Scotland’s second best player McBurnie has been on good form for Swansea for quite a while. Some people think he shouldn’t play purely because he had some bad (really bad I know) games in a piss poor Scotland team Finally I’d like to add that I completely forgot about Callum McGregor. I’d 100% have him in the squad ahead of either McLean or Bannan
  10. Scotland squad face June

    Tell me what you’d change about it. I’m all for different opinions
  11. Kieran Tierney

    He would play at West Ham, but I doubt he’d be ahead of Chilwell at Leicester or Jonny Otto at Wolves. He needs time out. His sick obsession with Celtic is going to seriously hinder his career if he doesn’t take the time out to get his injury dealt with ASAP. I don’t blame him for pulling out of Scotland squads because his injury is clearly quite bad. He definitely shouldn’t be trying to play for Celtic though.
  12. Scotland squad face June

    What my squad would be Goalkeepers:- Jon McLaughlin Scott Bain Zander Clark Defenders:- Stephen O’Donnell David Bates Liam Cooper Stuart Findlay Scott McKenna Andy Robertson Barry Douglas (probably still injured though) Midfielders:- Scott McTominay John McGinn John Fleck Kenny McLean Barry Bannan David Turnbull James Forrest Robert Snodgrass Ryan Fraser Ryan Christie Forwards:- Oliver McBurnie Steven Fletcher Eamon Brophy Line up:- McLaughlin O’Donnell, Bates, Findlay, Robertson McTominay, Fleck Snodgrass, Turnbull, Fraser McBurnie
  13. Jeremy Kyle taken off air

    Problem is though that given it was such a short time after appearing on that Jeremy Kyle show, it was easy to apportion the cause as being the appearance on the show. For Love Island, the suicides weren’t exactly straight after the show finished so there is nothing to say that was the cause of the deaths.
  14. Does anyone else hate cyclists ??

    Got a perfect 6km Cycle path at the side of a road I drive along every day and, without fail, I’m still always held up by some p***k who has chosen to ignore the purpose build path. Fills me with obscene amount of rage but apart from that I shouldn’t have any reasons to dislike cyclists, especially considering I occasionally enjoy going on a cycle.
  15. Sons' sorrow

    I agree, but I’d rather a manager set himself up to make avoiding failure difficult than a manager who regards below par as acceptable.