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  1. O'Dea aff with an injury. What has that "thug" Bowman been up too?
  2. The Everton thread I read earlier were staunchly against Lennon and think he's an idiot. http://www.toffeeweb.com/season/12-13/rumour-mill/item.php?submissionID=24506 By the way Everton's expection is not and has never been to finish in a champions league spot. Liverpool should be pissing all over Everton with the budget difference.
  3. I'm only commenting on his suitability for Everton.
  4. So what the stats tell us is that last year Martinez led Wigan to finish 2 places higher than what his wage bill would suggest if the wage bills mirrored league placings? That is punching above his weight to me. What the budgets tell you is that Wigan should be in relegation battle every season and that is the reality of the situation. Inevitably there was going to be a season when their luck ran out and this seems to be the season. I will also add that Martinez played a big part in the Swansea success story.
  5. I would bet that they do. They probably have one of the lowest averge attendances in the EPL. I am basing it on the team and the players that they have. If they go down I don't think they will come straight back up and I don't even think they will make the play offs.
  6. Everton about 35-40k PW for the average player and I would imagine Celtic would be 20-25k for the average player.
  7. No people are entitled to their opinion I respect that but people are saying he has done nothing but save Wigan from relegation. Well that in itself is an achievement in my opinion. In my opinion Wigan are no more than a mid table Championship side so I think he is punching above his weight. He never waivers from his philosophy even when it's not going well. He doesn't panic and sticks by his beleifs. He may even have a major trophy in his cabinet come Saturday night. He has more of a pedigree than Davie Moyes had when he took over at Everton and look what he done.
  8. Dave Whelan has always talked up his managers it's in Wigan's interest that he does so. He is marketing them and has probably received a decent amount of componsation for his managers down the years. Martinez is a highly respected coach and manager in European football not just British football. There are a lot of people who think they know better than a lot of experienced people inside football and you just have to read comments on Davie Moyes for proof of this.
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/22464215 You were a cracking player Stan all the best. I hope you have a long, healthy and happy retirement.
  10. To be honest it is. I honestly think they are a mid table Championship side at best. I just like Martinez and I don't know why really, I just think he has the makings of a top manager.
  11. Roberto Martinez for me. I think Baines will go with him.
  12. I'm sure it was a soccer sixes or soccer sevens event. A tournament that was over in one day. It could have even been a Boys Brigade event, I just remember playing there. It must have been 1992 or 1993 in Primary 5 or 6. I also played in the dogshit covered pitch behind the school on hundreds of occasions . Most of the time I played at the washing lines between Kilmuir Road and Benula Road.
  13. I was standing up the top right of your pictures City Dave. I also played on that pitch in a few school tournaments for Merkinch Primary. Writing these posts isn't half bringing back memories. It feels weird that I used to watch Caley (Wilson Robertson was one of my favourite players ) , Inverness Thistle, Ross County, Elgin and Peterhead and they are all playing league football. It wasn't even that long ago in the grand scheme of things. I still come up frequently or ICT v Motherwell games and have a few pre match beers in the Caley club (not for a while mind) and I pay my £2 for my return trip to and from the ground and have a few post match beers too.
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