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  1. Ardagh Group West Of Scotland Cup

    Kennie were the semis drawn as well ?
  2. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    A passer bye mate who jumped on the bandwagon of success. Yes it is embarrassing for the guys who knew the bad times
  3. Ally Semple...he's no right in the head

    Looks like Semple not the only one to put his foot in it then. Could the member of coaching staff have been Billy Bently ?
  4. Referees

    Today at Talbot v Kilwinning game I actually witnessed a ref have a wall 10 yards from the ball at a free kick - twice. Unbelevable it just didn't look correct
  5. Junior Cup 18-19

  6. Kilwinning want talbot keeper?

    I did hear that he cut his finger last week and it bled black and gold
  7. Pollok v Talbot Feb 3rd

    Reminds of a previous game when the linesman was getting pelters and people shouting that was a soft penalty. He turned around and said "a soft boiled egg and a hard boiled egg are still a boiled egg". Answer that one
  8. Today's results.

    Dont think so !!!!
  9. Central Sectional Cup final

    Anybody want to post the score ?
  10. Dalry v Glenafton

    Cant be true as fixtures man is not allowed to make sensible changes
  11. Scores please folks

    Only if 2 ladeside players get sent off
  12. September 2nd West Premier fixtures etc

    Well let me have an input. I am not a committee man of any club but I have good friends in the committee of the club I support. Knowing I am a very good and loyal supporter they saw no reason not to tell me the way the committee were to cast their vote. Now unless they have lied to me or the club representative decided to vote against the club decision we voted for the status quo - which I find disgusting and against my view due to previous experience of the sitting tenant. Possibly the secret vote was to stop repercussions against clubs. So what I am saying is you dont have to be a club committee man to know how your club voted. Is there anyone out there believes the vote produced the correct outcome

    You are quit correct about the 4th game ago. In fact I mentioned it today as you got a free kick in virtually the same spot in the second half. Fact is people have stopped correcting this guy as his recollection of stats is very poor.
  14. Scores 08th April

    It was actually 5 minutes into second half to be correct, and yes was the highlight of the game