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  1. No. Thats part of why some teams pulled out.
  2. Well I whole heartedly agree with you on a delay and review. It would have been the correct decision. Cant understand the desire by most to rush into the 24th
  3. I think you half pick up my point. Yes to what you point out. But my main point is that help is needed from the SG and SFA. Streaming games could be an income for very little outlay And by the way you can rent Portakabins. The teams that have not pulled out obviously dont need them because they presently comply / will comply with SG guidelines These are all temporary measures. Yes its hard times but nobody said ut wasn't So thats some of my suggestions to try and stop withdrawals - whats yours
  4. Sorry Chis but totally disagree with your point on offering alternatives to try and get clubs to change mind. I for one would like to see alternative proposals to get the big boys back in as I fear for the future of the clubs that pull out - and players move on. Dont know the details of how this works. Everybody was happy to play friendlies under the health restictions so dont understand the difference moving into league games. Is it the case that all that have agree to start comply with the dressing room rules ? Do the East and others comply ? In England fans are in. If not could tempory facilities ie portakabins not be brought in so the home team uses both dressing rooms and the away team uses the temp facilities,surely not impossible. Accept that it would cost some money but for how long ? My concern is if circumstances change for the better in a months time ? the teams that have withdrawn will regret it. Govermnent or the higher echelons of SFA should be looking after the grass roots. I know its not you but why not let fans in in a controlled manner and league appoint "crowd behaviour person" to monitor social distancing in ground. Again it has been mentioned why not live stream and ask for subscription charge ? I dont think the future is Rosey and have already thrown my golf clubs out and dont own bowls
  5. What was actuallu said was couldn't guarantee the numer of games that would take place ie call offs due to COVID. So there would be no refunds on a game per game basis. What has now happened is another level and refunds have been offered. I thought you might have been more happy that Talbots name won't be on this years winners trophy
  6. Leishman ? Slow down man and check your grammar
  7. A passer bye mate who jumped on the bandwagon of success. Yes it is embarrassing for the guys who knew the bad times
  8. Looks like Semple not the only one to put his foot in it then. Could the member of coaching staff have been Billy Bently ?
  9. Today at Talbot v Kilwinning game I actually witnessed a ref have a wall 10 yards from the ball at a free kick - twice. Unbelevable it just didn't look correct
  10. I did hear that he cut his finger last week and it bled black and gold
  11. Reminds of a previous game when the linesman was getting pelters and people shouting that was a soft penalty. He turned around and said "a soft boiled egg and a hard boiled egg are still a boiled egg". Answer that one
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