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  1. Used a hot-air balloon to make Gazza's jersey.
  2. Thought it was going to stop on the line given the power behind it.
  3. Talking about folk's haircuts... ffs
  4. Kevin Thomson sounds like Boomhauer from King of the Hill.
  5. Plate's nearly fucking falling off the table. (Love Arancini though)
  6. A bit of a west Germany vibe to it. Just edited my OP to say that!
  7. Not entirely sure its possible and accurate. Fast food places maybe. Think it's 2,200/2000 calories per day. I could easily hit that with a Hollandaise.
  8. Pulp were great. The Charlatans & Mansun were around that time. Radiohead were at their peak.
  9. Blue just was recommended on Spotify. Underrated group IMO.
  10. "Not my words Michael, the words from Shakin' Stevens."
  11. Just keep thinking of this homie
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