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  1. 34 minutes ago, German Jag said:

    You‘re getting mixed up between Golden Wonder & Walkers.

    Walkers, S&V = Green. C&O = Blue. 
    Golden Wonder, vice versa. 

    Many years ago, used to work for an ink-manufacturer & had to quality-control the various shades before approving them for shipment to the packaging printers. 

    Square Walkers Cheese & Onion are green.image.thumb.jpeg.9774c5fc50928dd9e80b975319d392a8.jpeg

  2. 15 hours ago, Wieghortsnut said:

    Never really had much issues with mental health over my 35 years up until the last 4 months. Certain things have happened outwith my control and my actions during the fallout have made things worse, like ripping my happy family apart. As it stands I only get my 3 kids a couple of times a week, im out of the family home and turning to things that I shouldn't to numb the pain. 

    I have no idea if im depressed or what, but I cant keep feeling like this much longer. I hardly sleep, I dont eat much, I barely speak to anyone nowadays except posting shite on here about dundee or my dog.

    Things can only get better??


    Nobody's an expert on this shitefest depression.

    Plenty of folk on here to talk to.

    Hitting the drink isn't helping. DM me if you want.

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