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  1. I'd legit shite myself if I saw one of those charging toward me.
  2. Have you tried the Le petit Beurre? Great with Brie.
  3. Can actually get Ayrshire potatoes from Tesco. Best new potatoes IMO.
  4. Not had beef olives in ages. Amazing stewed & with Jersey Royals on the side.
  5. 1994 was a cracker IMO. I was a wee boy on holiday in Florida when it took place. If we manage to qualify, then I'm 100% going.
  6. If anyone is getting the Scottish Cup jersey, order a size lower than you would normally. Got a large & it'd fit Mr Blobby. Thankfully Smiths replaced it.
  7. General Kenobi... You ARE a bold one.
  8. Thanks for the insight. Smiths had Salt 'n' Shake too.
  9. Normal Walkers Cheese & Onion are in a blue packet, yet their Squares are green.
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